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Michael's Review of Insidious

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


An exceptionally frightening film from beginning to end, Insidious takes the old haunted house concept that horror fans have seen done to death and does something quite unique and different with it. In the capable hands of James Wan and Leigh Whannel (of the Saw films) and Oren Peli (director of Paranormal Activity), this movie takes every advantage to bring the viewer to a dark, unsettling and downright scary place. A good example of this is how quickly and effectively the director establishes the setting and tone of the film. In the opening of the film, the viewer is shown an eerie scene followed by the film's title card, infused with horrifying music. The opening credits continue to buld the creep factor, showing black and white blurred images, with even the names of the production company appearing in a slightly off-putting way. The music adds to every scene, injecting a melancholy mood in some scenes and extreme terror in other scenes. This is a film so effectively disturbing that some may not ever want to see it again. Beware, sleep may be difficult to get after watching Insidious!