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World War Z
World War Z (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

World War Z is for the most part an action film where just by pure coincidence happen to be zombies; sort of. Unlike most zombie genre films the plot isn't about getting somewhere, gathering resources or simply trying to ride out the apocalypse, instead it focuses on some important guy rather than some average Joe and seems more about finding the cause and cure of the outbreak. The film focuses on Gerry '(Brad Pitt) and his kind of forced mission to get to the bottom of the mess the world is now in. Pitt is good for the most part but seems to ironically struggle in the scenes with his on screen family. the plot is fairly repetitive: go here talk run repeat and this got on my nerves after the first time even with the fairly short run time. The special effects look good compared to in the trailer and convey the idea of a horde of zombies on screen. If there was a gaping flaw in this film it was the lack of scope in the film. The plot was almost totally revolving around Gerry with little else; survivors or zombie outbreaks even being mentioned in passing would have been nice.
Rating 7 out of 10
A slightly above average action/zombie film that doesn't feel as global as the name suggests

Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)
4 years ago via Movies on Android phone

The Superman origin tale has been told and retold many times at this point however this is the first live action reboot since Superman(1979). Far from retreading the same steps the film focuses on Clarks' struggle over what to do with his powers and getting the world to accept him. I was particularly glad to see Clarks' childhood shown in brief segments showing why Superman does what he does as an adult. I also enjoyed the portrayal of emotion on Supermans' face shown with close ups; the first flight for example, as this really makes the character more real as that's how a normal person would act in such situations. The direction of characters was solid through out although the action scenes felt a bit jaggy as it was almost like the audience was in the middle of the fight and possibly not getting the best possible view of the action. I also felt as though although the General Zodd character was quite good he didn't quite fill the shoes of those who played the role before which is slightly disappointing and takes away somewhat from the film. Conversely, Jor-El ;played by Russel Crowe was used brilliantly and really helped the film as well also as the portrayal of Krypton which compared to previous iterations felt alive more like a genuine planet.
Rating 8 out of 10
A well thought out and considerate reboot hopefully leading to bigger and better things in the future.

Star Trek Into Darkness
4 years ago via Flixster

**May contain Spoilers**
By being the second Star Trek film released this time round the will always be a comparison to Wrath of Khan, but how well does this film do? The story in this film is quite good following the crew of the Enterprise as they go on a revenge mission against Jon Harrison, played excellently by Benedict Cumberbatch. There are twists and turns here and there but most can be seen from along way away. The growth of the supporting casts characters is welcomed and I felt the main cast were now more than 1 dimensional characters unlike the last film. The Kirk and Spock relationship also improves this time. It is also once again Bones gets the best lines of the film. The action sequences are cool but I was irked by the fact that sequences felt like the last film and the fact everyone was always running at the slightest hint of urgency. The lens flare is back yet J.J Abrams has toned it down a bit this time. It also became irritating at times when people just couldn't be transported for one reason or another as away to set up another action scene. Finally aside from about 10 seconds of goofy 3D where things fly at he screen the 3D effects are almost none existent. Compared to the first Star Trek this film is better in pretty much every way from the action, to the story and to the villain. However since it slaps you in the face with Wrath of Khan references it shows it is nowhere near as good a film.
Rating 7 out of 10
A very good effort marred by comparisons to the other Star Trek 2