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This film evolves slowly as you are watching it, believing nothing is happening, but suddenly you realised, everything is before your eyes. Despite the aguishing situations, you always get a good feeling from what you see, but beneath this feeling there is much more. There is a lesson to learn from this film. More than one lesson actually. These ideas that remain unnoticed at first, are presented by several characters in different situations: the teacher of Mason tells him about succeeding, his father talks about relationships, at the end his friend wonders whether we are living or is it life itself that takes over control and his mother, when everything is solved, when her children leave home, she seems unable to find a sense to her life.
That's exactly the same feeling you get when the film is over. Life goes by and we don't realise about this, just as the film draws on and we sit there, some expecting something to happen, others just watching things coming and things passing.
Besides, the film is such an original experiment in the movies and I personally expect more like this to be carried out.

Do Começo ao Fim (From Beginning to End)

Beautifull film overload with surprinsing believable feelings and lovely moments. Here it is one to enjoy if you want to see true romance.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

If you want to watch a film about the transition from silent movies to sound, watch Sunset Boulevard, it's much better. This is just joyful enterteinment.


Deals with themes that will always be present in society. Artisticly masterful.

Els nens salvatges (Los Niños Salvajes)

One of the best things of this films is the screenplay, almost perfect in every detail, in every conversation. Performances are also quite good. But the rest is the same story once again.

Begin Again
Begin Again(2014)

Unusual love story with beginning, but without happy ending, at least regarding to the relationship of the main character performed by Keira Knightley. Although the film is quite slow it rises over most of romatinc comedies as it has the brightness not to fall into cliché.

Little Miss Sunshine

Surprinsingly critics doesn't remark the strong performance of Paul Dano, probably because the whole cast does an amazing job.
Amusing and intelligent.

Chariots of Fire

Interesting real story that shows the brittish soul in its purer essence. Notice how the Olympic games have changed since then.

The Train
The Train(1965)

Great story and great performance.

Tintin et le mystère de la Toison d'Or (Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece)

The film lacks of perfectionism, something really evident as errors occur during all the film. However, these are little mistakes that one would forgive, especially because the film is riddled with numerous magical allusions to the comics. In fact some situations are emulated to the detail.
The film might not be to the liking of everyone, but surely a fan will enjoy it and probably love it.

The Perfect Host

The same story we've seen before, with further pressure added to the situation.

The Iron Lady

The film fails to have a solid plot, which tries to compensate by the overcoming of the hallucinations, but remains as an interesting review of the important facts that occured during the government of Margaret Thatcher. And of course, Meryl Streep succeeds to perform the character of a lady that suits her so well that it improves her acting qualities.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

A lot of action and visual effects wrapping this missable film that brings nothing new to the series.

The Piano
The Piano(1993)

A work of such beauty, every scene in this movie is a piece of art, and that is only the environment which surounds the powerful characters played by consistent Harkey Keitel and Sam Neil, and the leading role of astonishing Holly Hunter, at times charming along with the romantic feeling of the piano and other times firecely bound to the music.

Saving Grace
Saving Grace(2000)

This films shows two faces: the funny one, that intends to make us laugh with topics of drugs and awkward situations, also it's the predominant one, and the serious one, in which we see the real mess that involves getting into drugs and the importance of taking responsibility in life.

The Next Three Days

It's realistic the way it shows how things turn if you are a simple man and try to enter the world of crime, but the fact that he finally saves his wife wasn't so credible. Much better would have been if they had failed.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Unlike the first part, this film brings back the feeling of the middle-earth.
The film starts with a funny cameo of Peter Jackson and ends with the menace of the dragon.
Not taking into account the alterations of the lineal story of the book, as some critics have already said this film is pure entertainment. Starts with a flashback and quickly jumps from one escenario to another but it gives just the precise time to each moment, thankfully it doesn't falls into quick action. Everything has it's dedicated time. And that is where the film succeeds.
As the story goes on the middle-earth lover will again get the feeling of experiencing the magic and dark of this world. Even the fails made by the use in excess are forgiven for such a great spectacle, visually talking.
However the film is too long.

Beautiful Creatures

Although the teen actors are terribly bad at their respective performance, this film exudates a beautiful and enchanted romance that pleases the viewer that has eventually abandoned those ages.


Not as good as I expected.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

A beautifully ilustrated tale about the most simple issues: inheritance and love.
Successfully presented in the background of war, with little touch of nonsense behaviour and comical situations, all graphically narrated by a perfect image, took from some idealistic utopia and well supported by an impeccable script, a perfect directing and good acting from all the countless famous actors.
Each sequence of this film is extremely detailed and artistic, and simply that is a good reason to apreciate this film.


Simple and funny drawing, but still, enough to bring the feeling of every sequence.
Dramatically truthful and humouristicly cynic.
A lesson given to both adults and children in a way that both understand.
A good way of empathising with the people from Iran.

12 Years a Slave

First of all, this film brings nothing new to the genearl knowledge almost everyone has about slavery. The whipping, the abuse, the differences between the North and the South...all that is far well known if you ever had the chance to watch any other film about this issue.
The only difference is that this film is directed by an afro-american person, who comes from directing the arguably underestimated "Shame".
Apart from having seen all the sequences before in several films, it is true that Lupita makes an excellent performance, although her time on screen is quite short.
Chiwetel Ejiofor develops his character with charisma and sense, but, isn't it weird that the "slaves" are thicker than the masters? Who look incredibly thin and perfectly good, being played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender, both considered sex-symbol. I thought the owners of farms (supposedly rich) where more inclined to eat more food. It just doesn't look real.
Anyway, the film also has its moments.
But actually, you can live without it.

Digimon - The Movie

Though it alteres the story narrated in the series and despite the less satisfying drawing, this film is an emotive and unmissable beautiful story of friendship.

Angels & Demons

It's interesting to follow this character in his investigations around the capital of catholicism and the numerous chambers of mystery and history.
The machinations of all the characters involved in the catholic world and the intrigue of a serial killer working for some unknown diabolic organisation will surely keep you awake.
Even if that doesn't work, the itineray around Rome could save the film bringing you the images of this ancient and beautiful city.
However, Tom Hanks is so out of this role, as uncomfortable seems to be Stellan Skarsgard. Actually they all seem uncomfortable and clumsy with what they are doing. I think the execution is one to blame. The other one is the screenplay, which doesn't really connects with the viewer, so the film fails to convince the audience.


Probably too complex and too long.
This film could have been a symbol in superhero movies, but the mediocre directing failed on reaching that possibility.

The Conjuring

Far from what I understand as creepy. This film's intriguing script is the only valuable thing we can take advantage of while watching this boring film.
After watching 30 minutes I even asked myself if this was actually a horror movie.
Even insidious is more creepy than this.
And...true story?
that's just another way of marketing.
Horror films are at their worst époque.
In fact, the only fightening thing about all of this, is the fact that people believe James Wan is bringing horror films back to life. Are you kidding?
Crystal clear is that James Wan can't produce any original thing.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Very entertaining. There are a couple of hilarious moments. For the rest, the film keeps the same style of its predecessors but brings nothing new to the trilogy.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

As good as the first one. There's nothing beyond the aim of entertaining.


Although the performances aren't as good as it has been said, the film triumphs to please the viewer introducing the life of Harvey Milk.
The fact that Gus Van Sant is the director is aruably unnoticeable. Just like in other films such as "Good Will Hunting", here, the work of the director seems impersonal.
However it doesn't really matter. The most important thing about this film, is the development of the life of Harvey Milk. And this, it's so intriguing and inspiring that there's no room for bore.
I have to complain about the performances. All of them are so exagerated that it seems clear to me that none of the actors is actually gay.
But that is just a tiny little complaint that scarcely affects the importance of this film, highly recommended.

The Lone Ranger

Empty but, entertaining.

La Cara Oculta

Entertaining and almost thrilling, but the superficial script and the floppy excution turns this film to unimportant.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

First of all, I don't agree with most of the critics, I accept that maybe this was the best movie in Cannes, but only comparing it to the rest of movies presented this year.
The name of this movie in french is "La vie d'Adele", which means "the life of Adele"; and that it was I expected. A honest movie talking about life. What I found was a movie that approaches life in a very partial way: we can only see this life from one point of view, we have no choice while watching this movie, we have to see it just the way the director wants. This made me hugely uncomfortable during 3 hours.
Moreover the development of the story is nasty. Things are let untold (important ones), others are to be assumed in doubt.
Furthermore, the sex scenes are so long that I got bored while watching some of then. Sex in films doesn't have to be explicit. And if you want to be explicit ther is no point on making so many cuts, a full sequence would have been much better. In fact, all the movie looks like a collage of unpasted images. How can we admire anything if the director cuts the scene every 2 seconds? And forefronts. Ugly imprecise forefronts everywhere. Uncomfortable for the viewer.
I can only agree with critics in one thing: the performances are great. Both girls look so natural and inside the character that it is possible to believe they are not acting.
I think I'm not forgetting anything. So, I didn't enjoy the film, I consider it is a courageous effort, but the scenes have no feeling within and I ended completely empty.
I could have lived not watching this film, still, I give it 3 stars as I consider it deserves it, it has convinced the Cannes jury and most of the critics.
But this is not the definitive film as some pretend.


Spectacular visual effects and powrful images.
Extremely tense in every frame, but the script is a little bit floppy.
This film is about to be the new cult film about space.


Is this the best Musical ever?
Astonishing performances, especially Liza Minneli and Joel Gray, both of them seem to enjoy themselves in every scene, but the best of this film as I see it, is the complex story, nothing to do with the foolish plots of actual musicals. The intricate love story is as intriguing as amazing, the characters are very charismatic and it is all adorned by the intermittent stunning and beautiful performances at the Kit Kat Klub. Unlike the usual musical, where the story fuses with the songs and dancings, in this film the musical performances interrupt the story giving the idea that all is part of the acting.
A brilliant composition.

A Dangerous Method

Good performances, however, poor development.

Howl's Moving Castle

A beautiful fairytale by Miyazaki.

Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec)

Female exagerated version of Indiana Jones.
Extremely boring.

Eastern Promises

The film is not actually intriguing, but still, it enterteins.
The scene where Viggo Mortensen is attacked in the baths is a piece of art.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

This film seems to be nothing more than a vengative woman trying to kill all those bad guys that destroyed her life.
However, it is more. The screenplay is complex and witty and Uma Thurman is perfect in her role. She is, without a doubt, one of the greatest avengers of the movies.
But, beyond the great performances and the original story, the best thing of the film is the directing. Tarantino proves once again his versatility and this time, like the others, he plays with the light, colours and movements as a real conductor that succeds to have all the instruments playing whatever he wants.
Actually, every frame of the film is a piece of pure art, that takes part in a violent composition that pleases the viewer.


Sad that I had to wait for this film to see something actually serious about homosexual love, instead of all the cliches that fly around the concept.
It is to appreciate that the director avoids the transvestisms and the crazy acting that all the movies attribute to the people with this sexual preference.
So, finally we got a film that talks about the truth, it tell us a story about two homosexuals, but not actually remarking that fact. It's just a love story, the story of two people that meet in a pub and somehow they start to like each other: they talk, they laugh, they argue, they have sex, they start to know each other. The conception of the couple is truthful and real. I'm sure many couples could feel identified while watching this film.
But still, the director has the ability to inform, or maybe, to apporach the viewer to (just) a fraction of the reality of the homosexuals: the difficulty of adaptation, the taboo, the ignorance of society, the "inheritance" that the character Glen mentions several times, etc. Almost all the dialogues have the aim to throw some light at that theme that no one actually wants to talk about, the aim to open our eyes. However, in my opinion they abuse. It is sad, but the fact that the characters mostly talk about their repression is due to the bad feeling that has turn into a constant.
I would have liked to see some conversations about other topics; however, let's face the facts, in real life, this theme might be the main one when two homosexuals talk to each other.

Ordinary People

The course of the events is mostly clumsy and despite some very good scenes, the whole directing work is static, annoying and trivial.
The screenplay isn't also one to remark.
However, the realism of some moments, the interaction between the characters seems so real, mainly thanks to the stunning performances of the three main actors, that the film could remind moments of someone's own life.
We also find some forgettable scenes, untruthful ones, saved by the very emotive ones. Those make this film worth watching.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A funny crazy musical comedy.
Despite it's simplicity, the iconography of the film, with very selected stages, the strange weird characters and the unusual situations made this film a classic.
Above all, it is to remark the dazzling performance of an unrecognisable Tim Curry with it's exaltation of transvestism.

The Big Lebowski

Not as funny as it tries to be, but still, the twisting story of this man entertains.


Visually impresive with it's images of pure white splattered by black cars, people and sticks, creating a symbolic landscape.
The performances are incredibly clean and that, connected to the complexity of the story satisfies enormously the viewer.
Scenes like the shot in the face or the murder of the policeman are tremendously striking.
Other scenes are pure art, like taken from a painting.
And of course, there is a dark humour within all the dialogues. Macabre and funny.

Despicable Me

It is clear for me that animated films are just not what they were in time before.
There's no magic within it.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

How can a good director, countless good actors and many others good at their job, produce something so boring and unworthy?
My review is summarised in one sentence: why on earth did they choose a so poor story to make a film?

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody(2013)

Extremely confusing and apparently nonsense.
Until the end nobody will understand a thing, and even then, it's hard to feel to be satisfied with this mixture of thoughts and imagination.
The film serve me well to get to know some of the theories about universe and time, and it surely makes you think about the most common thing in a human being's life. The decissions. The difficult difficult decissions.
Don't get to the wrong feeling, this film will not help you make a decission, in fact it might help you not to take them, as at the end you realize that, despite the advantages, all decissions have it's tragic part.
It's sad to realize we just won't be right enough at that moment, not enough to avoid consequences of a variety of ways.
I hope people enjoy this film more than I did, since the anguish of misunderstanding was torturing me during and beyond the film.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Creepy and sad, imaginative and funny.
Thr cropse bride has nothing to be jealous of it's predecessor "The Nightmare before Christmmas".
Overall, a beautiful film for all the family.


How painful is the lack of originality within horror films these days.
I watched this film because of the good reviews that promised a good and scary time while watching it. I found dissapointment.
Not scary, but annoying.
The film doesn't have a clear structure and not even a worthy screenplay. It's just a remix of the same cliches we can see in any other horror film.
Mediocre performances and clumsy execution leads to a poor result.

The Mosquito Net (la Mosquitera)

Strange, rare, weird situations in pathological sequence. None of these characters know a thing about logic and reasonable thought. And still, the film seems so realistic that it may hurt the feelings of the most delicate.
Pure spanish quiet drama. Pure reality.

Les Misérables

The impressive performances of the charismatic and talented actors turn to small, with great quality, the experimental and uninspired shots, especially the close-ups, that the director spits to our faces, almost ruining the perfect photography of the movie.
Luckily, the exteriors and the art direction accompanying each frame make the scene a worthy work of art.
Also, the music is so beautiful that it matters little the fact that they don't say more than 5 words without musical accompaniment. The viewer, and listener, really enjoys the music of this particular adaptation.
The only thing I found a little annoying was the voice of Russell Crowe, which is acceptable, but not made for duets.
For the rest, it's a beautiful movie, a movie to admire as if it were a painting, like a screen attached to a wall of the Louvre.

The Ides of March

I expected a master piece about politics, given the trascendence of this film during it's release and beyond.
However, I found a simple film with little plot, with good performances, though not great. George Clooney demonstrates again that he is a good director, not outstanding as the media insist, but rather good.
Probably the problem was in the screenplay.
Anyway the film ensures enterteinment.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

It is amazing that after two films, a third one can be as good as it's predecessors or even better.
Anyway, I can't imagine any better conclusion to this fantastic trilogy.
An incredible cast, a beautiful and dark plot, a music that really seems to be from a different land, perfect execution and impressive but correct visual effects.

Enemy at the Gates

A good film that finally brings the soviet situation, although in a very american way.

Das Boot
Das Boot(1981)

Amazingly real. You can almost feel the atmosphere of the boat.
It also deals with important message.


Designed to please american feeling and patriotism. But it is still a good movie. Sometimes tense and sometimes funny, with a fine and steady direction.
I don't think Ben Affleck made his final performance in this movie, he doesn't take over his character, and the rest of the cast is so-so, except for Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Bryan Cranston.
I can't understand why this film was awarded for editing. Precisely, that is one of the greatest mistakes of this film, which turns some critic situations to be confusing.
However, the big success of this film is to tell the fact in a very detailed way, always trying to be faithful to what actually happened.

S.W.A.T.: Firefight

Very intriguing at the beginning, but at the end is just pointless.


This film has a problematic lack of intrigue. It is not thrilling at all.
It is interesting to see how this rich people behave, how they manipulate everything, how the businessmen play with each other to reach their goals.
But, the film fails to be what it tries to.
The best word to describe this film is: unsuccesful.

It's a Wonderful Life

It's a wonderful life. A dense film narrating the story of a man, the story of his life. There are many lovely moments, but also childish scenes. Serious problems, an an mirable personality...etc. The film seems simple, but actually it's so complex it probably deals with most of the important things of human life.
May be a little bit slow but at the end you don't feel like that. The movie is a very clever explanation of why there's a point to live somehow an evidence that proves life has sense.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Full of impredectable surprises, the film is a clever chain of moves in a game for vengeance and triumph.

Películas para No Dormir: La Habitación del Niño (Films to Keep You Awake: The Baby's Room)

This might be one of the bests films of Alex de la Iglesia and one to keep on mind when thinking of spanish horror films.
For some reason, the film has eventually been forgotten and it actually never got much attention from the audience, however, it is a very recommendable movie. You may be scared.

The General
The General(1927)

This is my first silent film and I have to say that I am quite impressed.
I expected it to be boring because of the soundless, however, the film is so entertaining, funny and perfectly meshed that I almost didn't realize about it.

Leaving Las Vegas

I won't question the performances of the two actors, but, the depressing environment of the film is so anguishing that it sometimes make it hard to bear.
Critics say that this is a good film. I don't think so. I just didn't like it. There is no work of an artist like in "Requiem for a Dream" which we could consider similar because the topic is addiction. Instead, we can see a film made by a robot. And the plot doesn't really save the lack of ideas of it's director.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Does anyone really care for this film?

House of Sand and Fog

Although the themes presented in the film are mind-breaking, the actors do their job with more or less success and there's a good intention from the director, the film end up being a boring static mega-drama with no possible happy ending.
The dark and quotidian atmosphere is helpless to evoke the essence of suffering pretended and there's actually nothing to rely on at the end of the film.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

I expected much more from this film, given the fact that everyone was saying great things about it.
There's nothing in this film we haven't seen before in any other movie.
The kids are fine. In fact the worst thing of this film is that, given the fantastic intrigue it proposed with the commercials, at the end, during the film, I found out that there was no real intrigue.
Quite disappointing.


Since winning the highest award that can be given to a film, I felt the desire of watching this filmt, however, it grew in me the seed of doubt, given the simple images circulating on the internet and the little that critics talked about this film, which implied that this was one of those slow and boring movies despite its good message. But I was wrong.
There is no doubt that the film is not what we would call "fast", but despite being "slow", there was not a single moment where I felt bored or tired of looking at the screen.
The film is what I like to call a silent show. No visual effects, everything is based on the characters, their actions and words. In fact, the movie soundtrack is not more than a couple of songs on the piano. However, I did not realize about this fact until, at the end of the film, the credits emerged without a sound. Actually, the film has no need of soundtrack, the feelings of the characters have more value than any score trying to accompany the viewer on what you feel, or as some soundtracks, telling him what to feel. Besides, in real life there is no soundtrack right?
This film succeeds on presenting reality as it is, in fact is the most realistic movie I've seen in my life. Michael Haneke (director) is not afraid to keep the camera still while the woman reads, or while the man chases the pigeon. No, because that is the essence of the film, the routine, the life most of people have. Or maybe it's more correct to say, the life we ??will have, because everyone who sees the film will have its moment of reflection about the future.
There will be many people who will exit the theatre bored, or even will leve before the film ends. To those people, I would say that they should try to feel what the film gives and enjoy the talent of the director and the actors. If they are unable to appreciate it, perhaps it's because they don't dare to admit they have just seen their future and the future of the person who was next to them and the future of the person that was noisely eating popcorn.
We'll all die, one way or another.
For those like me, that were looking for a film talking about REAL life, this is your film.

I thought about giving it a 90%, but actually, there is nothing to complain about.


Play this movie during a plane trip or a train one, you won't get bored, but you won't remember a thing when you make your way back.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

All the ingredients to make a good movie are there: a good script, talented actors, music...and also everything needed to make a good teen movie: problems, love, friendship, homsexuality, parties, studies and sex (lightly implicit);
however, the film fails to touch the viewer most of the time for some reason that I am not able to figure out
There are some things I'd like to point out:
It is clear that the film has the usual mistakes of a debutant, but the execution is quite acceptable after all
The performances of Logan Lerman and Emma Watson are as convincing as any other pretty young actor in the world; all those kind of actors are so good-looking that it's hard not to fall in their charming aura. Anyway I did really like the performances of all the actors that portrayed the protagonist's friends, especially Patrick's boyfriend. And, of course, I couldn't talk about the performances without talking about Patrick itself, that is, Ezra Miller, an actor who won my heart in "We need to talk about Kevin" and about whom I'm only going to say that in this movie he is as convincing as always; but he is so good that he outshines everyone else, even Logan Lerman, something that affects the film.
Over all, the film is good and tries to be deep, with more or less success.


To be honest , "Hitchcock" is a film that gives little to the viewer. After seeing this movie nobody will be mulling over an idea, nor will anyone be distressed,nonene will cry or laugh. That is the reality of this film. It is completely flat and will not affect the viewer.
However, the movie is very entertaining and even though no intrigue or suspense (as would be expected for the title) is presented, I never felt bored while watching it.
It's a simple movie, with moments of humor, sad moments and some tense ones. But I repeat: it is a very entertaining movie and also a nice historical reference. That's the strenght of this movie: I would not say everything, but almost everything in it, is true and it has happened just as it is presented. With incredible accuracy it describes all the events surrounding the shooting of "Psycho" and part of the life of its director.
The film can also be seen as a tribute to the great master of suspense, as there are continuous references to himself: shadows of the director, scary omnipresence of his huge body and unpredictability; very typical characteristics of the characters and situations of his films.
I personally do not think that makeup is as good as it is said, by most critical media and experts in this field. I look at the actor's face and saw Stephen Hopkins, not Hitchcock. And I don't think that the interpretations are so good and inspired. They are good performances, made by two good actors (Stephen Hopkins and Helen Mirren), but not outstanding. I would almost say that the interpretation of Scarlett Johansson and the characterization of Anthony Perkins are more remarkable, given its tremendous similarity.

In short, an entertaining movie, perfect for having a good time, or to learn the story of "Psycho" and its development.
In my opinion it will please fans of Hitchcock that don't expect a film of his style, but about him.

The Ruins
The Ruins(2008)

Some relatively bright ideas, but a horrible execution. What happened to good horror films?

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The idea presented in the film is enormously original, as it is disgusting. In fact, it is so disgusting and disagreeable that it made me get worry about the director's mental health.
Apart from that, the script is unable to create any suspense and the ending is clrearly the work of an inexperienced director.


This film is a tribute to Lincoln, who was president of the United States until being murdered. Spielberg, once again, moves away from the blockbusters that keep him busy most part of the time and, as usual, he brings a historical drama, and basically that's the greatness of this film: it is a lesson of history. Spielberg uses a clear and slow technique to tell the events that happened within the walls of the White House and other political offices mainly. This way of filming can be somewhat boring, but that is how real life is, isn't it? The emblem character of this movie character, Lincoln, is well represented by the talented Daniel Day-Lewis. I could not tell if he does a good job because I could never compare him to the original, but he certainly gives a strong charisma through his wrinkles, his beard and everlasting anecdotes; but honestly, during the movie, I never got to be convinced that I was watching lincoln but someone playing him. Tommy Lee Jones also transmits feelings in a very realistic way. And curious intervention of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to whom I predict a great future in the industry, although not yet well defined. The film is very theatrical in many scenes, especially when Sally Field is on the scene, since she overacts most of the time. Other scenes, however, are very emotional. One thing that has left me completely neutral was the soundtrack, which goes unnoticed throughout the film, a big pity, since it is signed by the greatest one. Overall the movie is memorable, but it is still another biopic, a great movie about a piece of history, a kind of film that abounds.


The other day I was talking to an american guy when he told me that Lincoln wasn't acutally interested in the freedom of the slaves. He only wanted the farmers from the south to deliver the slaves, so that the industries in the north could hire that people cheaper than an american average worker.
Considering that, now I feel really cheated by Spielberg. Maybe I should redo my review since the film is not as faithful to history as I thought.

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a dream presents precisely that: how a dream is ruined after falling into addiction. The script is unbeatable, intelligently written. And the direction is innovative and perfect in every detail. Good performances of course and hilarious music. The film is very intense.

Simply UNIQUE.

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

Terrible. I thought this was a comedy, but it's not funny at all, is incredibly boring and kind of pointless.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

The Graduate. One of those films you can stop thinking about how close it is to be a masterpiece and how the hell is that possible.
The plot is as simple as the typical love affaires. But worse, during the film nothing actually happens, I could accept it is a faithful view of reality, but anyway it's amazingly boring.
And the end is sick.
Conclusion: the only worthy thing of this film is the hilarious and lovely music by Simon & Garfunkel.


Extremely intriguing and entertaining. For some reason, people seem to have forgotten about this film when it is a very good movie about alien contact.
However, even though the intrigue is increasing during the development of the film, the final moment, the climax, when the woman meets the alien at the beach, is completely annoying and disapointing.
Worth watching anyway.

The Prince of Egypt

Although it is very religious, what could annoy atheists, the story is beautifully told, the animation is rather amazing, the songs are mostly catchy and the film is full entertaining.
Have a great time watching a classic.

Groundhog Day

This one is a very funny film at the beginning. Then it gets boring and repetitive. However, at the end it starts to deal with the sense of life, whatever is important about it and what really makes it worth to live another day. Good metaphor, but rather slow.

The Blue Lagoon

Well, this film is hard to review.
The most remarkable thing of the film is the visual experience of how the two kids develop physically and also how they discover the secrets of their nature without any link to social prejudices.
It could be consider to be a beautiful film, mainly because of the landscape and the love between the teenagers
However, during the film, I felt how indiscritly they were selling the bodies of the teenagers and how stupid their relationship was.
Seriously, most scenes of the film are more like an adults-magazine cover than a significant part of a bright story.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Although the development of the film unfortunately fails to create the intrigue that aims, having moments of neutrality sensation, the film covers so many topics that becomes unavoidably complex, always maintaining good posture: friendship, adversity, injustice ... and even a slight, steady and forceful critique of international politics with a glance to the past: to the era of colonization. Moreover, once the war began, the military sequences are accompanied by music (absent at the beginning of the film) and an reminiscent aura of the best war movies, thanks to the good execution on those scenes.

Hostel Part II

Lost is all the intrigue of the first part.
And gone all the striking scenes, but there are a lot of disgusting ones.
Hostel has lost it's appeal and now seems more like a film made by an amateur.


Three innocent teenagers travelling by train, probably interrail, towards what they consider fun. But when they arrive, they find something else.
Since the beginning of the movie little anormal things begin to happen, these little details keep the viewer alert. Nothing serious yet: a stranger acting strangely, some girls too attractive to them and desolate images that are continuously projected on the screen , from a country that seems largely uninhabited. Here the director makes a perfect combination between curiosity, intrigue and the apparent normality of the situation of these travelers. But, with the same master hand, the director slowly increases those details, at first unimportant and at the end completely sinister. Maybe a mistake to show the splendor of the story before the characters discover what is happening, but still is actually intriguing.
Once uncovered the plot, the gore starts. And a gore of a quality that many films could envy; and directors, that believe they are experts in this gender, can't produce. Scenes like the german torturer slipping, falling to the floor and throwing the saw over his body, are as striking as great and unforgettable.
And finally, a perfect chain of events that end up in the most satisfactory way for the viewer.

Brain Drain (Fuga De Cerebros)

Spanish comedy in the style of American Pie with the same uncomfortable and ridiculous moments that lived by the protagonists and continuous sexual references mixed with the nonsense of teenagers reflected so patheticly and in an extremist way.
Worst of all is that the film uses the easy laughter by methods as old as the disgusting scenes and still can't have the slightest fun.
The only thing that seems to shine here is Mario Casas, an actor who has yet to prove it's more than a face and a body. We will continue waiting until that time comes.


He has more or less acceptable plots in his hand and he can work with any actor he wants.
Then, why does he keep doing stupid films like this one?

50 First Dates

Awful. Annoying.
Not funny at all.
The plot is as weak as the performances and the humor.
Drew Barrymore seems to be trying to destroy her career as an actress by doing this kind of pointless comedies.
And...Does Adam Sandler have any film actually funny?
He is not convincing at all and he is so out of the scene.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

While watching the film I didn't realize that the whole story was a metaphor, until the end. Then my point of view changed.
The whole adventure of Pi is a fight with himself and a trip to discover who he really is. However, to continue that way would be more like making a critic about the book, which I haven't read.
The use of technology is excessive. I feel cheated when I see all this completely unreal images and places and water effects...
And what seems to be the important thing of the film, the message, well, enjoying fantasies and stories is ONE thing, believing you live in one of those is a VERY DIFFERENT THING.
Completely disagree with the way the film tries to demonstrate the existance of God.
Anyway, there are some good scenes and the narration is quite good during the adventure in the boat.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Though it's always a pleasure to see any of the films from the Star Wars saga, and taking for granted the six films are simply great; this one is probably the worst. Despite the -always good- visual effects,the original characters and all those things that make Star Wars so particular; the storyline is just acceptable. The romance between Anakin and Amidala is boring and the whole film turns to be the most negative and depressive film from the saga.
It could be traumatic for a fun, watching all those great jedis dying that easy. I never thought the film would end that way, I expected something less painful.
To sum up, a great disappointment.

Ladrones (Thieves)

The love story is more or less acceptable as so it is the rest of aspects of this film. The execution might be a little bit poor, but, anyway the movie is empty.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Jim Carrey does his job with more or less funny moments.
It's just a story for kids.
Is it weird that the best part of the movie for me (when I felt more pleased) was when Angela Lansbury appeared?

Spanish Movie
½'ll laugh if you watch this film and you know something about spanish movies, however I have to complain about the few references to it, and of course the uncomfortable scenes of nonsense situations.

Scary Movie 4

Funny and relatively consistant.
The problem with this films is that they don't really have a plot.
They could have a plot and be funny and as sarcastic as they try to be. The film would be much better that way.

Scary Movie 3

This saga has luckily recovered from it's first sequel and this time there are really good funny moments. However there are also many stupid ones and the whole film doesn't really make sense at all, not like the first one, even though it has some of the spirit from it.

Scary Movie 2

Too much sexual references and few funny moments.
Still watchable and somewhat enjoyable.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

Yes, the film is imaginative.
And yes, the visual effects are quite good. Even though the ilumination is rather annoying.
However, the movie seems to be more of an action movie than a product of imagination and the plot is too simple.
Despite all, I think the movie is boring.

The Blind Side

Considering Sandra Bullock is not used to impress anybody with her inexpressive performances, it is remarkable that she was able to take part in a serious movie and be her element.
The subject this movie deals with is something everyone should keep in mind. You can go as far as you want if you work for it.
The film itself is very inspiring and worth watching, despite the fact that it isn't as ejoyable as one expected and there is not much beyond the astonishing and unexpected performance of the actress and the message.

Disaster Movie

Considering that the important thing of this kind of movies were the clever points and the laughs, this is definitely the worst of all them since is not funny at all and the whole movie is just a lot of characterisations put into a box and exploded in your face.

The Last Circus

"The last circus" or "Sonata triste de trompeta" in the spanish version (who translate this?) is another delirium of doubtful director Alex de la Iglesia.
Trying to be original, as always, he falls into sillyness and keeps the movie between surrealism and sickness. Because that's precisely what anyone could think after watching this movie: the script is sick, the characters are psychologicaly ill and he whole "drama" is just a series of unlogical and traumatic experiences with what aim?
Not even the dedicated performances of most of it's actors save this clown parody in the middle of the spanish civil war, which I actually think is offensive for those who suffered those hard times.
The only think that could have saved this movie would be someone waking up for that delirious and horrible dream.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

Nice try, however the film is not convincing at all. There's not only lack of chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, but also a floppy script and no thrilling moments.
However, you can have a good time and relax while you watch this movie, no complications and somewhat entertaining.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas)

Interesting different point of view. Probably too sentimentalist and too slow. Still, you may like it, although the execution is entirely clumsy.
Shocking ending.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)

A beautiful story. A man full of life and love, who faces the darkest evil and succeeds to maintain the vitality and happiness in order to protect his son, who never actually knows what is happening.
At the beginning, the film continuously alternates beauty, joy and love, to create one of the most adorable love stories I can remember.
Then, there's a moment of transition, when you can feel the atmosphere of the film is changing, but even though there are some tense moments happiness still wraps the life of the family.
And finally, problems arrive. And it is now, when we can experience how love make this family confront this problem in a very different way, comparing to what we are used to see.
It isn't as sad as I expected, although I trully suffered watching all the efforts of the father, just to keep his son away from ugly reality. Anyway, I don't consider it has a sad ending, but a positive one.
This is a must-see film.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Here we are again, at the second part of the worst saga of the last decade, or is it the worst saga ever?
Unbelievable that so many people like to watch a girl who doubts about who she likes: a wolfman or a vampire.
The theme is one of those that should go to psycho-analysis.
And somehow the director pick the worst actors ever.
Kristen Stewart... she could be replaced by a chair and the film would be the same, or even better.
Not even the dark atmosphere the film tries to create succeeds to please the viewer.
In conclusion: stupid, seedy and a waste of time; perfect for killing your neurons.


Despite the endeavour for making this film entertaining and funny using interesting themes like friendship or the problem with the captive animals, the movie is boring. The "funny" moments are the same we are tired of watching in every single movie/series.

The Time Machine

Considering the time this film was made the visual effects are quite good. However the best thing of it is the interesting story of the man travelling through time and the different worlds he finds during his trips.
It has an important message concerning our future.
To sum up, a good but simple sci-fi story.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

This film fulfill its duty, it entertains and it makes you laugh during most part of the film.
Of course it's not very original or complex, in fact, the only memorable thing of the film is the never disappointing Jim Carrey in probably one of his bests.
Funny and entertaining, what else can you ask to a familiar comedy?

28 Days Later

Scary, thrilling, impressive and clever. Human nature pushed to the edge.
Good actors complete this original movie, one of the bests apocalyptic films.


The plot is more a psychological pathology than a exposition of the human relations as it pretends to be. The performances may be good, but the characters are just founded in complete sexual illness.
Absolutely aimless and boring.

American Beauty

Important message to learn from this film, which approaches reality with the aid of some very good performances.
All the characters in the film evolve from their static place to a different level, sometimes realizing they live in a lie and so, they get to know themselves better. All of them have the common aim of a better life.
Really good on the exploration on human sociality. And interesting how the director plays with the symbols and colours.
However, the feel you get when you end this movie is simply emptiness.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Unbelievably original.
Entering the possible idea of living in the shadow of the real world. Combining that idea with the fantastic visual effects and the original hilarious fight moments seems rather impossible, however, this film mixes it all with an atmosphere of underground living culture and with a very specific image quality. The result is a complex film like no other, one of the best sci-fi-apocalyptic films ever.

L: Change the World

This film is completely unnecessary, even though It is a pleasure to watch L playing his character.

Death Note: The Last Name (Desu nôto 2)

Like it's predecessor the film is such a good detective story. Very intriguing and even more clever than the first part.
And an unexpected ending for the fans of the comic A fresh breeze of originality, which I thank since I didn't like the ending of the comic. In fact, I consider this ending to be better; the one that L deserves.

Death Note (Desu nôto)

Good adaptation. The film has it's intriguing moments and most of the characters are like the ones on the comic, except for the doubtful Light Yagami.
L is almost perfect.

Murder by Death

Well, this film has its funny moments. But there should be more fun and the development it's a little bit tedious. The film just doesn't exploits all it's possibilities and so, it ends up disappointing the viewer. However, the idea for the story is very good. Love the satirical situations.


Dramatic story surrounded by snow. It's not a bad film, but it's just too similar to "A.I: artificial intelligence", although it has a lot of differences. Anyway the film doesn't really get to the viewer. Admirable visual effects and good actings. It might be the snow, but I felt cold and empty after watching this film.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

Pure comedy. One of the funniest parodies of all time. Maybe the only negative thing, is the unnecessary sexual content and some of the exagerates scenes, but for the rest it's a good laugh.

The Impossible

Unbelievable, but still real. The real story of a family that survived the tsunami.
The story is simply amazing, however the film is a different thing.
Unfortunately, the film falls into sentimentalism at most of it's scenes, however, all has to be said, there are some very emotive scenes that really make you want to cry, usually the happy ones.
Anyway, the screenplay is way too floppy. The conversations (with some realistic dialolgues) are, most of the time, unreal.
Naomi Watts is almost perfect in her character, and Tom Holland is actually the one who carries with all the weight of the movie. Ewan McGregor is acceptable.
Remarkable good sound effects and lovely appearance of Geraldine Chaplin.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Despite what people say, I consider this to be the best of the three latest films. Original, funny. It is not like the first trilogy, but still you can feel the force around the characters in this film and you don't get bored at any moment during the film.
It's entertaining.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Intriguing. Visually impressive. Fine action scenes and some of the politic problems we used to see in the first trilogy. However, Natalie Portman is not very convincing most of the time, plus Hayden Christensen poorly stands out as the great character he is supposed to be.
The film is the perfect conection to the original trilogy, things start to make sense, however, the film will remain as one of the worst from the whole saga, mainly because of the romance between Amidala and Skywalker, which seems completely pretended, too false, there's no feeling between both actors.
The best thing: the final fight between Yoda and Dooku and probably Ian McDiarmid in his role, which is little by little developing magnificly the future emperor he will be.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Not as good as the first one, but still, it scratches perfection.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Although Peter Jackson succeeds on the script, (with exceptions such as the unnecessary giant's fight), he totally destroys the good he could have done on adapting the book, by transforming the magic Middle Earth, in some sort of crazy terrible impossible world. Too much visual effects and poor work on trying to make it look real. The point should not be to make it look incredible, but to try taking the viewer as closer as possible to this fantastic land.
Excellent music anyway, and great songs.

Mentiras y gordas (Sex, Party and Lies)

If you ever feel interest for this film, don't watch it.
The film presents a surreal world that goes little beyond the disco. I suppose the director tries to show some reality I'm sure most of the people really feel far from what they've experience in life. In fact, the film is some kind of a drugland teenage sex dream, because according to the film all in life boils down to sex and drugs.What I really felt when I saw the film, was that the director was trying to provoke, no matter how.
To conclude in a brief way: Completely stupid. A waste of time and money.

Captain America: The First Avenger

It's incredible to see so many good actors (Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones...) in such a bad film.
Maybe everything (script, visual effects) is correct, but it doesn't goes beyond that. A fine film not worth watching, which will be forgotten in little time by all those who finally decide to see it.
I have a big complaint about the performances, especially about Hayley Atwell's one, too theatrical, and Chris Evans, who everyone seems to love, just another pretty face/body with little skill beneath too much muscle.
Probably the film is too american, although sometimes is admirable this patriotism americans seem to adore.

Aguila Roja, La Pelicula

Unfortunately, if you haven't seen the series, you will not understand anything about the film. Which I think is not worth it. The appearance of the blonde woman just to give the film a sexual touch, the tiger...
The whole script seems to be written by a 8 years-old boy.
It is clear that the film is making an effort to stand up, but fails terribly in it's try.


Surprisingly truthful. This drama film succeeds were other of the same kind failed, by presenting a future closer to reality.
Actually, all the film is a detailed look to the closest future, whether we like it or not.
Served with the music of Michael Nyman, the film is an experience, a visual impact and, over all, a different sci-fi film. A king of the genre, as I see it, although most people have forgotten this film, probably because of not being the spaceships type.
The whole film boils down to one thing, the message: inheritance is not all and endeavour can break every wall you find in your way, becoming more powerful than power itself.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Everything in this film is simply perfect. (performances, music, visual effects...) Everything perfect.

El cuerpo (The Body)

The story doesn't creates the intrigue the director is trying to.
The film is just another typical spanish suspense film, Amenabar's style, but for some reason the atmosphere doesn't surround you completely, there's a hole in the development and also holes in the script like, who did the fire?
Anyway, thank God spanish directors still do these kind of films, it would be a pity not to have them as a considerable option if you are looking for an anguishing feeling of not knowing what the hell is happening.
I recommend it.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Too swedish for being an american film and too american for being based in the hilarious book of Stieg Larsson.
The atmosphere is started, the actors are there, playing their roles, but the story never reaches its final determination. The movie is half done.

The Lovely Bones

This film is the perfect example of not taking advantage of all the potential of the story.
Rather than being a detective genre movie, or a complex analysis through the human feelings , this story prefers to represent a surreal pointless post-mortem odyssey beyond the worlds of the dead and a sentimentalism that covers all the environment making it impossible to sympathize with the characters.
I really like Peter Jackson's job, but this film is not worth it.


Many funny moments.
The perfect film for a night, after dinning and before going to bed, with nothing else to do.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

What is the meaning of this film?
What does it want to say?
The film is a great visual impact with some success on the script, but also some fails, specially regarding the futuristic guessing.
Does anyone really believe in the relationship between Deckard and Rachael?
The film tries to deshumanize the society and humanize the robots with the intention of proposing a moral doubt and a questioning justice.
This film was well rated in it's time, but somehow it has enentually became a very important sci-fi film, and because of that, critics changed their mind, pretending they were wrong the first time they rated it.
I can't understand why this film became so trascendental.

The Oxford Murders

Although the script has some holes and it is not very elaborate at some parts plus some unnecessary scenes, the film success to present a clean murder investigation. The best thing of the film is the intrigue presented and the much you can learn about maths, very interesting. I consider the character of Arthur Sheldon a result of ancient experiences, a person not so eassy to understand, manipulative and intelligent. The rest of the characters are less convincing, but still take their places and fill the story.
Remarkable shots.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Hacia tiempo que no veia una critica tan directa y graciosa sobre la situacion politica actual, tanto referida a oriente proximo como a la "supuesta" democracia que en tan mal lugar deja el propio Sacha Baron Cohen. Aunque hay momentos que llegan a la estupidez, la pelicula, en su conjunto, se mantiene como una inteligente y elaborada sucesion de suspicaces criticas, dispersas a lo largo de una historia que, a veces, desplaza las ironias y se hace protagonista de la escena, para desgracia de la pelicula.
Es de admirar la gran valentía y la dedicacion de este curioso personaje: Sacha Baron Cohen, que parece ser uno de los pocos atrevidos a criticar mas alla de amistades, compromisos, creencias o tradiciones. Bravo.

Peaceful Warrior

Si no tuviera esos momentos tan irreales y no estuviera tan centrado en lo imposible-increible, esta pelicula podria ir mas alla de la mediocridad e igualar "El Alquimista" de Paulo Coehlo, pues la pelicula representa a la perfeccion, el sentido de vivir. Sin embargo, algun cutre hace de esta pelicula un mero intento que se burla de si mismo, cuando aparecen esos viajes en el tiempo y otras cosas extraordinarias. Aun así, me quedo con la excursion por el monte, y cuando llegan a la cima y se encuentran la piedra, entonces Sócrates dice: Nunca se que me voy a encontrar. Así, efectivamente, nunca sabemos que nos vamos a encontrar en nuestro camino por la vida. Y esa es la escena, por la cual merece la pena ver esta pelicula.

In & Out
In & Out(1997)

Home comedy.
Very entertaining and very funny, especially Kevin Kline, who is excellent in this play. Joan Cusack is more of the same. Very funny, perfect to have a good moment.

A Clockwork Orange

This film is probably one of the best films in history. At least, that is what most of the people say.
I can say, this film is very visual, all the scenes have a perfect image created by the conjugation of all the details that compose the scene; innovative way of using music, to help the development of the situation or just to have the perfect background sound. I can also say that the satire is evident in every moment, the politic irony, the psychotherapy denounce; and of course, an impeccable performance by Malcolm McDowell. But, all that is beyond what I think first when I see something like this: a massive gratuitous and unpleasant use of violence, with the only aim of... entertain?
A number of disgusting sequences infect the good intention througout the film.
Yes, it's provocative. And the sexual symbols create some kind of different world, far from ours, but it's excessive, the way that is shown here.
Prepare yourself to have very visual anguishing moments and a very unpleasant sensation.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Fascinating trip, through the memories and hidden places, of the depths of mind.
A very intelligent story, with the perfect end. The only negative commment would be about the visual effects, which sometimes doesn't have the good quality they deserve.
The global result is good, but the story could have been develop a little bit more, it could have been more complex, however it seems they wanted to make it more simple, maybe to make a better understanding.
Very easy to see, with a light touch of intrigue.

My Own Private Idaho

The first time I saw this film I didn't understand a thing. I didn't like it and I even thought it was a bad film.
Luckily, the second time I understood it better.
The film does not try to have a beginning and an end, the typical introduction-problem-solution structure. The film just shows the life of two boys, more or less realistically. Two boys from the streets with the little aims that bring sense to life.
Anyway, the story could flow more easily, but it has many stops and many unexplained things, that make it harder to follow.
About the actors, never have I seen Keanu Reeves in such strong self confidence mood, except for The Matrix. About River Phoenix is hard to say; I've never seen any narcoleptic person, plus, he has that charming look, making it harder to distinguish whether he is performing or feeling it.
Finally, I'll say that the sex scenes are very original, doesn't have to be explicit to be good.
To sum up, an interesting film, that anguishly goes trough the sad lives of two confused but still sure boys. A very personal work by Gus Van Sant.

Alice in Wonderland

Personally, I expected more. The story is kind of too acelerate and I didn't like the performances. Mia Wasikowska is an excellent actress, but not a good Alice. The same could be said about the rest of the cast and their respective characters. Although Johnny Depp and Elena Bonham Carter have their moments and it could be said that they give a different essence to the character.
3D doesn't really saves this film.
I keep the message, as the best thing of this film: "being different or seem to be mad is not a bad thing".

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

Cliche cliche cliche cliche cliche cliche cliche.
Trying to make us cry because of the father and the fact that he has to left her because of the war. Doesn't sounds like "The Notebook"?
Whatever, terribly boring because of the lack of originality.

Winning Streak (The Pelayos)

Interesting film based on an incredibly true story, that reminds of those films about "Las Vegas" players/addicts, although is not only focus in that. The aim is to present the real story of a family and a method.
Acceptable performances and good development of the script, specially remarkable Daniel Brà 1/4hl, who owns the scene in every moment.
Luckily, the film has some funny moments that makes it easier to see and keeps you in connection with the story.
Anyway, I should say that the film is kind of simple and doesn't aspires to be such a success at the box office, or the kind of film everyone wants to see.

Never Let Me Go

Great drama. The fact of killing people by taking out their organs is seen as normal.
The whole film is a new point of view about what's moral.
Carey Mulligan does a great job and keira knightley is quite acceptable.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

A super original story, coming from a videogame this time. And again, the story of the games is necessarily changed. But, the made up story has nothing to do with the stoyline of the videogames. And so, this movie, loses the essence of the gorgeous videogames, it loses the essence of the courageous warrior, here converted into some kind of flirt.
I don't think Jake Gyllenhaal is the best option for this character.

At least, it provides some action, and some interesting visual effects and cinematography.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

Can't understand why all the people love this movie.
All the love story between the protagonists is full of cliche, I would say all the script is full of cliche. The only good part of this film is when they are old, there you can feel something, but the rest is just empty and pointless.
Over all, boring and unclever.


Terribly boring. With a plot that could captivate the audience, the result is, somehow, a total disaster. The story it's original but not even that saves the unfortunate development of the film.

Moulin Rouge!

Well, interesting at times, it could be a little bit boring for the non-romantics. But it's a nice musical, very original and well directed.

Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom (Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón)

One of Almodovar's first films, with high influence from the situation of Madrid by those years.
This film is astonishing. Memorable scenes fill it, some of them quite disgusting I should say. It has no clear script, and so, it's confusing during some scenes of the film.
Without a doubt this film is Almodovar in his pure essence, but it's evident that he had to improve his technique, the film seems to be made by an amateur.
Not a bad film anyway, I think no one could say that he/she felt disappointed after watching it, I would say I felt kind of shocked and kind of "what the hell?".

Reservoir Dogs

Excellent screenplay. Tarantino manages to develop the human nature within this tense atmosphere, where violence is always present. Very intelligent dialogs between very good actors and some funny moments to make the film more enjoyable. At the beginning you are just so confused, but as the story develops, you understand everything and you get to appreciate the good intriguing moments, all that, hand in hand with nice music.
Eventually this film has become a legend, which is fully justified.
Incredible for being a debut.

The Intouchables

Excellent movie, simple but excellent. We all should watch this film, which I consider a source of positivism and a beautiful story about friendship. Besides, it's intelligently funny. You will laughed for sure. Unfortunate people will see a lot of films like this one in your life, so probably this is not that kind of movies you remember forever. But, still, it's a good film.
I recommend it.

The Golden Compass

The story of Lyra Belaqua is an incredible adventure narrated in the book trilogy "His dark materials", written by Philip Pullman, who shows his amazing imagination and originality in this lovely fantasy tale.
The idea of making a film based on the successful book might seem to be an excellent decission.
With an incredible cast (Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, etc), nice visual effects and all a blockbuster needs, the film should have been a complete success. However, that was exactly the problem with this film. They made it, just to beat records in the box-office, (and probably to imitate the success of Harry Potter). They didn't realize that, this story needs to be told in a different beautiful way.
Maybe the story is itself too complex and magic, for being more than a book, it happens most of the time.
But still, although it could have captivated the audience, it probably bored the audience.
Anyway I find it enjoyable.

Casino Royale

Probably we've never seen a James Bond movie like this one. The new ways of this new Bond seems to agree with what the audience was asking for, but how good is this movie actually?
In my opinion, the film is less comercial than the latest James Bonds, and the story has its wise moves. But despite all that, the film is boring most of the time and I really disagree about Daniel Craig's good performances. He is not the right one for this character, James Bond deserves a better actor.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

Another Hugh Grant's romantic comedy that doesn't cross the line that marks the difference between the funny-intelligent comedies and the boring-silly ones. The pressence of Julia Roberts with her doubtful good performance doesn't saves the film from falling to the annoying.

Cutthroat Island

Not a very inspired project. Could have been a nice pirate story, like the better "Pirates of the Caribbean". However the unfortunate script, the excessive action scenes, the average performances, etc; make this film turn from entertaining to boring.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Not very funny except for some moments. Although the actors make a good performance and the story is quite original, the film is boring most of the time and seems so unreal when it deals with some of the typical cliche.

Crazy in Alabama

Very good film, Antonio Banderas really impressed me with this film.
A serious film about racism with cute kids facing discrimination and a really crazy Melanie Griffith, lovingly directed by a admirer Banderas, that gives the film the funny moments turning it to a comedy.
Antonio Banderas knows exactly what he wants in this film, he wants the viewer to worry about racism, but he also wants to entertain. And so, you will have bad anguishing moments and funny moments too.
When Melanie Griffith is on screen you realize how much Antonio Banderas loves her, she is directed with admiration and devotion. Almost a tribute to her.
Very different to the typical spanish films, I like it.


Even though the books are stupid love stories, very far from reality or meaning; the movie it's an insult to the writer and to the story on paper. Yes, the film is even more nonsense.
Sick actings. Kristen Stewart could be replaced by a chair and no one would realize. Rober Pattinson is just sick.
As you are watching the film, you notice how insane the characters are. And the storyline is boring, in fact, watching the film I realized how bad the book is.
Extremely disappointed and hugely disgusted.

Cold Creek Manor

Not a very inspired film. The director fails to create the suspense that this film tries to give. There are many good anguishing moments, but the result is quite seedy. And very predictable ending.

The Adventures of Tintin

Quite good adaptation of the famous comic created by Herge, though the tintinologist didn't had good expectations.

The stories, in the comic, are always quite complex and the characters are very particular, therefore it's hard to perform some of the roles, specially Tintin and Haddock; all this makes the adaptation kind of a hard work.
But, Spielberg, succesfully gets the essence of the comics at the very beginning of the film, incredibly re-creating that mysterious atmosphere that shrouds all the original adventures.
Unfortunately, during the second half of the film all the essence disappears and the film becomes a nonsense typical Speilberg's "only-action", excessively depending on the 3-D effects. Spielberg seems to need giving the story his own footprint. The persecution in Baggar, the falcon and specially the cranes battle at the port are pontless for the story and have nothing to do with the original stories.
The persecution might be similar to the ones in the comics, but in the film it's so unreal: all because of the 3D.

About the actings I'll say the actors did a good job, though I didn't really enjoy captain Haddock, even though I always appreciate Andy Serkis's work. Jamie Bell doesn't spoils the character, even though I always thought no one could ever play Tintin.
Thanks, John Williams, for the soundtrack; it really deals with the story. Another excellent job of the great composer.

In short, the film is aceptable for the tintinologist and probably the ones who never read the comic will find it funny, entertaining and very inspired.
It works very good as a tribute to Herge.

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

Luces rojas, dirigida por Rodrigo Cortes (Buried) y protagonizada por Cillian Murphy (28 dias despues), Sigourney Weaver (Alien, el octavo pasajero) y Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver).
Despues de decir esto, hay que recalcar el increible elenco de actores que Rodrigo Cortes ha conseguido reunir para esta pelicula, que queda bastante lejos de ser una pelicula tan rompedora o taquillera, como otras que han protagonizado dichos actores.

Pues bien, la historia no es mala del todo, de hecho es bastante buena, el problema es que lo que bien empieza, mal acaba en esta pelicula.
La pelicula comienza con varios casos de farsantes e interesantes fenomenos manipulados. Se puede, diria yo, aprender cosas curiosas de los explicaciones que la doctora da a todos los fenomenos supuestamente paranormales que se le presentan. El papel de la doctora, por cierto, esta muy bien conseguido.
Todo en la pelicula marcha interesante, cuando empiezan a suceder cosas raras y reaparece un "dotado" que parece realmente poseer un poder divino.

¿Donde esta el problema de esta pelicula?
Primero, no tiene sentido pasarse toda la pelicula demostrando que no existen este tipo de fenomenos, para luego, por las buenas, dejar caer que el ayudante de la doctora es un verdadero psiquico, con poderes superiores. Esto enfada terriblemente a aquel que en la pelicula habia encontrado un modo de hacer llegar al publico que los milagros y todos esos poderes no son ciertos. Puede que a alguien de impresione y hasta le guste este final, pero no es correcto. Rodrigo Cortes intenta darle demasiados aires de grandeza a la pelicula, pretendiendo poner la guindilla a la historia con un final inesperado, pero que realmente no encaja.
Es por esto que la pelicula es confusa para el publico, durante la mayor parte del tiempo el director le da un aire a la pelicula mistico e intrigante, con una leccion educativa detras, parece hasta incluso que el director pretende convertir la pelicula en una pelicula de culto. Pero cuando llega el final, y no solo el final si no tambien otras escenas en la pelicula que no pegan con el ambiente de la pelicula, el director pasa de pelicula de culto a "intento de exito", y ahi es donde se equivoca. Hay que decir tambien que ciertas cosas tan vistas como el hecho de que el personaje de Robert De Niro no fuera ciego, demuestran falta de originalidad en los detalles. Por otro lado, no es de menospreciar ciertos detalles que le dan un toque casi de terror a la historia, como los pajaros estrellandose contra las ventanas, muy acertado ahi.

Por lo menos y como conclusion, se puede decir que la pelicula es entretenida y te mantiene, mas o menos, intrigado, pero el resultado es un poco mediocre y el final es decepcionante.

The Revenge of the Pink Panther

Tremendamente divertida. Despues de muchas secuelas, Peter Sellers sigue siendo tan gracioso como siempre, en su papel mejor conseguido, el inspector Clouseau. Aunque pueda encontrarse cansino el hecho de que haya tantas peli­culas de este personaje, todas y cada una tienen algo de particular y una historia especi­fica que la hace totalmente diferente de las demas.
Esta pelicula en concreto es de las mas divertidas de toda la saga, Blake Edwards demuestra de sobra su habilidad para crear situaciones ridi­culas y divertidas, siempre ayudado por la gran interpretacion de Peter Sellers, por supuesto. El odio traumatico de Dreyfus, los imnumerables intentos fallidos de asesinato del inspector, sus estramboticos disfraces, su aparente indiferencia al peligro y su capacidad para salir siempre airoso ante las situaciones mas arriesgadas, todo esto caracteriza al personaje de Clouseau, que hace de parodia de los populares detectives infalibles y extraordinariamente inteligentes.

La actriz Dyan Cannon le da un toque sexy y fresco a la escena, lo cual no es nada despreciable y el resto de actores no hacen un mal trabajo.

Como en el resto de las peliculas la banda sonora esta perfectamente adecuada a la escena.

Hay que tener en cuenta, que esta pelicula esta destinada a entretener al espectador y que no tiene ningun fin mas que ese, por lo cual no deja de ser una pelicula que, aunque sera recordada por todos los que la vean, no trata ningun tema trascendente, ni se puede sacar una conclusion util para la moral u otro aspecto de la vida.
En definitiva, esta pelicula es perfecta para pasar un rato en familia o incluso solo. En cualquier caso la pelicula son risas aseguradas y puro entretenimiento.

Lady in the Water

Penosa. Una historia que bien desarrollada podria haber llevado a una buena pelicula, es dirigida aqui, por una mano torpe de Shyamalan, hacia un resultado nefasto y cutre, sobre todo cutre. Dondre podria haber terror, hay aburrimiento, donde podri­a haber intriga, hay idiferencia, donde deberi­a haber fantasi­a, no hay nada. Una de las peores peli­culas que he visto y eso siendo amable.


Pocahontas, brought to the future by the overestimate James Cameron. The same story, different planets, and a lot of high technology to cover up the lack of originality of this director. There is not so much of imagination in this film and, comparing to other sci-fi films, this one is far away from reality.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Pointless prequel with very good visual effects, but nothing more. Terribly bad performed by James Franco, the predictable story only is worth watching because of the emotive moments with the monkey. Very good Andy Serkis, John Lithgow, Brian Cox and Freida Pinto. Anyway, this film is unnecessary.

Where the Wild Things Are

Another movie destroying a classic. Bad actings, bad adaptation, worse visual effects, but over all: the director doesn't get the essence of the book.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

A diferencia de la saga, prima hermana de esta peli­cula, Scary Movie, Epic Movie es sin duda tonta a mas no poder, sin sentido ni gracia. Es casi insultante. No hay razon alguna por la cual merezca ser vista.

The Happening

Another interesting and original idea from Shyamalan, converted into a nonsense story. It doesn't worth watching it at all. Those who might have a good feeling with the trailer or so, will be extremely disappointed.

Battle: Los Angeles

Bad, terribly bad. Full of battles, but empty. Not exciting at all. Not even the special effects deserve a positive comment.
It's just nonsense.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Funny at the beginning, but the film turns to drama before they spend a couple of nights at the hotel. The actors do great, but the story develops too slow. However, it is good to see a film about our elders. The people tends to think that they are out of the society, but this film perfectly shows that they are actually there, having the same problems and living the same situations that we do. Thanks for reminding us how special they are.

The Odd Couple

Excelente comedia protagonizada por la extraña pareja Jack Lemmon y Walter Mathau. Los dos, muy metidos en el papel consiguen, de sobra, divertir al espectador y de vez en cuando arrancarle una sonora carcajada. Sin duda, una de las parejas, de comicos actores, mas divertidas de todos los tiempos, nos presentan de nuevo, una magnifica comedia, ideal para sobremesas o noches aburridas.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Una pelicula entretenida y con el numero justo de sustos. Los amantes de la antigua trilogia, se encontraran con numerosas escenas que les recordaran, puede que incluso demasiado, a las primeras peliculas de la saga. En cuanto a innovacion, digamos que no hay nada destacable, pero esta pelicula adquiere un matiz de tributo a las anteriores apariciones de ghostface en la gran pantalla, -una sintesis de tropiezos, carreras y peleas- lo cual hara que los fieles seguidores disfruten con ella. A los no tan seguidores se les recomienda empezar con la primera parte.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This film is just fantastic. Excellent story, that makes anyone dream about being a pirate. Great characters involved in a magic adventure where suspense and action mix to take us to the times of the caribbean, the times of the pirates. The best perfomance of Johnny Depp ever and all hand by hand with one of the best scores of all time. Essential film.

Brokeback Mountain

To be honest, I can't see why this film became so famous. It is true that is a good film, easy to see and very emotional. But it was exagerated how the media reacted to it. There have been lots of films about homosexuality in the past, I would say, better than this one.
Anyway, is a good film. Satisfying, and makes you forget whether the couple are only men or not. But careful! The relationship doesn't really get all the feeling it could, something to improve there.
I guess the success of Ang Lee was to make with this film a great release, not like the rest of films of the same genre, that remain hidden for most of the people.
This films seems to be more commercial, and so, more successful in the cinema.


Intriguing, intelligent, but, over all, sad. The perfomance of DiCaprio is terrific, because he transmit all the sadness, the pain and lost of the character. Marion Cotillard looks really good in her role of the "bad girl". The other actors kind of go unnoticed, even though they are reputed ones, like Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Cillian Murphy.
The film is innteresting, because explores different themes hidden in our minds. But, it's not made to watch it more than one time. The story is too much depressive.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

An interesting film, hard to classify.
The actings, of some of the secondary actors, lack quaility, but Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job and the story is really intriguing.
One worth-watching.

The Butterfly Effect

Quite interesting film, that manages to keep the viewer in some kind of suspense. It's not a great film, but it's good for having a time.

Mysterious Skin

Extremely emotional. Nobody would resist the intense and amazing final scene, which gets to a sad and uncomfortable, but necessary, climax that gives the viewers the perfect ending. The themes of this film are hard and painful, however, Araki finds the way to make this, a beautiful film. This film success to be more than a "gay film" and much more than a dramatic film: it's also a film about friendship, which hides behind the "important" subject, which is the consequences of child abuse in two different kids. Gorgeous actings Brady Corbet and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and very remarkable the way Araki plays with the characters, taking them to the point he wants.
One of the best independent films I've seen, with no doubt.

Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo

Just another love story based on the same topics we see everyday. Nothing really original. The bad boy meets the good girl. Is it never enough for doing this kind of stories? Can there be different lovestories?
Maybe this is a good adaptation from the book, but for someone who didn't read the book is nothing more than that: the "impossible" love between different social classes.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Interesting story. The best of this film is the actings and maybe the special effects. The thing is, what's about the story? What is the meaning? What is the message of this film? Unconditional love?
The story is good but it's hard to understand why all that. (Probably just to entertain). Anyway, is kind of a beautiful story worth viewing.


Just acceptable. It keeps you watching. It could have been less predictable.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Excellent. Impressive all the time. Brilliant actings in an atmosphere of tension brightly created by the director. Surreal at some point. The film keeps you highly awake all the time and marvelling at the actings and intense situations (hard to see in most films).
Great drama-suspense. And nice music.

The Hunger Games

At least, we can say, that this film is a good adaptation of the book by Suzanne Collins. But nothing more. With a confusing and not clear message, the movie even gets boring at certain moments. As I see it, the director didn`t get all he could have from the story: The crazy camera at the beginning, missing the opportunities of getting a good scene, the missed actings of all the actors, even though they do it great, they do it for so little time; only the man with blue hair has a worthy time role, and he is not even that important in the book.
The music is acceptable and the cinematography is good too. But after watching the film, I keep asking, what is the point of the story?