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The Bourne Legacy
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Although The Bourne Legacy has a slightly different taste than the earlier installments in the set, in my mind, this latest installment holds its own among its Bourne predecessors. In the Bourne Identity, Ultimatum, and Supremacy, there was a more apparent objective than in the Legacy : Jason Bourne was an amnesiac trying to determine his history and evade his enemies. This objective was ever obvious and created a meaty, graspable storyline that connected viewers with the film. In this way, the first three in the set were superior, for the Legacy lacked a similarly "meaty" storyline. The main character, Aaron Cross, lacked [a definite purpose] for too long in the beginning of the film. Even when a plan of action was finally formulated, the end result of the plan was somewhat obscure. My initial impression in this matter might be changed with a second viewing of the film.
I might think that this movie was weak in objective, but my overall appreciation for The Bourne Legacy is equal to my appreciation of the earlier installments. Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are perfect in their roles. Their relationship strengthened through the movie as each learned to appreciate and trust the other. Their budding romance was positively sweet, and I enthusiastically look forward to the continuing saga.
Some reviewers said that there was little action in the film... I do not necessarily agree, though the climaxing scene might have done well with less motorcycle-chasing and more hand-to-hand fighting action.
The dialogue was difficult to follow in some parts, especially during the scenes with Edward Norton's character. Further viewings of a movie always elucidates such difficulty. I have always appreciated the dialogue in the Bourne movies because one understands more with each fresh viewing: The movies are more thrilling and gripping each time, as you understand more and more. The Legacy is sure to not disappoint in this area.
Overall, I came away from this movie with excitement and enthusiasm. It is a great ride: thrilling and riveting. The influence of the "missing" meaty plot is dimmed by the excitement, action, and sparkling main actors of the movie. The duo Renner and Weisz are like a burning binary star, completely lighting up the movie.