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Dark City
Dark City (1998)
10 days ago via Movies on iPhone

It starts off confusing then followed by terrible editing, but thanks to its originality and atmosphere, "Dark City" can be considered as one of the most unique cinematic experiences of all time. It's a film you haven't seen before.

The Crow
The Crow (1994)
31 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

For today's standards, the film looks outdated, but thanks to its faithful style to the comics, "The Crow" is both a touching tribute to Brandon Lee and to the comic book creator who also suffered the lost of a loved one like the protagonist. It's a gothic, fantasy story about vengeance, but also about redemption. It might be too artsy for some, but for those who enjoy a little art, this film is right for you.

Zombieland (2009)
31 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Relatable and funny like the title, "Zombieland" is another great addition to the zombie genre where it packs a lot of laughs and fun thanks to the performances by the always awkward Jesse Eisenberg and the always tall, lovable goof, Woody Harrelson. Bill Murray's short screen time was definitely the highlight of the film. The Director and the Writers definitely deserve some praise thanks to their brilliantly storytelling and for making the film that much different from the others. A film so quirky and full of surprises that you can't stop yourself from smiling. It's that good.

Logan (2017)
32 days ago via Movies on iPhone

One of the better X-Men movies, almost as good as "Days of Future Past;" "Logan" packs a wallop of emotions thanks to Hugh Jackman's final performance as the Wolverine. Patrick Stewart and newcomer, Dafnee Keen, also delivered fine performances as well, with the latter being more impressive since she's only a kid. Though I wished the villains were more fleshed out and developed, but I believed the filmmakers wanted to focus more on Wolverine's redemption rather than a story about good vs evil, which it's enough justify the negatives. The new atmosphere and colors are a nice welcome to the X-Men universe, which makes the film much more Western than the usual superhero feel. The action scenes were definitely more brutal and impactful than the other installments since all them has something at stakes. The score wasn't memorable, but at least it gives certain scenes some depths. All in all, this is a great finale for the Wolverine character who gone through a lot in his life, but thankfully his life ended on a peaceful note. Thank you, Hugh Jackman, for all that you gave for the character. No one will ever replace you.

Nightcrawler (2014)
38 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A thrilling, wonderfully shot and directed film that can grip you all the way till the very end; "Nightcrawler" is a dark, edgy tale perfectly written and perfectly cast by filmmakers that understand the work of art. Jake Gyllenhaal steals every scene he's in. He acts natural and blends in with his character so well that almost seems scary. He deserves every accolade he gets.