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After Earth
After Earth (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Why in THE HELL does M. Night still get funding to make his garbage?!?!?!?! The twist in this film is that M. Night doesn't have a cameo!!! Thank the gods for that!! This film has no soul, no sense of adventure. It is dull, with boring shots, illogical situations, tedious establishing shots which lead nowhere, poor backstory, ridiculously stupid plot and worst of all, the acting of Will and Jaden Smith are repulsively embarrassing. Will Smith gives his careers dullest performance while his son tries to act for both of them, achieving nothing as the green screen glare shines through his hair most of the times. There are so many poorly done CGI shots and green screen shots, that it is shocking to still see such amateurish production of a major motion picture film. M. Night Shyamalan needs to disappear and disappear fast! He's an insult to Hollywood and mankind's intelligence! It is one thing that Will Smith felt the urge to make a family movie, writing and producing and so on with his wife and kids involved... but come on!!!! Get real!

The story of this film is advertised as a father son film, but honestly there is zero parenting skills in this film, zero emotional moments and no real connection to the characters. Remember Fear is a Choice and apparently Will Smith interpreted it as, emotionless human with no joy, love or anything. At best he comes off as proud of his son when his son's balls drop out of nowhere. SONY shame on you for being so dumb to fund this film, M. Night, you need to retire because you simply suck at your job. Will Smith, stop thinking and just act other people's scripts when handed to you. This wasn't very good, it was an insult to watch and I lost track of how many failures M. Night already has under his belt, but seriously isn't it time to cut him off? I am sure others would have done a much better job straight out of film school.

SHAME ON YOU ALL for making this piece of garbage!!!!!

Now You See Me
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Poorly written, poorly edited and poorly directed. This film is such a mess, it should be used in film school as an example of what NOT TO DO! It has the premise that could have been outstanding, but instead of understanding its self, it tries to to be everything all at once. It plays you for a sap throughout the entire movie without making sense, it has the major plots revealed by Morgan Freeman who's only means of explaining what we THINK is real is through what he imagines... thus it's not really what happens, but the film suggests that it is. Michael Caine is completely shat on and somewhere down the line he just disappears like magic and isn't even important anymore to be mentioned. His character though, suggested to have been the grand master for a while, then wasn't anything but a stupid investor. So much of this film is bad that not only do the writers have no clue how to balance TRICKS with MAGIC, that most of the times, when they pretend it was a trick it looks like real magic as none of that is possible with ANY technology we have today. I could go on and on, but it is safe to say, that who ever likes this film, has the ability to disconnect all sense of reality, logic and common sense and enjoy it for the smoke and mirrors that this film is. Shame on the FIVE writers who made a mess out of an otherwise interesting premise.