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Carrey and Michael were amazingly talented

The King's Speech

5 stars for the acting and the direction


Its an original, captivating and shocking movie, good job Bolye

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

very original... i don't usually like this kinda movie but this one was a little nit different, despite the silly plot and some holes in it, it was very fun to watch. with a magnificent performance by Hoult. and great charm by Teresa.

Seven Psychopaths

I didnt know how it begun or how it ends cus I couldnt expect anything. Its very very original comparing to other action movies. it was beautifully mixed between fiction and reality, it has its really funny moments, and some good messages. besides Farrell, Walken and Rockwell did a terrafic job out there. the only thing i didnt like was the brutal bloody scenes.
"its two thumbs-up for me"

Anna Karenina

very artistic and original. the first hour was fabulous but the second one was less attractive. a good performance by Knightley and was good directed. great costum and production designes, very eye-catchy and a beautiful soundtrack.

Upside Down
Upside Down(2013)

an original idea but they did it very badly. i was dissopinted by the sillines and the missing parts. so dissapointing.

Bad Education

as great as always. almodovar never dissapoint me.

War Witch
War Witch(2013)

a very cruel movie. heartbreaking. very bold character and performance. very well directed, acted & told. extremly original & beautiful.


a great movie... especially in the wrestling field.. maybe better than "the fighter", great performances especially by Nick & Joel, deeply touching characters, a sad and original story, a great soundtrack by the great Mark Isham and a good end...

Identity Thief

silly, not very funny, unrealistic and very long (boring). shes' the only funny thing about this movie (Melissa McCarthy), i was really disappointed

Mysterious Skin

its a very sad and touching story... original and bold.. i liked the charachters but i didnt like the plot, it wasnt clever enough i guess...

Inglourious Basterds

a super clever script with magnificent twists and events and a very good ending... great music. great performances. great directing, simply a perfect movie

Little White Lies

according to other french movies this is one of the best not because it has a great plot but because it contains all of elements that make a good movie... it has a marvelous music.. some great performances and although it's 2hrs n 30 min it wasn't boring at all, it has a good sense of humor and a fine emotional effects... to me, this is a fine movie

w Delta z
w Delta z(2006)

its the first time when i find revenge is a right and killing is not a crime.. a great tale

Bel Ami
Bel Ami(2012)

Bel Ami's character drives me nuts ... :@

Autumn in New York

I have a beautiful memory here....