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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
2016: Obama's America

2016: Obama's America(2012)

I just went to see the movie 2016 last night with a friend and I do not think that anyone will be disappointed with it as the movie holds your interest and flows very well.
Believe it or not most of the movie is Obama's own words from his speeches and books he wrote. It is a comparison of Obama's main influences and his resulting world view which gets compared with Desouza's main influences and world view. The basic conclusion is that Obama has the same world view of the third world revolutionaries that he was raised to revere, characters similar to people Desouza knew. It also shows how to understand obama's own world view which drives his decision making process.
This IS NOT a hit piece and certainly NOT a Michael Moore film. This is more of a history lesson on obama and how he has grown up and what and who shaped him. It is a documentary that tries to explain who obama is, how his life was shaped and how he came to have the anti-colonial ideology. It also takes portions from obama's own book "Dreams From My Father" and uses obama's own words in his own voice (from the audio version) making it even more compelling and so you can begin to understand how he thinks and what he believes. It interviews several family members including his own brother George who also believes that obama is an anti-colonialist just like his father (obama, Sr.) and he does not agree with his dad or his brother's ideology and how anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism has actually held Kenya back for decades. It shows how barak obama is following in his fathers footsteps trying to shape the United States and the world as he thinks his father would like to see it....even though he never really knew him.
There is an interview with a half black/half white professor who was an expert on race relations in the US which was probably the best part. It was an eye opening look into the psyche of the American electorate and how Obama capitalized on it. It explained how by playing on people's good nature he was able to rise to become a Senator and then to become President so quickly. He figured out that people (mainly whites) wanted to like and help a seemingly nice black person, because it made them feel better about themselves. So a white person holding up a black person meant you are a better white person and very importantly... not a racist. Although similar, this is not quite the same as the "white guilt" voters. It also comes to the conclusion that if they were not black, someone with his record, his ideology, his background, his friends, would never have been able to become president. They even briefly compare and contrast him to Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's attempts to run for president and explains why they failed as potential black candidates and why obama did not.
So this begs asking the question, "Are we a product of our heredity or our environment?" Either way seeing who obama surrounds himself with most certainly helps one figure out who he really is.
I am an independent who is not voting for obama (not because of this movie) and would love to see a similar movie about Romney. This movie I give a B+