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Titanic (1997)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Three-dimensionality doesn't exactly fit for "classic" films, so you could probably guess why I was so reluctant to pick up this movie. Titanic 3D is basically a remake of the marvelous blockbuster from 1997 into, you guessed it, 3D. It doesn't exactly work in the first portion of the film, but you really get into it when the Titanic starts sinking. The storyline is still as heartbreaking as ever. Revisiting this movie would be the most traumatic moment of your life, again, in a way that makes you feel extraordinary, and that's one of Titanic's strongest points. Even with its surprisingly lengthy showtime, every minute counted in the finale verdict. The characters are all strongly-developed, even the ones that rarely ever appear gives your heart a thump when they get demolished. This movie is a masterpiece and would've been perfect with one minor condition, the beginning of the movie was rotten. In fact, I barely could keep my eyes open for the first few minutes. Luckily, the horrible start is trampled by the love story and action and, before I knew it, I was holding onto my armchair, my eyes glued to the screen. Don't think that just because it's exactly the same movie, now enhanced with 3D, that it won't be necessary on your watch-list, because, trust me, you're going to be pouring out tears all over again.
-Alexander Danger

John Carter
John Carter (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

John Carter left me in a strange place. I felt like I just watched a terrific movie, but my head span around in confusion, dizzying me. Even worse, the long awaited ending battle turned out to be a major disappointment. There were some splendid battles in the movie and some eye-popping visuals, but the whole movie just adds up to a complete mess. Countless times, I found myself nearing drowsiness. The only thing that held me back was the thrilling action. If you've glimpsed at the trailer for this ridiculously lackluster movie, then you had a pretty good warning signal towards the shallowness of this movie. The storyline will simply bore those "fortunate" enough to have read the comics as for it is almost completely unoriginal, but to the rest, this movie is full of "huh?s." If you're only there for the visuals, this might be a recommendation. If you just wanted to see a "remake" movie off the comics, go right on ahead. If all you wanted was some thrilling action, this movie might be a gold mine for you. But for those who want to sink deep inside the story and get to feel for the characters, this movie is a nightmare. Disney, just stick to animation until you've mastered action movies since none of us would enjoy watching your downfall.
-Alexander Danger