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Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

Most people will find themselves comparing this film to the original with Arnold. This remake is superior in every way. Gone is the campy nature of the first film, void of the strange martian creatures that were a distraction from the plot. This film is better in every way. Colin Farrell is superb. Kate Beckinsale is the woman you want to hate but to be very afraid of. The sets are big and the futuristic cities are reminisent of Blade Runner. The action starts almost immediately and never stops until the bad guys are eliminated. Douglas Quaid ends up trusting his heart and figures out what side to be on. Melina played by Jessica Biel is also fantastic in her action scenes especially when paired against Kate Bechinsale. Cat Woman could take lessons from these ladies when it comes to kicking some tail. Enjoy!


This highly anticipated movie from Pixar was a slight disappointment. The movie lacked the Pixar magic associated with most of the films they produce. The performance from Kelly McDonald or any other actor is not the problem. The film lacks the ability to touch the heart and soul of the audience. The comedy is just fine, the problem lies in the movies inability to bring reality to the characters. As for entertainment the movie plays out above average, but never able to convince the audience of anything relatable or real. Unfortunately the anticipation is not satisfied by this below par work of Pixar. Hopefully this is not a sign of future films from Pixar.

The Amazing Spider-Man

This reboot actually works to reinvigorate the Spiderman franchise. Very well done and closer the the comic book character Peter Parker and Spiderman, Andrew Garfield does a nice job of portraying Peter Parker as well as the webslinger Spiderman. Missing is Peterâ(TM)s school mate Harry Osborn to support Oscorpâ(TM)s association with future villain âThe Green Goblinâ?, although not necessary for the film to work. References to his parents was a nice touch. The Lizard was a long awaited foe for the wallcrawler to deal with. Using Gwen Stacy as Peter Parkerâ(TM)s love interest was a nice touch that runs consistent with the comic book. Outstanding performance from Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. Not a perfect film but executed well enough to give audiences a better and more real feel of Spiderman than the previous films from Sam Raimi. Mark Webb has a much better handle on bringing the characters to life. Looking forward to the next 2 films.

The Dark Knight Rises

Film was a mess. Seems very contrived and lacked any semblance of the normal Batman magic associated with the previous 2 films by Chris Nolan. The lack of Batman through most of the movie was very irritating. So lacking in any development and relying solely on grand scale destruction to move the film along, it was impossible to care for any loss and only hope that it would just get over with. The entire plot comes across as contrived and brainless. A thrown together mess of characters no one can relate to because of the focus on destruction and mayhem. No chemistry between Batman and Catwoman. Bane a pawn for the actual villain hardly featured in the movie. Chis Nolan's vision of Batman seems an after thought and a rush to get it done and over with. Mr. Nolanâ(TM)s original plan for The Riddler should have made it to film instead of this disastrous outcome. Unfortunately the series ends in failure. This is not the Batman of the previous films. With constant references to previous films and plots, Nolan seems to lack any creative muscle to go forward with the franchise. Thank God Nolan's reign has ended and now the franchise can move forward with someone who cares and can give the Batman franchise what it deserves.