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Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Heartbreaking, soul-crushing, and, worse of all, realistic: "Grace of the Fireflies" is a film that takes us inside the aftermath of war. Just as you thought these two siblings finally found happiness, darkness soon comes into play and take everything from them. It doesn't pull any punches. This film not only shows us the consequences of war, but also convinces us that animation can emotional punches just like its live action counterparts. Never underestimate the power of cartoons.

Green Room
Green Room (2016)
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Apparently some filmmakers believe that violence can sometimes lead to good films, but that's not the case when it comes to the "Green Room." Patrick Stewart might have delivered one of his scariest and most powerful performances in his career, but he's overshadowed by so much blood and limb-torn violence that the only thing that the filmmakers make us care about is our view towards human insanity. I will say this, the movie did thrilled me in certain areas, but, storywise, it could have been better. Again, another movie where the bad guy only talks, no action.

King Kong
King Kong (1933)
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

It doesn't have the emotional stakes that Peter Jackson's King Kong brings to the table, but when it comes to special effects and scary moments, the original, 1933 "King Kong" still shock us even till this day. It's original, it's fun, and... also racist. Seriously, they casted black people to play the dangerous Native Americans people in the movie. I mean, wtf? Nevertheless, it's the film that brought King Kong to the screen and changed the use of special effects forever.

X-Men: Apocalypse
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Full of action, but without the soul: "X-Men: Apocalypse" is a perfect example of a movie replacing quantity over quality. The characters aren't well developed and the story is not as strong as the previous installments. Without any sense of caring for the characters, the only thing we can say about the movie is that it is "okay." Yes, there are few action sequences here and there, but without any stakes involved, why do we care if they look cool or not? The weakest part of the movie is definitely it's villain, Apocalypse. Now this is a bad guy who doesn't do anything throughout the movie. Yes, he might be strong and have unlimited powers, but the only thing he do is walk and talk, that's it. This is just plain lazy and boring. Why should we, the audience, feel threatened by this character? Why the hell does he need these "Four Horsemen" when he has all of their powers combined? A waste of a character and a waste of an opportunity. And don't get me started on the cgi. It's just plain bad...

Sing (2016)
2 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Funny and uplifting at parts, but once the auditions are over, the film drives itself into a very predictable territory. "Sing" is like watching American Idol but with animals as the mason characters. Kids will enjoy the enjoy the message about believing in themselves, but parents will probably feel bored since they saw this tale numerous times when they were a kid.