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The Place Beyond The Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines(2013)

This film as the title suggests is about what happens after we die and the legacy we leave behind, particularly the actions of Ryan Goslings character. The film is well acted through out with stand out performances by Gosling and Bradley Coopers characters and the Robin character. The film is split into 3 parts with clear story lines in the first 2 and a convoluted 3rd act. The action is well done in this film and it really feels like your in the scene with the use of slight shaking camera and fixed camera angles making the action more immersing. My biggest problem with the film was the 3rd act which features the two most annoying characters in the film and the worst story line of the film. Also i felt that certain characters didn't have complete story arcs.
Rating 8 out of 10
A great film ending on a bit of a bum note