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Tim Burton comes out with such a Burton-classic this year. The joy is to find his perky referrals to his earlier work. A heart-warming story at the end of it all.

Seven Psychopaths

Definitely a must-watch. Best dark comedy I've seen in a while. And as aptly as Christopher Walken would put it - "It's got layers." Nuff said.

Rise of the Guardians

A warm story for a 'cold' hero. Fresh 'superhero' take on classic children fable characters. Keeps the spirit alive for christmas for the family. Jude Law was extraordinary & pleasantly cold-hearted for his role.

Great Expectations

A classic retold. The movie takes a much more drastic pace forward from the second half onwards. Not entirely to my liking, I must admit. Heavy reliances on flashbacks to keep the story pacing; which seemed a big cheat according to filmmaking norms. Helena Bonham Carter didn't have much to 'work with', which was disappointing.

The Master
The Master(2012)

The Master is a mixture of powerfully enacted scenes, a deep story & a tapestry of cinematic art painted on the big screen. Paul Thomas Anderson is a winner. Joaquin has pushed the boundaries of method acting. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a joy to watch on screen as always.


Argo is a MUST-WATCH. Ben Affleck does such a great job directing it and has sealed his fate as a director. Great shots crafted together. The film stays strong with realism, adds the necessary drama and doesn't stray far from the actual events that took place. There's a constant heightened sense of panic that comes from being threatened in a hostile 'alien land' throughout the film, and he crafted that beautifully into it.

Silver Linings Playbook

The best movie I've seen of this genre in a long time. A beautiful screenplay to waltz and jazz with a beautiful direction. The cast performs astoundingly well! A movie i'd watch again in the cinemas AND countlessly again on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Men in Black III

The concepts of time, its paradoxes and complexities are not for all to be able to grasp. Yet in the heart of it was a beautifully structured screenplay. Kudos to that and the actors who pulled off a good performance.


A good movie that could've been better. Javier Bardem excels in his role. But the story has a slight pitfall to an otherwise smooth storytelling arc. In all, it's a story that works nonetheless, especially for the Craig Bond.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

And the better rating is ONLY because of Hans Zimmer's score that kept the movie alive. Else the previous editions were way better. Hope this ended as a trilogy, but i'm certain H'wood will not succumb to that notion.

De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)

Visual art matched with great performances. Powerful, intimate scenes. A rainbow of emotions painted over the big screen... et MarĂ­on Cotillard est tout simplement extraordinaire.

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

Interesting filmmaking aspects. Flawed script. Good acting performances.

Let the Right One In

The RIGHT vampire story to let into our hearts... beautifully filmed. Brilliant shots. Great screenplay.


Looper's a film I predicted to be of 5 star rating before people even began realizing that it's a film in pre-production. The idea of Time Travel had always been my childhood fascination. The paradoxes are just so beautifully baffling. Rian Johnson does an incredible job in crafting a film with those paradoxes neatly snuggled with such panache, the right amount of flash-bang but never straying from the main story. Gives Inception a run for its money. A second watch recommended. A must-have on DVD/Blu-ray as well.