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Michael's Review of Sinister

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


A film that truly relishes in terrorizing its audience, Sinister creates a disturbing atmosphere that intensifies with each scene. The scares are set up as such that the audience can sense them coming, but they still pack quite a punch (with the help of some deeply disturbing music and sound effects. Sinister tells a creepy story of a demon that is responsible for a series of family homicides, and does so without showing the demon all that much. Giving this sense of mystery to the demon makes it all the more unsettling, and the family that is being terrorized by it earn the sympathy of the viewer as they face each new horror. Sinister is filmed exquisitley well, keeping a certain degree of unease in each scene by framing a potentially menacing open doorway or two. While these shots serve to keep the audience on their toes, the truly horrifying moments of the movie are the scenes when Ethan Hawke's character watches the "home movies" on the old projector in his office. Sinister is one of the scariest films of 2012, no doubt, but those "home movie" scenes may very well catapult it into being among the scariest films of all time.