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The Ultimate Life
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Anything involving a message inspired by biblical principles gets five stars because Jesus Christ is more than excellent . He is perfect, wonderful, and anyone who finds him is richer than anyone in Hollywood.

Now You See Me
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The trick to watching a film like Now You See Me is not trying to figure out how they do the illusions or focusing on all the CGI used in the film, because of course some of the stunts can't be done without it and it is very clear from the get go that how some of the tricks are done will be revealed. The true genius of the movie is found in the elaborate guessing game of who the true leader of the four horsemen is that Now You See Me take you on. Once you think you have this film figured out another twist or turn makes you realize you are not the " smartest person in the room." Like the movie states at the beginning," are you seeing what is really happening or are you seeing what you choose to see?" The true art of illusion is displayed in the final jaw dropping reveal at the end. None of the actors miss a beat and do very well taking you on a roller coaster ride through illusion and magic in this film that you won't forget for sometime.

Monsters University
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Maybe it was because i saw this movie the same night i saw Despicable Me 2. Maybe it was because I though we waited to long for a sequel to Monsters inc. It was a little of both. Disney just didn't fully deliver on this sequel/prequel. The patience of Disney's fans, that have waited 12 years for a sequel to the very original and lovable Monsters Inc. should have been rewarded with a true sequel and not this. Yes I found parts of the movie funny and yes John Goodman and Billy Crystal still seemed to be plugged into their characters, but most of the people around me after the film was over said the very thing I felt inside. "Where was Boo?' My daughter liked the movie, but still wanted to know ever since she saw the first one what happened when Sully opened the door at the end of Monsters Inc. That is the story i wanted to see as well. Sorry but Disney misses the mark by thinking that a monster's college experience is entertaining. There was also nothing new as far as the Pixar experience goes, Well at least it still made me laugh and they finally got Mike and Sully back on the screen. I still recommend you take your kids to go see it because they will like it, but don't expect the same charm of the original.

Despicable Me 2
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I found myself laughing just as much as i did when I saw the first Despicable Me. The Minions definitely continue their show stealing humor in this film, but i found Gru and the rest of the gang just as charming. Seeing this film on the big drive inn movie screen with my entire family multiplied the fun. don't miss one of the true fun family films of the summer.

White House Down
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

is anybody really surprised that all Tatum is can be found in the previews of this movie. Not even a comedian like Fox can save him.