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Avengers: Age of Ultron
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I wanted to give it a little bit higher rating but this is what I decided on. ADVENGERS GURU AND LOVER -then you will be byest. Looking for that GREAT MOVIE OF THE YEAR- well , I was disapointed, I hope that they make there money so that they can try again in a year or so, don't get me wrong. I bought the collectors edition of the 1st movie: assembled. This one, NO ... not unless it is on sell or bundled together with something else. Funny at times,YES. Fight scenes well balanced. Bad guy- had one. Plot and Climax -Weaker that the fist. Movie Did not introduce any new charterers; thathat is good for there was not a NEEDed drawn out process to buid to whom is this , the first movie. Oh yes, ultron was introduced and they did a good job. But what about antman- they had an optinity to cammeo or introduce...not even a mention. "Just say Stark did IT, instead.". But my somewhat disappointing times was the loved-dove mush. But they did a GREAT job of adding that elment without overdueing it. I guess the main reason I rank the movie less that 5 stars is that , when people ask "I will say , It was a GOOD movie". But I cannot say it with the same enthusiasm as Avengers: assemble or any of the Star War movies.

RoboCop (2014)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Reboot? that is what they are calling a NEW updated version of an orginal Hit. If this is a REBOOT- it is a Blue Screen Of Death. I loved the Judge Dredd reboot, loved Total Recal reboot...ect. But this I did NOT. Starts of Realy Good. but soon into the movie gets boring, tiresome, and began to lose my intrest. The ending was near great - in the last few minues, but was to late to redeam its NAME. I love SciFi - if they were to call the move "Cyborg Tatical Cop" or someting - I could give it a much better rating as a High Def chessy SciFi move. Loved the original sound piece that they played at the begining , hoping that they were going to use that thoughout the move- they used it once, then used a softer less dramatic music piece. The introduction to Robo cop was lame(the first ime he is seen on screen). I saw this last week, but if my memory recall corect- he is straped to that body harness. He is first swa as a helpless Victum, NOt a Robot COP about to kick bu** and take names. I personally did not like the full face look, I perfur the eye visor. One of the things that made the movie DULL - was they took his glam. the suit he starts out with is great. it is eye catching , Shinny, tough looking, futuristic..ect. BUt "lets paint it tatical black- all of it... Ok now he is prepared to be a "cat burgurlar". He lost his apeal. NO more gloss, shine , or even two-tone. just flat black- and boing. There were some cool shooting and gun fighting sceens, but with the back and fourth of "he is a rouge, crazy robot out of control - TO he is awesome and everybody is going to love him" - built on that to loong - confussing ...ROBOT COP is not a faluar- the Movie was..!!! I loved that that made it pg-13 and cut the F** bomb out ; that and it had "Robo Cop" -other that that. DONT WAST YOUR MONEY. FIND, RENT, BUY , STREEM, whatever.. THE ORGINIAL ROBOCOP(even robocop2 and robocop3) BUT DONT WATCH THIS "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH".