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The Killing

The Killing(1956)

Tightly constructed heist movie that plays out efficiently and briskly, providing dramatic thrills and excitement from a band of crooks who team up to rob a racetrack of two million dollars. The most experienced one, Johnny (Sterling Hayden), executes the operation with perfect timing from each of the crooks. George, the anxiety-ridden one, is caught between devotion to his unfaithful wife and Johnny, his friend, that can only end in tragedy. The other fascinating character is Maurice, the hired muscle who's purpose is to create a distraction at the racetrack's bar, philosophizes on the mob business in a way that is brief but funny and uncommon among the character type. Its wide range of influence on the heist genre is especially evident in Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, which takes the character types to a livelier levels and plays on their distrust of each other. The Killing does, however, have a uniqueness among other Kubrick films in its short running time and his only gangster movie, and he proves his expertise with the conventions and execution.