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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Falling Down

Falling Down(1993)

I don't know if a "great time" is the perfect sentence to say what I felt in this movie but let's put it other way. Falling Down was fun. It's an undeniable classic. Well, most of Schumacher's movies are classic. The big difference is that Falling Down does not sucks. Come on! Batman and Robin, The Phantom of Opera, Bad Company...Unfortunately, Joel Shumacher is mostly recognised for being a total jerk at directing movies, but I think this statement is cuestionable. Joel Shumacher will never win an oscar, that's for sure, but he is not a serious director. He cares more about the entertainment of the audience (Or the controversy) that the entertainment of the audience and the gold. But Joel seems to get money ot of his unhinged projects: Maybe because they're fun to watch. That happened to me in Falling Down. I thought it was a gripping thriller, with lots of nail-bitting moments but also lots of wittiness and criticism to real life that are awfully...correct. A man that looses temper and wants to set things right, this movie is the definition of "Rage day" for me. So, it's a classic. It's funny, violent and maybe overlong (In 2 hours, the story gets pretty boring). I also think the movie is good not only thanks to Joel's mind but to Michael Douglas' charisma. He is a great actor, and he really gets into character this time and you can believe what's happenning, although most Schumacher's movies are unbelievable. But the rest of the cast do not apport anything to the movie. I expected a lot from Robert Duvall and Barbara Hershel, but they are overshadowed by Michael Douglas. To leave no strings attached, I want to close up by reconsidering Shumacher's movies. I've seen Batman Returs, Batman and Robin, Bad Company, Blood Creek, Number 23 and The Phantom of Opera. Never liked them. I only gave one chance to this movies as they say it's one of the best ever made. I do not agree, but I think it was fun and Joel did a lot of movies. Maybe we should just give him a chance.