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Total Recall
Total Recall (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Most people will find themselves comparing this film to the original with Arnold. This remake is superior in every way. Gone is the campy nature of the first film, void of the strange martian creatures that were a distraction from the plot. This film is better in every way. Colin Farrell is superb. Kate Beckinsale is the woman you want to hate but to be very afraid of. The sets are big and the futuristic cities are reminisent of Blade Runner. The action starts almost immediately and never stops until the bad guys are eliminated. Douglas Quaid ends up trusting his heart and figures out what side to be on. Melina played by Jessica Biel is also fantastic in her action scenes especially when paired against Kate Bechinsale. Cat Woman could take lessons from these ladies when it comes to kicking some tail. Enjoy!

Brave (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This highly anticipated movie from Pixar was a slight disappointment. The movie lacked the Pixar magic associated with most of the films they produce. The performance from Kelly McDonald or any other actor is not the problem. The film lacks the ability to touch the heart and soul of the audience. The comedy is just fine, the problem lies in the movies inability to bring reality to the characters. As for entertainment the movie plays out above average, but never able to convince the audience of anything relatable or real. Unfortunately the anticipation is not satisfied by this below par work of Pixar. Hopefully this is not a sign of future films from Pixar.