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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Second Chance

The Second Chance(2006)

The Second Chance delivers a complex and nuanced picture of inner city life, and the interactions between religion and society. It's not even close to preachy, and sometimes the Christianity seems like a backdrop to a story about much more universal themes. It switches effectively between powerful realism and some more symbolic elements, in the same way an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel might require one to suspend disbelief.

My main problem with The Second Chance was the ending. It's out of touch with the rest of the film, and caught me off guard with its unexpected hokiness. I had enough faith in The Second Chance that I didn't expect it to cast itself overboard like it did, into realms inhabited by a much worse film, but it did. It would have been much more satisfying to see the church deal with the crisis it was presented and thrive despite it, but unfortunately the ending results in an absurd plot device being used to rescue the film from what could have been an excellent opportunity to display the church's perserverance. The early church of Christianity endured monumental struggles, so why did they deem it necessary to replace this factor with and old man sitting on the roof?

Perhaps I'm being a bit too critical, for The Second Chance is still a solid movie. While hindered by the ending, it does linger for some time, and thus it achieves its objective.