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2016: Obama's America
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It was a very well written movie, and opened my eyes to what could have been driving Obamas decisions during his first four years and shows the possible future if he were to be reelected. It shows why americans elected someone with almost no political experience having only served 2 years as a senator, and someone who we knew virtually nothing about. I voted for Obama last election, and this election I was on the fence, leaning more to Romney but still on the fence. This movie got my attention, and after doing some research I felt betrayed by the media, and by the democratic party. I knew a lot about the facts presented in the movie but I had never put all the pieces together. This isn't an issue of being a democrat or republican it is an issue of being an american. This movie raises a lot of questions and even the smallest possibility of the accusations being true should scare any american into doing whatever they can to prevent Obama from getting a second term. I hope all americans democrat or republican take the time to watch this movie, and do the research before voting.

God Bless America