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Vampire Academy

What the f@$# was this s#%t? Seriously.

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

Was a very disappointing film.

much to say.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I was actually surprised by this film. It was a vast improvement on the styleless ones before it. The cinematography was very nice and the actors actually looked like actors for once (still not great but better), however the writing and special effects were still pretty bad. The ending is the only reason I give this film 4 stars out of 5. Oh yeah and the series finally got a director who knows how to make a movie.

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

a bit cheesy, but not bad

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

All types of primates doing cool things, y not

Underworld: Evolution

Kate Beckinsale in tights 0..o

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

better than your average caper

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger...enough said

Underworld: Awakening

Not the best, but dang she still hot

Men in Black III

The ending of endings