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Jayakrishnan's Review of Psycho

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Watched this on 11/08/2013
I believe that I have misjudged the vintage Hollywood movies. I do feel sad for that. It was only the day before yesterday that I saw another vintage movie, 12 Angry Men(1957) and I sincerely loved them both very much. Psycho has a lot of art and precision in it's work, much may be due to a good direction from Alfred Hitchcock and fine performances from Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh. I wasn't offended by the famous or infamous (on it's time of release) shower scene because it has nothing vulgar compared to the modern day atrocities committed in modern day Hollywood just for the sake of money. The reason why I misjudged the vintage films is due to the vintage films in my language Malayalam. Films made as early as the 1950 to 60s alike are all unintentional comedies, one and all and none of them are even watchable. The worst thing about these films is that they were all filled by actors who know nothing about acting and poor bland scripts. My hate for vintage films in my language naturally showed a lack of favour to the Hollywood ones. Malayalam films became good only at the mid 80s mainly due to young actors who know their jobs well and well written scripts. Psycho's story is simple, but it's execution is masterful and the last five or 6 minute explanation scene from the doctor was also good because it helped structure the film completely, showing much light into the dark past of the antagonist.