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Michael's Review of Lincoln

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Steven Spielberg. Daniel Day-Lewis. Abraham Lincoln. These names are brought together to create a pretty good movie. The film tells the story of Lincoln's last few months in office, and does so with some stellar performances and steadfast camerawork. This is a very political, dialogue-heavy piece, and if the viewer can embrace that then it can be a very engrossing, despite the somewhat bloated running time. While the story can be somewhat all-over-the-place and hard to follow in places, the performances give it substantial merit, a few of them (Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, & Mr. Day-Lewis, of course) being Oscar worthy. As in his previous film, War Horse, you can truly feel Mr. Spielberg's passion for Lincoln while watching it, giving you a sense how important the story that it's telling is. This is not a perfect film, and it isn't for everyone, but is certainly a good one that shouldn't be overlooked.