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This film could have had a lot more to make it funny throughout and really make inspiring film-makers connect with it. Where it failed to live up to both of those things, the documentary of a documentary filming technique, similar to Paper Heart, worked very well.

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D

A couple of the stunts were extreme, but it seems the rest of the movie is just made to fill the 90 mins, when it could have been placed into a 20min episode instead. Even though it has a few laughs, it lacks the comedic entertainment that movies like the Jackass series have.

21 Jump Street

Laughs throughout this film, funniest comedy of 2012 by far.

A Night in the Woods

Another low budget film trying to be the next Blair Witch Project, and providing very few scares or much of a storyline, very disappointing. Its also one of the most misleading DVD covers around at the moment, I was fooled.