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Violent City (The Family)(Cittą violenta)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Professional hit man Heston (Bronson) gets double-crossed by his manipulative lover (Ireland), who sets him up to take the fall for a murder. Once out of prison, he seeks revenge on those behind it and eventually comes under the control of New Orleans mob boss Weber (Savalas), who has his own plans for Heston. Typical Eurocrime thriller has one knockout car chase sequence, a great Ennio Morricone score, and some interesting location photography. As usual, Bronson dominates the movie by sheer physical presence, reducing the other actors to just scenery. Savalas has fun with his cameo role, with Ireland's turn as femme fatale just OK. She's better in scenes where she doesn't speak, as her line delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Credit director Sollima with trying to make this more than what it is, though the political undercurrent he seeks will mostly come across to Italians. The final sequence is nicely done, with no dialogue or music. Charles Bronson fans will rate this higher, with the uncut DVD presentation likely to make more sense than the U.S. theatrical release.