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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
World War Z

World War Z(2013)

World War Z is for the most part an action film where just by pure coincidence happen to be zombies; sort of. Unlike most zombie genre films the plot isn't about getting somewhere, gathering resources or simply trying to ride out the apocalypse, instead it focuses on some important guy rather than some average Joe and seems more about finding the cause and cure of the outbreak. The film focuses on Gerry '(Brad Pitt) and his kind of forced mission to get to the bottom of the mess the world is now in. Pitt is good for the most part but seems to ironically struggle in the scenes with his on screen family. the plot is fairly repetitive: go here talk run repeat and this got on my nerves after the first time even with the fairly short run time. The special effects look good compared to in the trailer and convey the idea of a horde of zombies on screen. If there was a gaping flaw in this film it was the lack of scope in the film. The plot was almost totally revolving around Gerry with little else; survivors or zombie outbreaks even being mentioned in passing would have been nice.
Rating 7 out of 10
A slightly above average action/zombie film that doesn't feel as global as the name suggests