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The Return
The Return(2003)

According to The Guardian on September 4, 2003:

"As a tragic ending it is by far the most heartbreaking witnessed in the 60 years of the Venice Film Festival. The young Russian star of The Return, the favourite to lift the Golden Lion award tomorrow, drowned in an accident with haunting echoes of the film itself.

After filming finished 15-year-old Vladimir Garin was dared by friends to jump into a lake from the top of a tower on which the film's opening sequence was shot. He plunged to his death."


The Thief (Vor) (Вор)

This movie reminds me so much of Zvyagintsev's The Return. They both emphasize conflict with the father figure and the pressures of becoming a man.


Despite the daughter's beliefs that nobody is different and everyone is insignificant, Elena sacrifices her conscience to save her grandson. Little does she realize that saving him from physical danger does not protect him from a kind of war he is already a part of.

To Rome with Love

Some things I've learned about Woody Allen after watching this movie, Midnight in Paris, and Annie Hall: He likes the color yellow, romance languages, rain, psychology, scenery, nostalgia, omniscient narration, and satire.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

The mirrors, the sounds of fluttering wings, the black, the white, the mesmerizing paranoia... The enigma of the ballerina and the fall from innocence... It was so beautiful I felt as if someone had just stabbed me in the gut.

Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge (The Flight of the Red Balloon)

This movie is the first to show me that a film doesn't necessarily have to follow a plot. Sometimes, movies are just meant to show something. The purpose of this film, as I gather it, is to demonstrate the wandering qualities of children and their somewhat aloof regard towards mayhem. Children emit a sense of lightness, as does a balloon. Flight is freedom.