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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"Alien" is partly a projected study of the limited, collective human interactions that may occur in a spaceship after an extended period of time and isolation in space, and a perceptive take of the inside of a futuristic, interstellar spacecraft. But, more importantly, it raises questions about our presumed perspectives on the level of human intelligence--are we indubitably as intelligent and exceptional as we think we are? Is technology really a good factor in determining the superiority of one species over another? Is the possibility of an alien, eukaryotic species outsmaneuvering the human race--without using any self-developed, inorganic weapons--in actuality as small as we think it is?

Even if you just want to simply enjoy the movie, and leave all the questions and details for some other time, "Alien" can still provide the entertainment you may be seeking, and likely even surprise you along the way. This is a film that can be as complex, or as simple, as you make it to be.