GuidoMontini's Rating of Ratatouille

Guido's Review of Ratatouille

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Pixar and Brad Bird is like Eggs and Bacon...Always good together. The Incredibles is one of my favourite animated movies ever, as it was outstandingly funny and and human, and I even rated it 5 stars because I simply loved it. Ratatouille, in the other hand, is a totally different movie. Yes, from superheroes we go to a rat desperate to be not appreciated as a rat but as a cook, and what better city to place the story in than Paris. But not all is delicious in Ratatouille. Well, at least not for me. Ratatouille for me was pretty much heavy, slightly boring and even though it made me giggled sometimes, it lacked of fun, but was filled with magic. As many people, I love to eat and to cook, so this movie is really inspiring to me. But when they talk to me about Pixar, I imagine something delightful, full of fun and some intense drama included. Ratatouille has some emotional moments, but does not feel at any moment as a truly Pixar movie, except maybe for the originality of the plot. Ans also, while Pixar mainly focuses on the whole family, I felt Ratatouille had a more kiddy target audience, like Cars, but the theme of the movie is a little bit too grown-up for kids. So, in those terms, Cars may be a much organized movie, only that slightly worse. So, it dissapointed me. Ratatouille for me is a one night stand, but I think it's both too long and tiring to watch it again. Unfortunately, Ratatouille was bland.