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The Dark Knight Rises
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Now before I review this movie I would like to say that the tragedy at the Century 16 Theater is horrific and has changed people forever. It saddens me because I love the movies and doing something like this at a family friendly place is flat out wrong. Now my thoughts and prayers are for the victims, friends, and families affected by this tragedy.

Now onto the movie! First off Christopher Nolan is a fantastic filmmaker and I'm so happy he's on a winning streak with a third and amazing batman movie. This movie is flat out awesome!!! Christian Bale is better than ever as Batman. Gary Oldman is always good. Along with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine who are also awesome. Now the new people. Tom Hardy as Bane is absolutely perfect! Anne Hathaway is a great Catwoman. And Joseph Gordon Levitt is a great character in this movie. Now people are wondering, did Nolan wrap up the franchise well? Uh, heck yeah! He did a really, really good job ending may I say the greatest trilogy ever! Now did is the Dark Knight Rises better than The Dark Knight, no. But that doesn't mean this movie isn't good. But he did go out with a bang on this last batman movie giving the next guy a really, really hard job even coming close to making a movie worthy of being compared to one of the Nolan batman movies. Now, good day and go see this movie immediately!

Despicable Me 2
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

A fun, simple, animated comedy with plenty for the whole family to enjoy.