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Trees Lounge
Trees Lounge(1996)

good comedy about an alcoholic guy, but I found this a little too egocentric. I didnt appreciate Buscemi's perpetual underlining on himself, especially because he's definitely no hunk boy. The tavern reminded me a little of Boe Syzlak's tavern from "The Simpsons".

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

kinda flat movie about gigolo sex. Sort of original plot, but rly underdeveloped. SOme funny scenes at the beginning, when the two gigolos meet.


good and light stoned german movie. I found the two main characters quite interesting, because they do show a true friendship, even though I'd have deleted some little details about their backgrounds. A film worth watching, though, and I'd like to see more by this director.

The Lucky Ones

light and relevant road comedy movie dealing with the difficulties faced by the Veterans coming home. This topic is never handled in a funny way by the director, but rather with full admiration, so that an happy ending is almost desirable, but the actual ending is kinda poor and it made me knit my brows.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

not such a powerful title, but the thriller deserves respect. Its more a psychological thriller than a horror story. Good actors who would like to catch the viewers' sympathy, but of course the hero here is Peyton Flanders, and the director doesnt do anything to question this.

Futurama: Bender's Game

the funniest among the Futurama movies so far, 90% entertaining.

Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs

maybe the best futurama movie so far. Its apocalyptic and tragic scenario turns out to be something which summons up the universal love for any other living being. Excellent.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

maybe the worst Futurama movie so far, I didnt rly love the beginning of the movie, even tho the film is everything but boring or annoying. A little disappointing maybe, considering the excellent previous series.

A Perfect World

very good cast and excellent director, but I was a little disappointed by the movie. The plot is original, yet this flick lacks of consistence, especially at the end, when I felt that the ending has been already written for the kidnapper. Impressive and surprisingly good performance by the youngest actor in the movie, T.J. Lowther, who seems to suffer the so-called Stockholm disease.

The Ledge
The Ledge(2011)

decent suspense movie but with too many flashbacks, the viewers can be baffled since the very beginning of the flick. Original plot, but not such a good acting, especially by a disappointing, stereotypical Terrence Howard.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

very good sci-fi mystery movie which embodies the classical features of the mystery genre with a little taste of fantasy. The best actors in this was perhaps Vera Farmiga, tho, she has surprised me and caught my interest. This movie is catchy and it is long enough, it doesnt bore the viewers.


scary cannibal horror movie, a very good but weird performance by Guy Pearce, who can rly scare the viewers. I remember the horrific soup dinner scenes. Enjoy the movie, but remember to watch it only if you dont feel easily queasy!

A Little Comfort (Juste un peu de réconfort...)

nice drama movie which deals with a difficult topic as homosexuality.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

one of the few but one of the best romantic comedies I've ever seen. Very good cast, with the surprise Rhys Ifans, who rly played some good jokes. Predictable and mawkish ending, tho. I thought this could have been done better, considering the whole plot.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

nice, light and classical british comedy starring Hugh Grant. Maybe Andie MacDowell wasnt in the right place, tho, and her perfomance didnt fully convince me. The whole cast, besides her, is good enough to drive the movie to the end keeping the attention high.


very good british love drama, with twisting plot and ending and a five-stars cast. The truth is, apart from the four protagonists there is nobody else in the film, and this is bad. Something worth watching, tho.


one of the worst, mawkinsh and useless performances by Johnny Depp. He's the worst actor in this movie, which before his arrival in the village is something enjoyable, even tho nothing perfect. This movie is there to remember us, that with a good cast you dont always make a good movie.

The Last Supper

good comedy-drama movie with a very original plot and an enjoyable cast. Still, I didnt really like the ending, because it seems to come after another movie. There aren't brilliant details anymore, and everything is darker and more like a Thriller movie. Anyway, the very last moments of the movie are sneering, risible and unpredictable, and that is good enough to forget the rest.

Children of the Corn

another scary and frightening horror-splatter movie from a novel by S.King. Interesting 1970s countryside set, with horrible and appalling kids coming outta a vicious corn.

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

this vampire movie is better than any other vampire crap movies I've heard of recently. Epic soundtrack, epic actors.

The Grudge
The Grudge(2004)

silly american remake of a silly japanese movie. Not really worth watching, but definitely a must-see for the horror fanatics. Nothing special, just some fragments could be remembered, i.e. the cat which the boy helds in the darkness, stuff like that.

The Rules of Attraction

Still, another movie dealing with the wrong, pretentious lives of teenagers. These are just movie teenagers, they DO NOT EXIST, I'm sorry Mr. Avary. You can say what you want, but James Van Der Beek is one of the most overestimated, overrated actors in history, even when he looks older. Nice soundtrack.


horrible creatures in this frightening horror movie, and the poor special effects made them even more appalling. But this movie didnt convince me, I found it not that catchy, even though the plot was very original at the time. Have we experienced an Aliens overdose?


the rape perpetrated by the US soldiers is something tough and appalling. Brian De Palma chooses a good filming to document the events, choosing some unknown actors, but delivering half the message he has in mind. I wondered at the end of the movie: "Brian De Palma wants the soldiers to come back, doesnt he? So why doesnt he say that? Why doesnt he show what these guys are experiencing down there?" I rly didnt understand his point of view about the whole war stuff.

The Second Civil War

a title maybe a little too pompous for a comedy that doesnt make you laugh. Too much a television movie than anything else, it has an original plot but the viewers cannot really follow the events, because it is boring and sometimes it doesnt either add up.

Murder by Death

can you laugh during a thriller? well, sometimes, but just if the thriller aint worth watching. Well this movie got everything you may demand: action, mystery, violence, blood, noir, funny scenes...And one of the most incredible endings ever! I really suggest to watch it!

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

another disappointing Hitchcock movie to me. You cannot give a rotten rate to this, tho, because there's action in it. Lisa breaking in the neighbor's apartment is really thrilling, but the plot is already written, and the happy ending which closes the movie is a little too predictable. excellent actors and director, tho, who play a great role in my review.

Dial M for Murder

I think sometimes Hitchcock was a little bit overestimated. Here's the case. I found this movie a little too slow, considering the plot. Yet, it must be remarked that this movie is actually set in a closed room, as the rear window. But here the camera moves sometimes outside the room: in the hallway, the stairs, on the street outside. The film was disappointing to me, but maybe it was my fault. It was the only Hitchcock movie I've seen that I didn't fully appreciate. My bad, Mr. Hitchcock.


one of the best children movie, but with a little bit of contemporary consideration, right after the First Gulf War. Think about it.

The Jungle Book

one of the best children movies, thats all.

Mum & Dad
Mum & Dad(2008)

crazy, weird, bloody british horror with a little bit of splatter around the way. Blood though is not spread casually here. This british couple rly scared me, and I think the reassuring but suspicious title plays a good role in scarying the viewers.

The Double
The Double(2011)

I have to agree with what I read somewhere else: unveiling Clooney's real role after just 30 minutes is a little bad for the viewers, but this movie has some other surprises to show. The ending is really unpredictable and worth remembering, even though it's one of the so-called happy endings. Despite this, everything is under discussion, and the viewers cannot predict what will happen.

MR 73
MR 73(2008)

I read this was the ideal sequel of 36 quai des orfevres. Well, watching the movie with this statement in mind made the whole plot and the protagonist even more desperate, darker and gloomier. Very dark thriller which swirls around this sad and poor man, who has nothing to do with the societal context he's forced to be in. Exquisite Daniel Auteuil, he's able to keep the viewers' eyes on him and to follow the story throughout the whole 123 minutes.


a small thriller with a great cast, but too much focused on the protagonist's liaisons, who forgets she's a cop sometimes, or maybe the director has just this aim, and nothing else. anyway, this is not a crap movie as the critics said, because there's a little action and interest - besides titties and sexual intercourse, I mean.


very thrilling movie with the most claustrophobic scenario ever! Great Ryan Reynolds who can stand 94 minutes inside a coffin, that is not easy for any actor, I suppose. The movie doesnt blast anyway, but it's a really nice shot.

Trading Places

I cannot believe this movie was made in 1983!!! One of the xmas classics in my country. Unforgettable light comedy, with a good casting and a better director. It's amazing to think how well things were in Wall Street 1983, but these old careless billionaires who bet on the two protagonists later just created this whole economic crisis, bringing home a huge amount of cash! Well done assholes!

The Nutty Professor

Fat Eddie Murphy is one of the best special effects I've ever seen on a movie. Nice and light comedy, enjoyable by both kids and adults.

Dr. Dolittle
Dr. Dolittle(1998)

light comedy about a man who hears and talks to animals. It is original and all, but I think this should be watched by children only.


quite a good comedy, but these two actors cannot real merge together. They look a little too unbelievable to me for working together. They are good actors, as long as they work separately.

Righteous Kill

De Niro and Pacino, what a couple! I had a little too many expectations about it, though, and I was a little disappointed. 50 Cent is a good actor, somewhere else. Here he just interferes with the two great actors, and he has an overrated role considering his stereotypical gangsta acting. Twisting, original and interesting plot

Any Given Sunday

not such a great movie, sure it was a little overestimated and overrated. Apart from the remarkable locker room speech, everything is a little ingenuous and common. Very famous actors cant make it all, in fact I only remember Jamie Foxx vomiting, Cameron Diaz bitching and Al Pacino trying to make his best as a coach. Nothing real special, keep you expectations low.

The Devil's Advocate

WHAT A MOVIE! Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, young vs old once again, and power, money and slyness all around. Dark drama concerning the devil too, which isn't just part of the title...Excellent flick!

88 Minutes
88 Minutes(2008)

The Tick-Tock-Doc chorus was a little annoying after a while, but this action movie wasnt so remarkable but this detail. Nice impersonation by Pacino, but where are all the other actors at??? Predictable and disappointing ending.


good 1990s thrilling and action movie, with another excellent clasutrophobic set. The viewers feel sympatehtic for their heroes, even tho SandrA Bullock acted better somewhere else. Keanu Reeves got the most of the positive reviews about the movie.

Thelma & Louise

the story of these two women is sad and compassionate. I really liked how the two main actresses performed and delivered a sense of desperation, especially at the end. They had no choice, they know it and they know that they shouldnt look back at their past, even tho they do. Ridley Scott just made a very good movie, thats it.


not just an epic action and adventure movie, but I liked how the Troy scenario was re-built. The viewers already knew what was going to happen ,but Petersen managed to make somethin good out of the well known Iliad. Brad Pitt wasnt the best actor in this, Orlando Bloom definitely gained much more attention.

Blood Diamond

powerful, tough and brave movie about an horrible but contemporary war. Very impressing DiCaprio, in one of his best intepretations. He's definitely becoming a serious guy!

Full Metal Jacket

exquisite and excellent movie by S.Kubrick, so powerful sometimes it is too hard to watch it and fully understand it. Not because it aint plain, but just becase ppl are getting more and more used to crap movies. This movie should be played every time someone has the idea of joining the army. The training these soldiers got in the movie is something harder than 90% of the murders depicted in the recent Hollywood movies. It has everything, from entertainment to action: If you want violence, you'll get it. If you want a deep reflection, you'll get it. Just outstanding.

Apocalypse Now

excellent movie with an excellent casting performing in one of the most famous chasing ever! I should watch this move again and again, in order to fully get it, but I'm sure this is NOT just a simple war movie. Excellent!

Babe: Pig in the City

I'll always remembered I tried to understand which city this movie was set in, when I was a kid. Weird and a little creepy and dark city set, with several commonplaces from all over the world, and that is rgood enough. Babe goes to town but there he just cant make it. He'd better stay in his farm, where it all began. Funny children movie anyway.


one of my fav movies when I was a kid. This little pig got all my sympathy, and even the human actors were great, especially James Cromwell, whom I later appreciated and admired even for other roles. One of the greatest animation movies, it is definitely better than the 90% of the contemporary Pixar and Disney movies.

Così è la vita, (That's Life)

good and funny movie with some scary moments, especially in the funeral home.

Tre uomini e una gamba, (Three Men and a Leg)

nice comedy which depicts the contemporary differences between north and south Italy. Very funny trio, their best movie imho.

Tu la conosci Claudia?

quite good contemporary Italian comedy movie, it has definitely nothing to do with Mystery & Suspene, even tho there is a little mystery throughout the movie.

Bruce Almighty

one of the funniest comedies I've ever seen. Very good performance by Carrey, starring in an original plot with a little disappoiting ending. Unremarkable sequel it had!


I think this was a nice remake, with a good casting and a claustrophobic set. It didnt gain so much success maybe because it lacked stories - as in Titanic. The protagonists are doomed to live, but there are surprises throughout the movie. Nice thing this was an original plot, the Poseidon ship never existed, and that should be kept in mind comparing this movie to Titanic.

Home of the Brave

good contemporary war movie which deals with the hard recovery of the soldiers, once they came back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The actors are good and plain, but nothing remarkable, as this whole movie, which I'd consider as "normal" movie.


crazy, weird and catchy horror starring a remarkable John Cusack. I read the novel by S.King tho, and I found it way better than the movie, alas!

Snakes on a Plane

I would suggest this movie to anyone who hasnt seen it. Its not just a stupid suspense action movie, it delivers a thrilling sense, and the plane is one of the best, but yet underestimated horror sets ever!

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

very good horror movie, even tho I was a little skeptic at the beginning, considering it would have been a splatter movie. In spite of my poor expectations, this movie didnt show off blood everywhere, and gave me a feeling of despair for the survivors, who were caught between the army and the zombies. Excellent ending!

Dawn of the Dead

very good remake! I rly liked the claustrophobic set of the mall, plus the actors deliver thrills and a good sense of rivalry between the survivors. The zombies outside are laughed at but they're an upsetting, eerie presence which the survivors cant escape from.

101 Dalmatians

one of my fav movies when I was a kid, released during an era where the animation movies were extremely good, imho, even tho without all this computer animation and special effects they use nowadays.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

good thriller movie, rather than a horror one. Once you think it's over, there's another twist. Nice plot and good intepretation by Sean Bean, one of the most evil characters he has ever played. The ending is neither predictable nor surprising, but it's quite thrilling. I appreciated the movie wasnt too long, it'd have been rated lower.


very good history movie, but with something too much of an hyperreal cartoon movie. This looked a lot like Sin City, anyway. Gerard Butler intepretation is epic, but the supporting actors arent remembered after the movie. Great battle scenes with great colors and good special effects. The viewers feel extremely sympathetic to the 300 Greek heroes.


very good movie - until the first 120 minutes - insipired on a real, unsolved murder spree. Than it becomes too long and too boring, even tho the viewers dont lose their attention, because the director wants to deliver a point of view of his about the Zodiac killer. Very good acting by Gyllenhaal.


very low movie where the suspension of disbelief is almost impossible. Definitely boring, the twists are ruined by the overwhelming special effects. Predictable ending.


another comedy movie meant to be funny but which turns out to be almost annoying. I think somehow this looked like an animation movie rather than a comedy movie.


nice action movie about smuggling. I found the protagonist's brother-in-law a little too ingenuous, he acted more like a weenie whiney kid. The plot wasn't too original, but the ending was a little disappoiting: the unnoticed painting detail is too unbelievable to be true.

Cemento armato (Concrete Romance)

nice and twisting plot, but horrible acting. I'd rather have watched this movie in English, maybe the voice actors would have made something better out of it. Nice debut movie by Martani.

Battle: Los Angeles

kinda nice apocalypse movie, I dunno why I can remember the water murder scene very well! I loved the sacrifice of civilians too, and the shuttered, apocalyptic LA set.

Gone Baby Gone

very powerful and interesting movie, reminded me a little The Departed. The cops arent that crooked, tho, but the Boston pictured here is rotten and desperate, and the drug addict mother can act as she's a true Bostonian. I didn't fully understand the pedophile killing scenes, concerning the whole story. This was the first movie by B.Affleck as director I've ever seen, and it rly surprised me.


one of my fav movies starring Tom Cruise. Very interesting and twisting plot, nice surprise by Michael Mann and Beattie. Excellent ending.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

quite disappointing movie, I didnt understand anything at the beginning, and it is not worth waiting for the explanations. Kinda pale performance by Will Smith, who riddiculously has a sexual intercourse with Rosario Dawson's sick character.


good animation movie, nothing special tho. I appreciated some funny moments like the obese falling down the ship, but this is neatly a kid movie. I was a little disappointed by the several stereotypes exploited here. Very impressive special effects

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

WHAT AN EPIC HORROR! damn the creatures are one of the meanest, creepiest things I've ever seen! The mist is such a great horror that it should be watched even ten times. Forget every other horror, THIS is a scary flick. The noises made when the creatures eat the humans is more frightening than any other horror moment EVER! and, coming back to the movie plot, the ENDING is simply wonderful, one of the most epic endings ever! This is in my Top 10 Favourite Movies.


wow what a movie! One of the weirdest movies ever, a catchy gangsta story set in a theater stage, definitely not easy to watch, but damn this is more than just a thriller movie. Very interesting plot, exquisite script and fine twists throughout the movie, with an excellent ending. Superb performance by Kidman and Bettany.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

very good, weird movie with an epic Bruce Willis and a worth remembering supporting cast, from Jessica ALba to Mickey Rourke. The three chapters are bond altogether with a mind-twisting order, and the fantasy set delivers an excellent suspension of disbelief, because it can be any, real sin City, from NYC to LA or other megalopolis. This black and white is something terrific, and Robert Rodriguez was outstanding in preserving the graphic novel style

The Happening

quite good cast and plot, but the title is totally banal and delivers a sense of casualty which some viewers may not like. The science fiction genre requires too much suspension of disbelief, while this movie is a little too riddiculous sometimes. Is this an apologetical movie for the deforestation companies?

Lakeview Terrace

good, thrilling movie with an awfully evil officer. I liked the mixed couple middle-class setting, and the wildfires have a powerful impact on the whole movie, getting closer and closer to the houses as the officer becomes more and more evil and crazy. One of the most terrible neighbours of all time!


a mishmash of action movies stereotypes with a lot of ingenuous special effetcs, unbelievable by a sharp-eyed audience. The happy ending is already written since the beginning of the movie, which gives voice to all the speculations about December 21st, 2012. I shouldn't say this was a waste of film, but something only worth 1 star.

Kill List
Kill List(2012)

Nothing special, I've lost my attention throughout the flick though, so it could have been even better. I rly cant say whether this is a horror or a psychological thriller.

Albino Alligator

claustrophobic set but with something too much static. Kevin Spacey could have done something better, but this was his first director movie. Viggo Mortensen and Matt Dillon take the whole rating

Animal Factory

Life in prison is something better than violence, drugs, more violence, rape, more rape, fight, more fight, abuse, bribing, more drugs, more abuse, more bribing, escaping. I think the only working actor here is Furlong, whose young character is just thrown into the cell. Willem Dafoe bold and inmate didnt convince me, he's too far away from American Psycho. Predictable and flat ending.

Living & Dying

the restaurant set wants to be claustrophobic, but it turns to be a little annoying to the audience. What is good is, the viewer cannot understand who are the real bad guys, BEcause when they're introduced the three crooks, two more worse crooks enter on scene, and they are the real tough guys. Good cast, even tho they just act as if they know this movie would have been rated rotten.

City Hall
City Hall(1996)

quite good movie, because Al PAcino and Cusack rly work together, but some other characters were just too ingenuous. Mayor Pacino should be a future lead for the NYC politics, but of course he has to act better than Pappas! I didnt fully understand the ending of the movie, but I guess Calhoun had his little revenge.


nice cop movie, with a good Detroit set, delivering its poverty and its crooked police dept environment. Ray Liotta is the perfect bad cop, anyway.

The Dark Knight

I liked it in particular for its special effects and the cast. Heath Ledger was great in it, nothing to add about him. Christian Bale was one of the most exquisite actors in the movies, he really fits the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Good performance by the other, supporting actors, even tho this movie will be remembered as Heath Ledger's ascent to superstardom

The Kids Are All Right

Annette Bening and Julianne Moore really seemed a lesbian couple! They're very good actress, and I appreciated their perfomances in this difficult movie. Mark Ruffalo plays an important role with no merits, the macho guy here seduces a lesbian just with his look - and he doesnt even arouse her daughter! Josh Hutcherson looks like a little rascal here, he should do something more to improve his acting and to become more adult. You're 20, boy!


This overrated and overestimated movie disappointed me a little: too many sex scenes, too little of turkish culture, but the annoying choir in the movie, flagging a change in time and space. I though Sibel was at first a sort of lunatic, but at the end she makes the right choices, and my sympathy went to her. I found Cahit a little too influenced by Mickey Rourke life, something the director maybe didnt even think about.


very poor movie, the only remarkable role is Whitaker's one, and he's one of the actors I like less. Dakota Fanning is almost exploited here, her character is in some kind of mystic ecstasy, but I think this is mocking God, instead of praising him. Josh Hutcherson plays one of the most disappointing roles to me, and I think he's a good actor, but everything is wrong here.

Harry Brown
Harry Brown(2010)

nothing rly special, apart from the gloomy highrise in which Harry lives. The poor Caine is far away from his personal best, and his moves are almost funny. Apart from Emily MOrtimer, the other actors play just minor roles, and I think this is a big mistake, because the movie cannot just turn around the poor Caine interpretation. This is something similar to RED, even tho focused on a single character, but this one doesnt even work half of RED.

London Boulevard

I didnt know Monahan was The Departed's screenwriter. This movie had something to do with the typical american gangsta movies, even tho the London set has something exquisite in it. The plot wasnt too clear to me anyway, and the avg viewer should follow the events very carefully. My advice here is never pause the movie for a long time, just watch it in its entirety.

Flashbacks of a Fool

I was a little skeptic at the beginning, but at the end I found the movie quite interesting and worth watching it, just once, tho. Daniel Craig looks fitted enough in his washed-up actor role, but the most impressing performance to me was Eden's young Joe, who was able to keep the plot swirling around him. Not such an excellent work of art, even though the ending can be a little masterpiece.

The Raven
The Raven(2012)

very good, dark and gloomy movie, with an egregious John Cusack, who in 2012 had disappointed me a lot. The brutal murders are maybe a little too far away from the reality, but something in the movie is actually true, although I found myself absorbed enough inside the movie. Very poor supporting actors and characters, the whole movie swirls around Cusack's sick Poe.


Very good, light movie with a little too numbers in it. I loved the black humor vein inside, with the evil guy living side by side with an ordinary, young couple. Too many maths inside, I got lost in the adding and subtracting money game! Just a good flick if you dont have any high craving

The Cabin in the Woods

Pathetic, grotty movies with too much unnecessary blood in it. The stereoytped characters have a reason to fit in the movie, but its almost idiotic to find out such a riddiculous solution to such a poor acting and cast. Predictable ending, softened by the marijuana smoke, which is in total contrast with the monsters emerging from hell, or from whatsoever it is.

Everybody's Fine

I thought De Niro character was meant to die at the end, but the director longed for another happy ending. A light family comedy, with an annoying Drew Barrymore, who looks anybody but Frank's poor daughter. The movie poster has an appalling spoiler in it! Just a sunday-afternoon movie, anyway, you'd better keep an alternative movie just in case.

Six Degrees of Separation

Can please somebody explain to me this movie? It is boring and its twisting flashback caused me an headache! Will Smith acts as in the Fresh Prince, but he's not as funny as in the TV show. I liked the NYC aristocracy depicted in the movie, but the F words abuse and the repeated sentences through the movie made the whole aristocratic set a clichè without any hope. This movie neither captured me nor convinced me.

Requiem for a Dream

a masterpiece about drug abuse, from the young generations to the old ones. Perfect cast, excellent Ellen Burstyn in the role of a fading mother. Some scenes were more powerful to me than Trainspotting, and the soundtrack is EPIC!!! Excellent subdivision in 3 seasons, conveying the rise and the downfall of these poor group of humans. Perfectly unnatural NYC set. Very strong movie, not suitable for the avg viewer.


very twisting thriller movie by Nolan. This reminded me a little of the twisting movies by David Lynch. Great acting by Guy Pearce, who rly looks like a man whose memory is puzzled. You really got to keep your attention high in order to fully understand the events in the movies.

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

I do remember the epic ending, and from this movie one I started to know and appreciate Will Smith as a movie actor. This future in the movie could depict our real lives in some yrs, and that is what is more frightful about the movie.


quite stereotypical flick about teenage pros and cons. Not very much to say, but a little anger with the girls' parents, especially Tracy's. I'd like to state that just a few teenagers live such lives, and this movie was obviously misleading in showing their experiences as a status quo.

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

Not another Jigsaw comeback! He was pronounced dead, he was there with a saw in his skull, and then, he has a tape in his stomach. Well, the suspension of disbelief fades away. The viewer is a little bored. The traps are still great, and thats one of the best inventions of the saga.

Saw III(2006)

another Saw sequel, a little more exciting than the second, but you cannot introduce action only by showing on cinema a brain-surgery intervention. The traps are great, anyway, I still wonder how dreadful the authors must be just to invent such traps. Amanda plays one of the most evil characters in the saga.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Quite interesting, creepy sequel, but it's sad to know that these characters in the house, their sufferings and their punishments and killings are in fact useless, considering the whole Saw saga. They appear rarely in the next episodes, the only new important characters are Jigsaw's pupils, nobody else matters, in fact they are killed. Nice, puzzling and thrilling ending.


very good, claustrophobic, mysterious, creepy movie. The viewer is deceived by the chain of the events, and the last, final surprise is shocking. What amazed me a little, is that the city in which the movie is set is concealed behind the Serial Killer murders, his tortures, his misleadings. Perhaps this is something unwilling, but I dont think so. What this movie lacks, is a little bit of motivation: why did the serial killer committ his crime? It was just pleasure? Why would someone help him? This movie cannot be anything else but the beginning of a saga.

Layer Cake
Layer Cake(2005)

A little too british, maybe, but always with an Eastern mafia interference, that is becoming a little annoying in the recent years cinema. A very good Daniel Craig, who couldnt have played any role - but the protagonist. The supporting actors dont act that good, but the film is ok and the ending is leveled. Nothing so special, but a good movie for a boring day.


very good thriller, as long as the action is not unveiled and the characters remain seated, but Jodie Foster. Then, everything becomes a little ordinary, delivering a obvious ending, where everything is alright. Why did the terrorists pick up Kyle and her family? That is an unsolved mystery. Perhaps Schwentke hasn't to be blamed. He does his best, keeping the attention high. But the script should have been revwritten to avoid such a banal, unworthy end.

Million Dollar Baby

very poweful movie about boxe, but who immediately delivers the portrait of a strong girl, with stamina and charismatic, and with an unpredictable, unexpected ending. Clint Eastwood in one of his best movies of the 2000s, Hilary Swank performs a little too tough in this one, but that's fair, as long as she can keep her hair long.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

One of the hardest movies by Eastwood, very difficult to accept and to deal with. Very powerful movie, where the victims sufferings are depicted to the viewers, who cannot do anything but support the poor guys and men.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Great movie, I really wanted to see Clint performing again. I was a little disappointed, because his character is doomed to die at the end, and his behavior changes too much during the movie. Clint can make a movie with unknown Asian actors, and make the viewer love them, as a white, old, American, patriotic retiree can. One thing I like about Clint is, he's Republican but he has a great sensitivity for tolerance in this movies, from Mystic River to Gran Torino. How can he do that?


a very powerful movie, by a extraordinary director and with a great cast. Angelina Jolie isnt one of my fav actresses, but she really delivers a suffering feeling in this movie. Her character is perfect to her acting, Clint Eastwood had a difficult role to give, and Jolie responded perfectly. Sad to know it was based on a true story

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

very good movie, sadly a true story. Surprising good performance by Timberlake, who I didnt think he'd have convinced me. Bruce Willis character ends up being a great bastard on this movie, even tho his wigs are more and more terrible! Nice partnership between Emile Hirsh and Timberlake, they should play another movie together. Great, unexpected ending, with the only hope that justice will prevail.


this depicts what Bruce Willis has become now. He's almost retired, even though he has loved his job, and he can come back to it without any regret, or any exitation. Mary-Louise Parker is quite suprising in this movie, more surprising to me than the three Bruce Willis teammates. Helen Mirren shouldnt play a CIA former agent, she's inevitably bound to be remembered as the Queen. Another good movie by Schwentke, who has the ability to summon up great actors on his movies.


Nice action movie, with a great cast. Ryan Philippe vs 50 Cent is a little too much of a white vs black fight, but the movie is quite exciting and interesting. Bruce Willis plays in another independet movie, right after Catch .44, but he's better on this one. ANother director worth following.

Catch .44
Catch .44(2011)

The killing scene at the bar are the most exciting moment in the movies. The characters talk too much, and Bruce Willis didnt convince me at all. Yes, he's great and yes, he plays another bad guy, but he wasnt motivated at all, acting in this independent movie. Aaron Harvey has the ability to do something better in the future, though. Forest Whitaker acts always at the same way, he's not interesting anymore.

Live Free or Die Hard

John McClane is back ladies and gentlemen! I thought it would have been risky to place him in the cyber-terrorists world, but the kidnapping of his daughter is something who can touch him even more than computer problems. I wasnt totally convinced by Justin Long character, he cannot rly support a great actor as Bruce Willis, but Timothy Oyphant, although he's another very young actor, is quite a terrific enemy, and causes a lot of stress to the "old" McClane. Hope to see another Die Hard movie soon.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

one of my fav action movies, even tho the ending is a little slow and disappointing. a NYC scenario which forsees the terrorist attacks of 9/11, but which is set after the unforgettable 1993 bombs. Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis are one of the most wonderful movie duo I've ever seen. Jeremy Irons plays a good role in the movie, and he fits it very good. You rly want to punch him in the face if you just see it in front of you!!!

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

black humor, grim terrorists, blood, violence...everything, and especially John McClane's grin again. The airport set must mean something after 9/11, but Bruce Willis would protect our lives if he was a cop.

The Last Boy Scout

As a former boy scout, I swear this movie is everything but about boy scouts :D apart from this, Bruce Willis interpretation looks a little too much like John McClane, but this is great, too. I loved how he kills ppl just with his bare hands. Nice action movie with a nice cast, even though Willis and Wayans are the only memorable characters.

Perfect Stranger

Bruce Willis made the whole rating. He can play whoever he wants, with his humorous look and his sardonic grin. Halle Berry wants to look like a femme fatale, even tho she is a supporting character, considering Willis' intepretation.


Amazingly hard movie, about drugs and dopes, who made out some hero characters among young ppl, but who were probably meant to be hated. Drugs should be hated, instead of people. It destroys every hope these boys and girls show to bear. In the mad world they live, nothing is real, but hyperreal. This movie is a consideration about drugs. It shouldnt be approached as if this is a comedy, because it has a little humor in it, but is no way just BLACK humor.

28 Weeks Later...

London is under siege, and the survivors are crazier than ever. There is no real hope for a reconstruction, even tho the movie winks at it at the beginning. The virus comes back, and it can affect everybody, without any remark for the survivors' hopes. Great ending, in another isolated place, and with the hope everything will be alright. But the virus has already started to spread in Europe...We hope to see the sequel of this movie, but I dont wanna see it 28 years later!!!

28 Days Later

great movie, I cannot believe it was shot 10 yrs ago! time runs out fast...anyway, the beginning is rly awesome, the deserted London is depicted as if it had been created in a nightmare, and the zombies arent stereotypical at all. The confused and baffled military (or just its remnants) cant do anything to quarantine the virus. One of the best, gloomiest and dimmest soundtracks ever!

The Devil Wears Prada

easy and light comedy about one of the most influential women on this planet, even tho she's hidden behind this fantasy name. Wonderful performance by Meryl Streep, who perfectly fits her character, while Anne Hathaway is a little too ingenuous in her whiney character, especially at the beginning. Predictable and a little boring ending, Stanley Tucci is a too much stereotypical on this one, and even Adrian Grenier role isn't notable at all.

L.A. Confidential

I read the book and I saw the movie, and both were excellent work of arts. Glad Curtis Hanson made a movie out of the book by Ellroy. Great cast in the great 1950s LA, twist plot which keeps the viewer focusing on the initial massacre, even though the perpetrators are not easily identifiable. This is one of the best movie about a police dept. ever.

Margin Call
Margin Call(2011)

Nice movie, but you gotta have a master degree on Economics in order to fully understand it. I don't have it, so I think I didnt get the whole point. The financial crisis set is anyway efficiently portraited, and that was enough for me to appreciate the movie.

The Usual Suspects

this is a good mystery movie, even though a little bit overestimated. I dont think this was a masterpiece, and even the last riddle can be easily understood watching the movie. Anyway, I was a little disappointed by the whole cast, apart from Kevin Spacey, who is often remembered at the first place, once you read the movie title. The ending catches the audience unprepared, and the cop ideas become the viewer's ideas.The best movie by Bryan Singer, imho.

Gosford Park
Gosford Park(2001)

I dont think this is just a wonderful 1930s-era set thriller, but it represents a strong satire movie directed towards the old aristocracy, which is now absorbed into the upper-class society. This is even more than a thriller, because there is no real violence, and every character could be the murderer, and that is what Altman focuses on the most. The actors were unknown to me at the time I watched it, but Clive Owen, who has a minor role in this movie.

Short Cuts
Short Cuts(1993)

I still remember some of the characters in this movie, that means it reached its aim. I remember the long opening sequence of the helicopters spouting some poison over LA, and I wonder now: "Who were the insects which it was scattered for?" a lot of different stories, all bound together though. My fav characters were Lily Tomlin's and Tom Waits's, and they had my sympathy throughout the movie, even tho what they (unwillingly) did was a cause of pain for somebody else...Wonderful Jack Lemon, an actor I really loved. One of the saddest characters is Lois, who makes ends meet as a phone-sex operator, while she breastfeeds her kids. This is Short Cuts, a work of art by the unforgivable genius Robert Altman.


I didnt know this movie had won so many oscars, and I was curious about it. Well, this movie fulfilled all my expectations, it reminded me a little bit of Short Cuts. Very good cast with some memorable scenes: Matt Dillon is such a bastard cop in this, and you must remember the beating of Rodney King, which nonetheless took place in LA. Gotta watch it, this is a very impressive movie.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

great action movie, another bad cop vs good cop, but this time the ending is everything but predictable, maybe it is what Alonzo deserved, or maybe not...The audience has the power to decide this. Very good role for Hawke, who fits it adequately enough, even tho sometimes he's too innocent in front of Alonzo's behaviour. Wonderful hip-hop soundtrack which contributes to the growth of the movie and it fits perfectly to the LA scenario.

Hollywood Homicide

good action movie with a very funny role for Ford, even too funny. He fits both the real estate agent and the cop roles in this movie. The yoga teacher job fits perfectly to Hartnett, too. Glad to see Dr Dree in the supporting cast.

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

typical action movie with a medicore Harrison Ford interpretation. Nothing special, too many stereotypes, from the good hero to whom our support must go, to the initially bad cop who wants to do his job, but later is persuaded by the fugitive and collaborates with him.

No Country for Old Men

This movie is much better than Burn After Reading,directed by the same directors but totally different from this one. One of the best endings ever. You lose the main character at about half of the movie, which is illogicaly GREAT! The former antagonist becomes the real protagonist, and you feel a bitter sympathy for him at the end. Nothing here is predictable, everything is twisting and has a mystery taste in it.

Burn After Reading

The Coen Brothers here fail a little bit in their attempt to build a good black comedy. Brad Pitt is not at his best, and the best actor in here is Malkovich, no doubt about it. The FBI agent got all my support, and the bad Chad character didnt get my sympathy at all. By the way, Brad Pitt's homosexual character is everything but well-done.

Three Kings
Three Kings(1999)

another great but underestimated movie starring Clooney. A typical sunday movie, but with a good taste in it. The ultimate treasure hunt, in an usual setting, as is Iraq in 1991. Ice Cube probably is a better rapper than actor, but he is one of the several rappers who tried to join another field of application. Maybe the Iraqis here are a little too stereotypical, but you gotta remember it is a 1999 movie


This movie aint too bad, but sometimes it is too slow and gives a little boredom to the audience. The wood set is not so common, but the actors can fit it. The problem here is, you cannot make a history, drama movie without even knowing the history behind it. Too many inaccuracies and mistakes, considering the real events on which the movie is based. Too much bielorussian in it: Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber had to learn it, but what is the point of speaking english with a russian accent?

Johnny Stecchino (Johnny Toothpick)

Another good Benigni comedy, even tho the problem here is the Mafia. The dread mobster is portraited as if he can be mocked or even funny sometimes, but he's in fact killed by another Mafia, rival clan. This movie was shot in the most horrible yrs of the Mafia massacres in Italy in the whole 1900s, so maybe this should be less light-hearted, because Mafia was (and still is) omnipresent in Italy, and nobody can even laugh at it. Benigni gives a try, although I think that something is missing here.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)

Rly nice and weird comedy, but something is missing from this movie, in my point of view. Benigni acts like he knows he's gonna win an Oscar. The german extermination camp is too light-hearted, in my opinion. You should ask someone who rly experienced this kind of tortures, where the Germans aint no funny, supporting characters. Happy but bitter ending, with the tank coming to catch the little kid. I think that peace cannot stay on board of a war tool.

The Monster
The Monster(1996)

One of the funniest Benigni movies. The 1990s Italian set is amazing, and it is shamelessly shown to the audience. A light movie to understand, even a foreign audience can get the point of the movie, which is not just a comedy stuff, but something much more artistic.


Sometimes RT should listen to audience reviews, rather than ONLY to critics'. Very good movie on a difficult topic, such as gambling. Gambling IS a problem, but here it is shown a little light-hearted, especially at the beginning. But if you watch the movie carefully, you cannot miss its real meaning. GAmbling is bad, it kills you, it makes you betray even your mentors and friends. You can climb to the top, but you will fall sooner or later. The cast is very good, even tho the real protagonists are only Spacey and Sturgess, the other actors act as they know they are only supporting ones, and they want the audience to acknowledge that.

Shutter Island

Great movie with a twist ending, one of the best psychological thrillers ever, rather than an Action movie! Scorsese comes back in a great way, even tho I fear DiCaprio is becoming a fetish actor of his, but as long as he acts in such a good way, it isn't detrimental.

Lucky Number Slevin

I just cannot understand how the critics may have rated this movie "rotten". Shame on you, this one is a magnificent flick! Great cast, nobody is at the wrong place in here. Maybe not such a powerful soundtrack.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

one of my favourite movies. Nothing more to add to such a great plot, director, cast, script, editing, sountrack. This movie is quite long, but it is never boring, and I wish it ran 3-4 hrs! great Scorsese, one of his best movies, great DiCaprio and great Wahlberg, the young actors whose rivalry in the movie made me wonder if they are friends in their private lives. Great Nicholson, another bad character magnificently performed. Twist, unpredictable and great ending which leaves you sad it ended.

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight(2012)

This movie is definitively NOT a horror movie! Its a wonderful thriller, whose director is still at his best! Very weird antagonist, who is in fact the protagonist, and you can understand his sorrow, i.e. the lack of happiness. He's somebody who likes to see people suffer, and in this he reminds me of the nazis officials during the Holocaust. I hope Balaguerò won't make a sequel of this movie, tho. It is good enough without one.

The Nameless (Los sin nombre)

scary, dreadful and weird movie, with a great beginning but with an inexplicable long time without actions. There are maybe too many twisted deeds which make the audience lose something during the action. Mediocre ending, which probably was meant to give space to a sequel. Balaguerò can do something much, much better

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

a wonderful, thrilling sequel of the first REC. This virus is even more dreadful, and you rly understand that the police forces cannot do anything to isolate it. Its dark, claustrophobic setting is really scary, and the attic scenes leave the audience breathless. Not everything is unveiled here, tho. There is room for another sequel, and you still cant wait to see it!


great spanish mockumentary, great director and great casting, even tho every actor was unknown to me! the tenement building setting is amazing, claustrophobic, and you rly dont know what the police outside can do to isolate the virus, and the risk of a terrible outbreak is omnipresent...twist ending, you just cant wait to see the second and the third movies! Great!

The Exorcist III

The producer and the director have done a good choice, introducing this Gemini Killer guy on the scene. Of course the supernatural, hellish demon is still there, but here there is a greater hold with the real world, which personally makes this movie better than the second sequel, but still far away from the original Exorcist. The ending is one of the best moments in this flick, even tho the special effects are too much exploited, generating a poor ending meaning.

Exorcist II: The Heretic

The Africa setting is something riddiculous for a movie shot in 1977. It rly didnt show anything about the real exotic set, as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, some yrs later. The african demon is a little scary, but the special effects are in fact worse than the ones of the first Exorcist.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

I rly dont see what all the fuss is about here. Maybe in the 1970s it really was a powerful movie, but in the 2010s you really get better horrors. Its special effects are of course riddiculous to us, but maybe they are one of the best things in this movie. The demon voice was rly dread, tho, something that has caused a lot of nightmares back in the days.


Roland Emmerich at his best, imho. Another Manhattan set, with a dinosaur which stomps the magnificent skyline of NYC. Maybe this one would have been a great mocukmentary, maybe there would have been more suspension of disbelief. Not such a great ending, though. Better wacthed on TV.


One of the best sets, NYC, almost omnipresent in the whole genre of apocalyptic flicks, from Godzilla to The day after tomorrow. Nice mockumentary, with characters who definitely dont look as if they're acting, but sometimes the audience has a little suspension of disbelief and can be sympathetic with the poor guys stuck in the situation. Manhattan can be the core of our civilized world, or a death trap as in this movie. Great ending, which leaves space for a sequel. Great viral marketing before the release.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

one of the most overestimated movies of all time. Unrecognizable Spielberg as producer. This is a stereotypical adventure movie rather than a science fiction one. Apart from the train derailment, nothing else happens, and Abrams is far away from the great scenes of Cloverfield. Obvious, predictable happy ending with the same old romantic topics.

Paranormal Activity

Nothing happens for half of the movie, and then all the action takes place, and it'd better not happened. This mockumentary style is interesting to me, but here the two characters definitely look actors. Bad ending which is doomed since the very beginning of the movie, of course the director and the producer already wanted to spoil the first movie in order to make it a saga. Boxoffice bomb, one of the only praise I acknowledge is its low budget.

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

not just a simple action movie like the 1980s flick of Van Damme or Chuck Norris, but a movie with a plot beneath it, with a villain who manages the whole situation, a Steve Buscemi at his craziest performance in a movie and a John Cusack who was much better on this than on other performances like 2012.

Guilty by Suspicion

This movie depicts the horrible things these left-wing people had to go through during the Maccartism. I find it a little too long, maybe, but every scene is an additional, fundamental detail and another pain for the protagonist, from the betrayal to the trial in front of the commission.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

who hasnt seen this PERFECT movie? Another classic here by Tarantino, starring some great actors and twisting several events, forcing the audience to keep their attention high. That's a perfect tactic, in my opinion. 5 stars, nothing else.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

another sequel, another xmas classic. This one set in NYC was even funnier, but the house was a little creepy to me, maybe because of the ongoing maintenance work.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

a classic xmas movie, light comedy where the winner takes all. One of my fav movies when I was a kid, tho, I still bear a good memory of it.

Dumb and Dumber

one of my fav movies, since I was a kid. I still laugh at the cheeseburger scene. A great, lunatic Jim Carrey who is able to drive anybody crazy, but his pal, who has an extraordinary capacity of being unlucky. Jeff Daniels' interpretation is anyway 20,000 feet under Carrey's. By the way, I haven't seen any other movie starring Jeff Daniels

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

The audience can do anything but hating this weird movie couple. A great cast, a great director.

A Clockwork Orange

crazy, irrational movie about the british society, but which is not the british society. SOmetimes I felt I was watching a movie set on Mars, it was quite odd to remember we were talking about a british town, maybe set in a Soviet-like England with no traces of the Queen's society which was depicted in the propaganda, soft movies. Stanley Kubrick at his best, nonetheless, even tho I'd have given more merit to Malcolm McDowell after this flick. The violence scenes through the movies made me a little sick, watching this movies in the 2000s. I bet in the 1970s people were braver than us, considering their backgrounds.

Natural Born Killers

Oliver Stone's Bonnie and Clyde. Magnificent movie, with an irrational violence which shocked many viewers, but didnt keep me away from it. The fake fiction performance in the house with the fake laughs is thrilling and extremely sick, dealing as it can with the violence towards the girl's own family. The characters anyway didnt fully meet my support during the movie.

From Dusk Till Dawn

crazy, splatter movie with an unbelievable George Clooney in it. I really liked the beginning, but I didnt know it was gonna turn into a splatter zombie movie. I like the weird atmosphere of the pub, tho, and Juliette Lewis was still one of the craziest, wildest young actors in the neighbourhood.

The Godfather, Part III

The weakest movie of the trilogy, everybody knows that. But I think that an high standard wasnt that easy to achieve again, some 18 years after the first movie. The cast here is perfect, but maybe the new Corleone generation has too much of the 1990s inside it, and I see Mario Puzo's hand far away from the script, even tho he had a role on it. The death of Michael Corleone is at the very end of the movie, and, although it is only a 10-seconds moment, it's one of the best deaths ever, unexpected as a heart-disease death should be.

The Godfather, Part II

One of the best flashbacks of all time at the beginning of this marvellous sequel. Something too amazing to be done again.

The Godfather

A classic movie, it can get only 5 stars and nothing else. Anyway, I read the book by Mario Puzo and I found it a little better than the flick. Probably just because the movie was cut into 3, and even some scenes were added. Anyway, the best of the best.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

a twisting plot for one of the less known movies by Tarantino. A wonderful cast, but the real heroine here is Jackie Brown, who leaves behind actors such as Robert de Niro, Bridget Fonda, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. Mystery and Suspense are guaranteed and the viewer can only support Jackie, hoping she'll keep the money for herself at the end

Inglourious Basterds

one of my favourite movies, from the thrilling beginning in the farm to the unbelievable ending, where Hitler and some other Nazis die. Lt. Raine is one of the weirdest character of all time: his methods are everything but politically correct, but you cannot hate him. This movie blends black humor, satire, violence, action, is never slow, even tho some scenes seem to have a small sense to me considering the whole movie. Tarantino at his best, no way he was ended, and I'm still waiting for Django!

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

a real psychological thriller, which winks to the horror genre a little too much. The only really scaring detail is at the end, when the last ghost comes out of the cabinet.

Pacific Heights

A typical 1990s thriller movie, with nothing relevant but the character of mr Hayes, who wants to pretend he's Norman Bates or some other famous lunatic, failing the task tho. The viewer has to support the couple, I supported personally Petty Palmer in her fight against the lunatic guy, but no surprises throughout the movie.

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

A typical sunday movie, which delivers a true account on the awful war in Iraq. A movie which fades away from the action war movies, and which embeds something of a spy story, with the good soldier discarding the army and delivering the ugly story to the newspapers, even tho it can be perceived as the good soldier is defeated at the end.

Black Hawk Down

A real war tale, winking to the Afghanistan War, which began approximately when the movie hit the theaters. The characters arent easily identfiable at the beginning, as they are introduced one after the other and immediately fit their uniforms. But as the movies goes, the viewer begins to share the difficulties of the soldiers on the battleground, and feels sympathetic for their fates. Maybe its length could keep away from it some viewers, but the bullets and the stories altogether delivers an awesome war tale without any propaganda in it.


Woody Allen as a ghost is quite funny, but I dont know if the magician world has a real hold in the earthly life. Anyway, the scene in the boat cruising the afterlife sea is amusing, and a real Woody Allen's touch. This movie cannot be perceived in the Mystery genre, as it delivers only a quick look on the Tarot Card murders, leaving violence and blood to other flicks.


At first, I thought it was something as the Mtv show, "16 and pregnant". But Juno is far away from that kind of "reality". Here the choice of choosing these foster parents is the easiest one she could have done. But as she seems like she's falling for the husband, she turns and finds out she doesnt want anything from him. And that is the most twisting moment of the entire movie, where a plan plot turns to be a little work of art. She gives the baby to the wife, whom she seemed to despise for her fashionable lifestyle. And the viewer can think "Well done, JUno, well done!" and hope she and her boyfriend will settle down and have a wonderful life together.


You cannot make a main character almost mute for a whole 90-minutes flick, of whom you know everything: he's a robber, he had a car crash, he doesnt know anything about his wherabouts and he remembers just little previous events. Disappoiting movie, from the beginning to the end.


claustrophobic horror movie, which winks to the horror teen movies of the 1990s. The frozen scenario of a locked chairlift delivers anyway a sense of helplessness to the audience, which can do nothing to save those guys, but just stare at their deaths as they are eaten by wolves in the white desert on the mountains. Good, unexpected ending where just one of the characters is still alive, even tho her meeting with a wolf is something a little pathetic: had it eaten too much?


Typical 1990s thriller movie, with a little bit of action and a glimpse of the underground world of snuff movies. The upper-class set in which the flick is hidden, delivers a typical blame look towards aristocracy, which we probably dont need in these times. The last scenes of the movie are about revenge, a revenge maybe useless considering that the victim of the movie - the girl - was dead and gone, and maybe Cage character has gone beyond his role in there.


Sigourney Weaver looks sick in here, even tho her lunatic enemy is known to the audience since the beginning, no doubt about his identity. Detective Monahan and Sigourney rule the whole flick, leaving an inadequate room for Ruben and the other male characters, who have nothing to say anyway. I really liked the psychological side of the flick, i.e. Weaver's character fobia, which in the true life really drives a lot of people mad inside their homes.

Seeking Justice

twist, sick ending but a movie without verve. The hungry rabbit jumps is still a riddle to me, I didnt even understand what half of the movie was made for. The whole plot could have been done in 70 minutes roughly.


A bright, light comedy which brings in the topic of this unbeknownst waitress somewhere in the South, who falls in love with the northern physician. Something like Gone with the Wind, North and South again. This movie - actually a remake - is set in our present era, but the characters seem to recreate that atmosphere. The husband who honks each time he picks up his wife is REALLY ANNOYING to me, and that is good: the character can be perceived as a hurdle, a sick fella who is to blame for his wife cheating. The ending is one of the best moments in the movie: in a few minutes, the waitress gets rid of her husband and of her lover, too, just to enjoy her little kid. She'll be helped throughout her life, her friends are there just to help them, and they're everything she needs.

Eastern Promises

nice-shot movie set in London, but which has a little too much of Russian inside it. Naomi Watts cannot perform a Russian midwife just because she fakes a russian accent, neither can the restaurant crew pretends to be a benevolent one. Viggo Mortensen can in fact be perceived as a Russian mobster, maybe because of his northern european look, but beware: the action here focuses on the russian mafia, which is indeed no way a charity organization.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Two generations of Jones, an elegant, lively flashback starring River Phoenix. Sean Connery gives to the movie a thick taste of old-mannered spirit, fighting the nazis with his son, Indy, who becomes sometimes a rival, sometimes a pupil. The Venice set, at the beginning, is amazing: it looks like a turkish, middle eastern city, but George Lucas isnt that interested in showing the marvelous landscape of boats and canals, but its undergrounds, the secret alleys beneath the town, which nonetheless scare Indy to death. The last crusader, standing for 700 years in front of the Graal, symbolizes the last gatekeepers of our traditional cultures. Indiana Jones chooses not to break this bond of tradition, leaving him with the Holy Graal forever. This choice is the last action of the movie, which I'd see as the real farewell to the audience. Never breaking old bonds just in order to achieve some illusory glory.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

This movie is 31 years old and I wish it was shot in 2012, just to see it now at the cinema. Harrison Ford as a professor-archeologist is so comfortable that you forget you are inside a college and you focus only on the main character, the former archeologist. The 1950s set is brilliant, because mocking the Nazis is simple, but mocking the nazis as Indy Jones does, well, that is absolutely nothing common. I particulary praise the satire beneath it, and the cunning humor embedded in Harrison Ford acting, in particular.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This archeologist has brought into me the interest for history since I was a kid and used to play at the videogame I.Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Harrison Ford at his best, this one episode maybe had little to do with the other ones, i.e. I'd rather see Indiana fighting against the Nazis, but what is done is done!

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

Its really hard to change their minds, but Henry Fonda was able to do it. Amazingly set in a close, stuffy, breathless room, which delivers the real panick of the jurors, as Juror #8 refuses to blame the boy for the father's murder. I was a little disappointed at the end, because Lumet doesnt clear the murder. The boy is innocent, but who could have killed his father? The movie doesnt and cannot explain this, it would be too much. Rly good movie, one of the Drama genre masterpieces.


An original, powerful movie, the typical set in one room, as the jurors of Twelve Angry Men. It shows a little unnecessary violence, but the characters are amazingly real: they are all evil ones, except the blind guy, who is in reality the employer who started this all. The question artifice rly surprised me at the end, even tho I didnt believe in an happy ending.

Paranoid Park

A movie made to meet the new generations requirements and needs, but which could be ignored for the plot it delivers. The accidental murder of the secutiry guard is something underneath the actions, it takes half of the movie before it happens, and this should be the main event in the flick. Well, this could be a good documentary about skateboard, but it cannot be perceived as a real theater movie. Alex character is the stereotypical American adolescent, it doesnt add anything else to the stereotype. It is not a tragic hero, his anxiety fades away with a girl and with his diary. I dont perceive too much confrontation with the concept of mortailty, as mr. Buchanan here states.

The Killing Room

the first half of the movie is amazing, the thrill is vivid and the characters act like everything is real...but then, unfortunately, the story becomes a little too slow and unnecessarily complicated. The scientists dont even know what to do, and Sevigny's role is still unbeknownst in my mind. Is she a victim who has to stare at these volunteers like it is a punshiment to her? Is this a test? Only Liebesman knows the answers, and he keeps them for himself.


this set is wonderful, but I think the movie has an unexpressed potential which remains hidden, and I rly dont understand why. Cillian Murphy sometimes even scared me, but then I understood the movie was actually about Emma, and I started to support this side of the character's personality. I was rly impressed by Murphy's feminine side, tho, like he can play an androgyne character amazingly.

The Box
The Box(2009)

a lousy movie with an outstanding plot beneath it, which remains still, buried under a huge amount of bad acting. I lost my attention throughout the movie, because the suspension of disbelief was aaaanywhere but in my thought. Rly, this one is a horror flick, but horror doesnt mean it has to be soo unbelievable.

War of the Worlds

I gladly remember this movie, I'd watch it even ten times in a row, it wouldnt bother me anyway. One of the last good interpretations by Tom Cruise, now too devoted to Scientology and to his personal life. Rising stars Fanning and Chatwin were to me unknown in 2005, but I remember I rly liked their acting.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

One of my favourite movies in the post-Apocalypse genre. I would have showed some more corners of a deserted NYC, even tho this could have been boring. I rly loved the ending. Will Smith still remains one of my fav actors, and maybe this one is his movie masterpiece.

Carlito's Way

Following Scarface and The Godfather wave, Al Pacino shouldnt have starred in this movie. He had performed an Italian and a Cuban accent, but this Puerto Rican character didnt coax me. I thought we were watching the life of a famous, wealthy actor such as Al Pacino, instead of the wonderful bling-bling, glittery life of a puerto rican gangsta.


epic soundtrack, epic characters, epic plot! Brian De Palma and Al PAcino at their best! Nothing about this movie is wrong, and I think it tells a gangsta story even more intriguing than The Godfather!


I rly liked how this middle-class boy delivers drugs having affairs with richest peers and more dangerous drug dealers. I read 50 Cent has a small role in it, according to some reviewers. Well, I think it is big enough for such a cumbersome actor :-)

The Simpsons Movie

I'm a huge fan of this cartoon, so I watched this movie. Nice, intricated plot, maybe STephen King's "Under the Dome" took insipration from it? I was a little worried because the last series didnt meet my satisfaction and I didnt laugh anymore, but this one was a little funnier, even though not as funny as the 1990s series. I found the technology used in it a little too overwhelming and unnecessary. Maybe this would have required Matt Groening as director, instead of Silverman.


I remember watching this movie when I was 7. I cried, rly, when the ship sank. apart from this, this story was too stereotypical. the Titanic victims suffered, panicked, were lost in the deep ocean, no way some Di Caprio-looking fella was arousing another charming girl in the reality. James Cameron has evidently been a genius on this one, tho. We only remember this movie out of the many Titanic movies shot since 1912.

Revolutionary Road

A little slow, but nice shot movie. I remember the mad fella the most, dont know why tho. I didnt even remember Kate Winslet was in here. I dont get what a 1950s set can explain better than a 2010s set, tho.

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

I dont rly like musicals, but this movie starred one of my fav musicians, EMinem, so I couldnt do anything but watch it. I found Detroit set adequate enough, but they rly didnt show how life is in there. It embeds ghetto life, but maybe a little too stereotypical. I didnt rly understand why mr. HAnson and Eminem himself chose to change names in the movie. How come the main character name wasnt Marshall if he was played by him and the whole story was his?

Stephen King's 'Desperation'

Just another King's novel made a TV movie. I felt almost embarassed to see how King's novels, which I rly loved, are so mistreated once they get to the TV screen. Good beginning, but throughout the movie the whole plot becomes riddiculous. No way this is a Horror flick.

Good Bye, Lenin!

A real German work of art!! I would recommend viewers to study East Germany history before beginning this movie, otherwise it may be a little too ambiguous. The actors arent that famous, but they rly acted good, especially the mother, imho.

Almanya Willkommen In Deutschland

a German comedy that I rly didnt find very funny tho. Maybe too many stereotypes in this one. I didn't really like the zombie Jesus, or at least they should have done something about the mocking of Muslims in Germany, just to counterbalance it. The viewer can rly understand the directors are Turks.

The Rum Diary

I really dont get why this movie is sooo damn long. I'd have cut like half the movie, you could understand it either way.


I really liked Penn's interpretation on this one. A love traingle which gives anything but an happy ending. Nice movie but maybe a little too unnoticed.

Lost Highway
Lost Highway(1997)

I didnt like the movie at the beginning, but then I was literally more and more interested in it. very creepy set, ominous characters whose memory I still bear. He really freaked me out!

Mulholland Drive

Damn that was really really a Movie with the capital M! Mystery, complicated, cryptic, baffling, puzzling...I really had to google some information after I saw the movie. This movie should be watched twice, once without spoilers, and later knowing what the flick is about.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

Personally, one of the weakest Lynch's movies. One thing I really liked was the sountrack, the main song "she wore blueee....velveet...bluer than velvet was the night..." is still stuck in my brain. I remind just some other details, like the ear box.


very funny, highly detailed story but kinda understandable if the societal context of the 1970s in Italy has been lived, experienced or known. May be too difficult for a non-italian audience to fully appreciate it.


ingenuous movie, a little too tired in describing the mystery that lies underneath. Cunning and notable detail about the little boy at the end

The Collector

One of my fav movies. Doesnt matter if it is too related with the Saw saga, I think this evil guy is one of the scariest and hardest evil fellas in the horror flicks.


I didnt even finish watching this movie. Very chaotic, overestimated, just made to be a blockbuster at the boxoffice, no logic behind it. Just half a star for the beginning of the movie, but this good later fades away, as being sucked inside a black hole.

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

A subdued boy, whom I really pitied. Notable thing in the casting is Marilyn Manson, one of my fav singers. I wondered why the social service or the police didnt take care of the couple, tho. This made the flick a little too unrealistic to me.

Reservoir Dogs

One of my fav movies, excellent actors, excellent director, excellent script. A little too splatter, maybe, but nothing out of mind.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

I saw this movie some years ago, but I still remember it as a good, apocalyptic movie. It baffles the audience, but it can be followed by maintaining the attention high. Very good casting, three actors I liked.

The Machinist

I'd have personally thought this was a David Lynch's film, if I didn't know it was Anderson's. A very ominous factory, in an odd world, where Barcelona can be described as an American city. Catchy movie which keeps attention high.

Vanishing On 7th Street

I usually like this apocalyptic kind of movies, especially when set in cities like Detroit, which I personally love. This movie met my needs, but I think it needed something more action. The ending takes half of my rating.

House of 9
House of 9(2005)

Very interesting plot, I felt sympathetic with the characters, although the real action begins at about half of the movie. I think this was a very smart choice, tho, because the audience thinks everything will be allright, as the main song suggests. But, right at the end of it, everything begins.


I particularly liked the first half of the movie, until the couple gets to the abandoned church in the snow. Very good casting, even though I didn't like Kingsley's russian accent. The train set actually plays a lot in my rating, even tho it is dropped at about the end of the movie.


an unpredictable ending for a very good movie. Weird characters all the way, who keeps your attention high.I don't think this can actually be described as an horror flick, tho. I think it kinda focuses more on the mystery side.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

Very good movie, one of the best horrors I've seen. You cannot actually see what is going on inside the hospital, but hell it's frightening! The story of three men who lose their minds for no scientific reason, with a little touch of splatter. I didnt' know CSI, so I didn't realize one of the main actors here was Horatio Cane.

The Snowtown Murders

a grim flick about a true, horrible murderer. I wouldn't have realized this movie was about a murderer if I hadn't read the plot, tho. Especially in the first half of the movie, the characters' actions do not show anything related to the murders.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Stereotypical action movie in a post-9/11 NYC, inside its underground transportation control system. I didn't know it was a remake

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

One of the most original screenplay I've ever experienced. It requires a justifiable attention by the audience, although it doesn't introduce difficult topics. Anyone bears bad moments in their memory which they wish to get rid of.


This movie has been overestimated for the high expectations it embedded. I personally liked its original script, but it's far away to be one of my fav movies

The Brave One

Just seen this movie, just logged in this website. Kinda interesting plot, but the ending is everything but the brave one I expected.