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World War Z
World War Z(2013)

World War Z is for the most part an action film where just by pure coincidence happen to be zombies; sort of. Unlike most zombie genre films the plot isn't about getting somewhere, gathering resources or simply trying to ride out the apocalypse, instead it focuses on some important guy rather than some average Joe and seems more about finding the cause and cure of the outbreak. The film focuses on Gerry '(Brad Pitt) and his kind of forced mission to get to the bottom of the mess the world is now in. Pitt is good for the most part but seems to ironically struggle in the scenes with his on screen family. the plot is fairly repetitive: go here talk run repeat and this got on my nerves after the first time even with the fairly short run time. The special effects look good compared to in the trailer and convey the idea of a horde of zombies on screen. If there was a gaping flaw in this film it was the lack of scope in the film. The plot was almost totally revolving around Gerry with little else; survivors or zombie outbreaks even being mentioned in passing would have been nice.
Rating 7 out of 10
A slightly above average action/zombie film that doesn't feel as global as the name suggests

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

The Superman origin tale has been told and retold many times at this point however this is the first live action reboot since Superman(1979). Far from retreading the same steps the film focuses on Clarks' struggle over what to do with his powers and getting the world to accept him. I was particularly glad to see Clarks' childhood shown in brief segments showing why Superman does what he does as an adult. I also enjoyed the portrayal of emotion on Supermans' face shown with close ups; the first flight for example, as this really makes the character more real as that's how a normal person would act in such situations. The direction of characters was solid through out although the action scenes felt a bit jaggy as it was almost like the audience was in the middle of the fight and possibly not getting the best possible view of the action. I also felt as though although the General Zodd character was quite good he didn't quite fill the shoes of those who played the role before which is slightly disappointing and takes away somewhat from the film. Conversely, Jor-El ;played by Russel Crowe was used brilliantly and really helped the film as well also as the portrayal of Krypton which compared to previous iterations felt alive more like a genuine planet.
Rating 8 out of 10
A well thought out and considerate reboot hopefully leading to bigger and better things in the future.

Star Trek Into Darkness

**May contain Spoilers**
By being the second Star Trek film released this time round the will always be a comparison to Wrath of Khan, but how well does this film do? The story in this film is quite good following the crew of the Enterprise as they go on a revenge mission against Jon Harrison, played excellently by Benedict Cumberbatch. There are twists and turns here and there but most can be seen from along way away. The growth of the supporting casts characters is welcomed and I felt the main cast were now more than 1 dimensional characters unlike the last film. The Kirk and Spock relationship also improves this time. It is also once again Bones gets the best lines of the film. The action sequences are cool but I was irked by the fact that sequences felt like the last film and the fact everyone was always running at the slightest hint of urgency. The lens flare is back yet J.J Abrams has toned it down a bit this time. It also became irritating at times when people just couldn't be transported for one reason or another as away to set up another action scene. Finally aside from about 10 seconds of goofy 3D where things fly at he screen the 3D effects are almost none existent. Compared to the first Star Trek this film is better in pretty much every way from the action, to the story and to the villain. However since it slaps you in the face with Wrath of Khan references it shows it is nowhere near as good a film.
Rating 7 out of 10
A very good effort marred by comparisons to the other Star Trek 2

The Place Beyond The Pines

This film as the title suggests is about what happens after we die and the legacy we leave behind, particularly the actions of Ryan Goslings character. The film is well acted through out with stand out performances by Gosling and Bradley Coopers characters and the Robin character. The film is split into 3 parts with clear story lines in the first 2 and a convoluted 3rd act. The action is well done in this film and it really feels like your in the scene with the use of slight shaking camera and fixed camera angles making the action more immersing. My biggest problem with the film was the 3rd act which features the two most annoying characters in the film and the worst story line of the film. Also i felt that certain characters didn't have complete story arcs.
Rating 8 out of 10
A great film ending on a bit of a bum note


Oblivion stars Tom Crusie as Jack Harper a drone repair man working on a post apocalyptic earth after alien invasion. Things happen and Jack ends up at the centre of events. The action in this film is done well considering the age rating(12A) although it is possible to see where the violence was reduced. I felt the drones had quite a lot of character being faceless robots and all, however the same can't be said of the majority of the supporting cast whom i had a hard time caring at all about losing tension in action sequences and stand off moments. The cinematography in this film at times is brilliant subtly hinting at characters feelings and stand points through the use of glass doors and colour pallets. The colour is also used well during the flashbacks initially being black and white and then in colour as Harper figures out the truth about them. The music in this film sounds great and certainly helps the film out aptly raising for action and quietly disappearing during moments where Harper is alone (after all there isn't any one else around). My biggest gripe with the film was the use of the monologue exposition at the start and end of the film which is pretty much in the trailer so I had heard it at least a dozen times before the film started and didn't help the film off to a good start, it probably could have just been dropped for a visual representation of events or left out entirely as the story is explained again latter on in the film.
Rating 6 out of 10
A slightly better than average popcorn action film


This film oozes 80's from the very beginning with great music and titles setting the tone of the film and telling you this is gonna be a great looking film. The direction is amazing in every way the romance seems genuine, there is clear tension on screen when the plot calls for it. The driving scenes wouldn't look out of place in a hollywood blockbuster and the physical scenes are brutally graphic with fantastic use of slow motion in each used to great effect. I felt the direction and the driver character are intertwined; very reserved for the most part then losing control for brief periods of time. The entire film is just great not needing to have constant exposition or explanation and simply having characters share a look instead. The story is devilishly simple yet so enthralling whilst not necessarily having to speed the plot along to the resolution too fast.
Rating 10 out of 10
It is in this films nature to be fantastic


This film is touted as a mind bending thriller the likes of Inception. It sadly falls very short of greatness. This film tries to mess with the audiences head and then gives up half way through before dumping major plot points in the audiences lap. The story follows James Macavoys' character who has helped in the theft of a painting but after a bump on the head can't remember where he left it. Que hypnotism and wandering what is real and what isn't if it were achieved properly(it isn't). This film is ultimately let down by a simple plot masquerading as a complex and deep psychological thriller.
Rating 5 out of 10
This film is more unnecessary subtext than substance Collapse


This film is not what it seems. I expected to see some kind of action epic based on a plane with a drunken pilot trying to save the day. Apparently the trailers lied. What I saw was a story of a man battling addiction and the overarching story of the culture to blame and compensate that society has become used to. Denzel Washington plays the part of an alcoholic pilot struggling to sober up for an enquiry in to the crash seen in the films trailer. The story is suitably dark and shows the lengths people will go to cover their own asses and place the blame somewhere else without going too far i.e. full blown murder conspiracy. Robert Zermeckis seems to get a lot out of Washington who gives possibly his best performance to date and the film manages to tell the story over a longer time frame without resorting to narration which is always a plus in my opinion. The romance in the film seemed to drag on and I felt it didn't really add to the film and took away from the story. I liked the overall disturbing feeling that the film gives off after watching which is a sure fire sign of some kind of emotional investment.

Rating 6 out of 10
A fairly thought provoking experience with rather unnecessary portions


This film grew on me from the moment I sat down to watch it. Going in I haven't seen any reviews or plot synopsis for this film so I had no clue what it was about. Turns out its the following. Richard Gere seems to have everything loads of money and a mistress on the side, a family who love him and success. It turns out this is all a lie. He's nearly bankrupt his company and needs the merger to go through to get away without anyone noticing. Add to this the fact that he has accidentally killed his mistress and needs to cover this up to get his company sold. Few what a week.
This film ends on one of the best cliff hangers I have seen in years with Gere stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I feel the character is strong enough that the internet will be able to work out what he would most likely do, I know what I would do if I was him.
The acting is excellent throughout the story moves along at a brisk pace meaning the 2 hours fly by. The story asks the question what you would do to save yourself. The writing was so good I found myself caring about Jimmy (an accomplice of Geres') and whether he would cave under the pressure.

Rating 9 out of 10
A great thriller setting an example for others to follow whilst staying true to its roots

I Love You Phillip Morris

I didn't think this film would be very good going in as Jim Carrey has been a bit terrible with choosing films and Ewan McGregor has never been my favourite person. However this film was a pleasant surprise. It starts with the words "this really happened...no really" which raised the proverbial eyebrow over what was going to happen that was so unbelievable. As the film opens we see a very skinny Jim Carrey dying in a hospital bed, he then proceeds to tell us his life story. Normally I would find this irritating however due to the unreliability of the narration the rugged is pulled from under the audiences feet several times. The story seems so farfetched I am inclined to see how much is true given all the escapes pulled off.
The romance between the pair seems believable enough and I found myself welling up at the end than laughing hilariously before the credits finally rolled

Rating 7 out of 10
Quite funny with a solid story, though not for everyone

Les MisÚrables

I had heard great things about this film going into it. It had Oscar buzz and had already taken multiple best picture awards. Apparently I saw a different version of the film because the film I saw was terrible! The "singing" in this film by the main cast is reminiscent of Mama Mia! Or Moulin Rouge as in big name karaoke at best. The majority of the big names can't sing with the exception of Russel Crow who is a bit better than the rest but still a long way off staring a singing career after this film, and to give Hugh Jackman the lead role when he is the worst singer of the lot is unforgiveable and a stupid move by the casting director.
Another problem with this film is the fact that there is very little talking and everything is sing talked which, takes away from the songs as its difficult to tell when a song starts and ends which is why when initially writing this review I struggled to recall even 2 songs (2 hours after watching the film).
Back to the plot now, so carefully hinged on the back drop of a French revolution showing that everyone's super poor or mega rich and the no one likes the king at the moment so fuck it, revolution! There is no character development in this film at all after the first 5 minutes. Jon Valjean goes from angry thief to God loving good guy in 10 seconds or 8 years of unseen moments in the plot, feels guilty for not being granular about his employees actions, buys some kid, raises her and then realises "actually I lied to get where I am today but I'm okay with that", gets a mystery illness whilst lifting luggage and dies. Javert Javert goes from letter of the lawman (he literally sang a song about it) to a suicidal fool who can't deal with being given a second chance. The young revolutionary goes from tactician to screw it I'm in love over the course of 1 night (the same night he saw his entire friendship die horribly). At the end of this film the people at the barricade are all dead this is touted as a happy ending. This ending is miserable all of those who died as martyrs achieved nothing, so well done everyone, NOT!
This film has the worst action sequences ever. Being shot in the chest and not bleeding? Why not? Did the budget not allow for fake blood to be used? Then the character has the audacity to sing for three minutes before dying, not dying immediately like most of the other idiots foolish enough to point the barrel of a gun at themselves and not just away from everyone Rubbish!
Rating 1 out of 10
An awful film that received too much praise due to the stage production it was based on

Django Unchained

From the very beginning of the film an old style 50's spaghetti western is given off which in part is what this film is. However this film is so much more than homage to the westerns of old. Tarantino has truly outdone himself with this script (a rarity amongst action films these days) with period appropriate racism themes throughout as well as a story that keeps wondering whether the plan will work out in the end. The action in this film is amazingly over the top with blood splattering everywhere and heads exploding left and right. It is almost like Tarantino has used the violence to compliment the style of the film because it looks like good old fashioned special effects. The music in the film is great adding to the atmosphere when playing or purposely omitted. Finally the acting by everyone involved is some of the best performances I have seen from these people and encouraging
feelings of hatred towards characters and being pleased to see them suffer.
Rating 10 out of 10
The modern western full of style and substance

Gangster Squad

What can I say about this film? The plot of Gangster squad was so predictable every twist can be seen well before it happens, particularly groan worthy was the ambush in Chinatown. The plot isn't the reason to watch this film however. It's a period action film through and through with fantastic action throughout. Whether it's the Slow-Mo over the top gun fighting or the violent fisticuffs, it kept my eyes glued to the screen the whole time. The voice-over monologue was a bit heavy handed but was dropped a few minutes so that was okay. I think my favourite part was the car chase with the heroin truck which was very fun to watch. Sadly the forgettable characters let this film down as none of the actors deserve to read the shitty dialogue lazily written for them, a shame really as this film could have been brilliant if not for the story.
Rating- 7 out of 10
Good action, predictable and stale plot