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McBeth's Review of Tales From the Hood

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Tales From the Hood

Tales From the Hood(1995)

Okay, I'm just going to straight up say how racist and stereotypical this movie is and Spike Lee has just pushed the limit of how much of a racist you can fucking be. Ranging from white corrupt cops, all are white and none are at all black or Hispanic, beating up a black politician, why couldn't that happen to Obama but with Hispanics and blacks and whites, and the next story involves a beating uncle who dies from some kid twisting up a piece of paper and the only non-racist story, then one story involving a RACIST WHITE politician, not Hispanic or some other color WHITE who gets attack by dolls with black slaves souls in them and then the last story which is a complete straight rip-off of A Clockwork Orange is about some black guy who gets to a ''rehabilitation'' center for killing...other black guys and being black and killing other black people is wrong? What the fuck! That's some stupid-ass shit. And this story is what ties everything together and then HELL!

Its a anthology that is pretty much racist with a lot of shits and fucks and motherfuckers. Its passable and some of the stories are good and the mortician is pretty much funny. But other than that...its just ''passable''.