Bruno Youn's Rating of Looper

Bruno 's Review of Looper

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I was highly anticipating Looper and now that I've seen the film, I thought it is indeed worthy of all the immense praise it's been getting. The premise is very intriguing and complex, giving a different take on time travel. The action sequences are well made though a little over the top sometimes and the visual effects are great. I also enjoyed the futuristic feel and the ending, which had a nice twist. Finally, the main actors did an excellent job here. Bruce Willis definitely reminded me his early work, such as Die Hard, still handling his action scenes with perfection. On the dramatic side of his character's motivations, he is superb as well. Joseph Gordon-Levitt nails with precision Willis's mannerisms and the moment they meet for the first time in the diner is pure gold, being very funny and surreal.

On the other hand, there were a few aspects of the film I didn't really like. The pacing can be very slow at times and some of the scenes where Levitt interacts with Emily Blunt can drag a bit and seem to last longer due to the lack of soundtrack or interesting dialogs. My main grip though is the kid actor Pierce Gagnon, who plays Cid in the movie. Not that he is a bad actor, but I think his performance here is way over the top and could have been a little more restrained. In conclusion, I had a blast watching Looper and it is a refreshing sci-fi movie, being both intellectually challenging and exciting at the same time.