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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange(1971)

The movie, A Clockwork Orange, is one of my favorite movies of all time and it has a very thought-provoking message. Whoever the person is evil or good, do we have the right to take their free will? The movie follows the story of Alex Da Large, a teenager who wants to do nothing but cause anarchy and destruction and while doing so, enjoys the living hell out of it, from beating innocent hobos on the street to breaking into houses and raping women while singing ''Singin' in the Rain'' I can't listen to the song anymore without thinking of young Alex raping an innocent woman. When one of Alex's little Droogies, Dim, wants to hit something bigger he tells Alex about a artist and when Alex notices about this they are walking down alongside the water and Alex stabs Dim and pushes him down the water to still show them that Alex is the leader of the group and then later when they are at a pub Alex shows ''compassion'' and listens to Dim plan in which he tells him about some woman artist with money and so later they go to the house where Alex bashes the woman's head in with a....giant penis sculpture. In which the cops have found them and when Alex Da Large runs out of the house one of his droogies bashes a glass bottle of milk in Alex's face and runs off in which Alex is arrested and then a detective who was suspicious about Alex's activities spits in his face and this is where Alex is sent to prison and then the movie fast forwards two years later where Alex is reading the bible in which he dreams that he was the one who sent Jesus to his death and all the other mayhem, in which then Alex talks to a priest about this ''rehabilitation'' program to release you out of jail more quicker, in which later Alex gets signed up to this ''rehabilitation'' program in which they shoot him up with a needle and then they keep his eyes with these very painful eye needles and then when watching movies of rape and anarchy it makes Alex extremely ill, then later they show a film of nazis marching while playing Beethoven, Alex's favorite artist, and later to see if the program actually work they test it out to the public and put Alex on a stage in where a man pushes Alex on the ground, in which makes him sick, and the guy forces Alex to lick the bottom of his shoe in which Alex does and then they bring in a woman who is naked to see if Alex will do anything in which he tries to, but then he falls to the ground. When they see this program work they release Alex to the world in which he first goes to see his parents in which they have given his room away to a complete stranger and then the scene just becomes over-dramatic and pretty funny, with poor Alex walking alone when a hobo asks him for some money in which Alex turns around and the hobo remembers who he is and all the other hobos beats Alex up for Alex doing him wrong.

In which, two police officers come to break it up and then it turns out to be, Dim and some nameless other droogie. And then they pick up poor defenseless Alex and beat him up in a remote location and when a dying Alex finds the house where he raped a writer's wife. When knocking on the door looking Clark Kent opens the door and when the writer notices its the boy they used to in the rehabilitation program he helps him out until he realizes its the same boy who raped his wife and it turns him into a monster who wants revenge just because he did wrong to him. In which, later we see Alex eating spaghetti and then the crippled old writer tells Alex about his wife and gives Alex a glass of wine in which Alex is very skeptical of drinking from and then a few people in suits come in and talk to Alex wanting to know about the rehabilitation program and then Alex passes out and they put him in a room with Beethoven's ninth symphony is playing and the expression on the Writer's face when hearing Alex yelling to please stop the music is priceless and scary. Then Alex jumps out of the window and wakes up in the hospital in which his parents come in and he is angry about them coming when they didn't let him live with them and then a man comes in wanting Alex to be quiet and not press charges and Alex agrees and then for a present they sent a stereo set that is playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and this makes Alex in a little fantasy of him raping a woman in the sand and then the movie ends.

I still think of Clockwork Orange as one of the most thought-provoking movies of all time and still stands the test of time. The movie was not available until a year after Kubrick's death and received a ''X'' rating and I can see how this was pretty controversial for the 70s', go see A Clockwork Orange.