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Pokemon - The Movie 2000

Only enjoyable if you love and grew up with Pokemon.

The Dark Knight Rises

Though I did not enjoy it as much as TDK, that SHOULD NOT subtract from how great, no, fantastic this movie still is. I loved the plot in this though it felt as though some scenes needed to be added to explain somethings, but sooner or later (if you pay attention) you'll get what's going on. And my only other complaint is that few times during the film I could barely understand Bane, but thats why i'm going to see it again a couple times. The action sequences were intense, the soundtrack is absolutely uforgettable, and the acting is fantastic. I feel as if this movie ended the best superhero trilogy ever, very, very satisfyingly, giving you good clousure, and showing Bruce Wayne's/Batman's rise from his mistakes superbly. Can't wait to buy it on DVD.

Full Metal Jacket

A great film that shows the dark side of war. I like how it's more character driven than action driven, though the action scenes are still intense. The chracters all have cynicaly funny personalities and are easy to love. And who can forget the scene where Gunnery Sgt, Hartmen screams at everyone?

The Happening

It would've been much better, if it weren't so cheesy at tmies and if the ending wasn't so dumb. It had a good thing going though, a virus that makes someone kill themselves? Sounded good at first.

Batman Gotham Knight

An interesting collection of stories tha are all connected, but unique through different japanese art styles. A good time for any Batfan.