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Brenda's Review of The Great Gatsby

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby(2013)

Baz Luhrmann's adaptation contains several hits and misses. The film's cinematography is absolutely gorgeous, conveying the glamour and excess of the 1920s better than any other adaptation of the novel. The movie also contains excellent performances, especially by DiCaprio and Mulligan. I particularly enjoyed how easily DiCaprio could shift so easily and subtly from portraying Gatsby's easy and cool facade, to revealing his inner unhinged anger. However, I had a problem connecting emotionally to the film. I felt that the characters weren't given enough depth for me to care about and sympathize with them, and that Luhrmann did not place enough emphasis on the dangers of living such a glamorous lifestyle. I was also disappointed that the scene with the Owl Eyed Man at Gatsby's funeral was removed. He was the only character, other than Nick, to see past Gatsby's facade and find a real person, and who showed sympathy for Gatsby, as none of his so-called friends came to his funeral, although they attended his parties by the masses. Overall, the film does capture the novel better than earlier attempts, but still falls short in some respects.