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Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale

Maybe one day will come when we won't pretend to be doing others a favour in colonizing and bringing them to our ways.


Fine film, but makes you wonder about the prize of "success", when everything around you feels personal and you are at war with "the world". Not worth it.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill(2011)

The first fifteen minutes did not seem very promising, like those movies depicting troubled teens in a spiral of decadence and irreparability, but... things picked-up with realistic performances and good empathy between the characters. Very likeable family in the end, with no traces of a maternal figure, you can only praise the kids' character and judgement all those years, without the vigilance of parents.

Last Train Home

Amazing work. It take you right into the merciless changes happening in China, sweeping any concept of graduality you may have. This country, as in the many "countries" that integrate it, are defying our standards every single day, for good and for bad, it is just happening.

Casa de mi padre

Beautiful girl. That's it, the rest of the movie, in 1.6x speed.

Better This World

Puts a good perspective of many of the things that could go wrong when young people want to translate their idealism into action. Good stuff to watch with your teenage kids.


Can't really understand all the trouble outlaws, mafias and corrupt officials are willing to go through for 30 million USD. The kid and the hero have a blast kicking butt.

Mozart's Sister

Makes a lot of sense. The father, the sister, the other genius, W.A. Just the environment needed for the development of such masterful artist.

The Raven
The Raven(2012)

Going against the current on this one. It kept me engaged for the whole movie. Yes, bloody, but much better than senseless Sweeney Todd.


Some impossible holes in the logic (Photoshop anyone?)

The Flowers of War

200-300K victims in 6 weeks

The Lucky One

Ilogical and cheesy sometimes.

God Bless America

Performances are very credible.