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Glengarry Glen Ross
7 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A film not only should be studied by screenwriters, but also by actors. "Glengarry Glen Ross" is an entertaining film that delivers powerful performances by its main cast. The energy was there. The emotions were there. You can't help but admire the actors' awesome work. Great, great film.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs (2015)
9 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Like all of Aaron Sorkin's scripts, "Steve Jobs" was written in a style that gives all of its characters some depth into them, which makes their interactions real on the screen. Their motives and goals, though based on real life people, felt like they actually happen behind the scenes of Apple. Michael Fassbender shines in the titular role as well as the rest of the cast who gave A-class performances. Sure all three acts take place in three different conferences, which will probably turn off some people, but when it comes to the acting and the writing, you wouldn't care nonetheless.

The Place Beyond The Pines
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A Great cast and a great atmosphere doesn't always add up to a good film. Again, it all depends on the script and the direction. Yes, "The Place Beyond the Pines" is ambitious thanks to its three stories, but when each story gets worse after the other, then we have a problem. Plus some of the shots made by the camera man appear out of focus and dull. And don't get me started on the third act, which is the most annoying. Seriously, both Ryan Gosling's and Bradley Cooper's kids grew up to be drug addicts? And what are the chances that they will meet up too? The only redeem qualities from this film is the acting and the first act with Ryan Gosling, which is the most interesting story than the others.

Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots (2011)
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Though the plot is as generic as any other kid flick, but thanks to a well rounded cast and humor, "Puss in Boots" prove that our favorite feline can stand on its own without the help of Shrek and his friends. Think of this as family friendly version of the Indiana Jones franchise, but with fantasy characters instead. Cat lovers will adore this film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
19 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Creative, imaginative, and funny; "The Nightmare Before Christmas" delivers enough catchy tunes and effective stop motion effects to both entertain or frighten you. It's an achievement to behold.