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Iron Sky
Iron Sky (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Despite the pompous critical reviews on this film, holding it to a standard most best picture winners would not live up to, this film is worth seeing if you like satirical, zany comedy. Think Mel Brooks meets Dr. Strangelove. That satire and humor get downright goofy at times, but in a funny satisfying way.

Given the quality of films coming out of Hollywood these days, I would put this up against the average big budget comedy or action film to be honest. This is no 40% film. This film for a 8 million Euro budget is pretty impressive. The soundtrack was great, the acting was solid, the special effects were breathtaking for a low budget film.

Apparently though anything short of a masterpiece will not please the critics. I guess a film produced on a microscopic budget, that has special effects on par with some 100 million dollar films isn't good enough. I guess a film that provided more laughs than almost all of Adam Sandlers films (which get higher ratings here for some reason?? Stupid Americans perhaps?) isn't enough to get into the 60% or 70% range. Men in black III got a 69%. I challenge anyone to watch this film then watch that one, then consider the budgets ... and then tell me which should have the higher score.