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Guido's Review of Oblivion

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


How long since we have a pure, 80's style Science Fiction Movie that doesn't suck? And with Tom Cruise in it, how can it be if not irresistible, unwatchable? Oblivion is a really good movie. Unfortunately, for the irony of the title, it will probably be "forgotten in time".
Joseph Kosinki, director of the likeable but little exciting Tron Legacy, has made its comeback with the story of Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) who works on an uninhabitable world along with her partner Vika (Andrea Risiborough). He is supposed to finish his job and then go to live with the rest of the human race in a moon in Jupiter, but it ain't so easy, as once he finds Julia (Olga Kuryelenko), a human whose spaceship crashed on earth, everything will change.
How interesting the story is, to beggin with? It is interesting enough to drag you into the cinema. Oblivion is Popcorn fun, with a plot that has many twists and turns but a lack of execution. Some secuences are pretty stupid, the characters are pretty stupid, and specially the things they do are pretty stupid. Guess they wanted to "Get stupid"?
The script of Oblivion will no live up to the heights of any sci-fi goer, or any normal cinema audience member. It is a little bit louzy, specially at the ending where Oblivion shows most of its flaws. Dissapointing final encounters and conclussions are present, even though I'm not thinking on spoiling them.
Though the plot is faulty, Oblivion has still a great audiovisual flare: 80's style epic soundtrack mixed with over-the-top visual effects that recreate glimpses of after earth that are just breathtaking. You may find it overwhelming at times, but never awful or unnecessary. If you can watch it on Imax, better. Tom Cruise is also a positive. He does a really good job. He ain't badass or goodass, just a normal guy. And, even though his character is a little bit weird at times, Cruise pulls it off as the star he is. And does he looks good!
Overall, Oblivion is a delight for the senses but weak for the mind. An anticipated summer you may be able to enjoy if you don't go expecting a new Avatar or Star Wars, but some refreshing original content in a time where the prequel and the remake are the king and queen of tintseltown.