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Christopher Nolan's directorial debut is a low-budget noir in which a simple plot is added to as the movie progresses. It starts with a man named Bill who, wanting to be a writer, follows people through the streets of London to get influence for his story and characters, though we are never told or shown what he is writing. Soon enough, he breaks a key rule in his following, he starts to follow certain people more than once. The man he follows frequently soon realizes he's being followed and confronts him, introducing himself as Cobb and shows Bill how to break into houses and what things to take, and Bill takes a liking to it.One of the houses they break into belongs to a blonde woman who he later meets at a bar and simple as she seems, she hides plans from him that could prove fatal. Shot with a 16mm camera rather than a 32mm, Following uses it's black-and-white appearance to its advantage by maintaining a sinister air throughout. It also uses devices such as time-jumping to disorient the viewer and make them see the characters differently, and the conclusion is suitably unsettling. The film is short, simple but high-minded and well-made.