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Scary Movie 2

This movie is just horrible. The beginning exorcist scene was fairly funny and had me crack a smile. But after that it was just garbage. The movie wasn't hopeless, it had a good plot that they could have done alot of things with. But unfortunately they didn't take advantage of it. There are long stretches in which the movie has no humor of any kind. Or maybe they did try to have humor but I didn't recognize it because it was pathetic. Once again they take stabs at people with disabilities. They have one person in a wheelchair and the other one has a deformed hand. They make jokes at each other such as "can you lend me a hand"? The film has its' moments but overall it is a stale no good piece of crap. Don't waste your time with this no good movie. I warned you.

Night of the Living Dead

This film is easily the most copied. This movie solidified the zombie genre. It is rare for a movie director to have his first movie be a success and that happened for George Romero. Many of these actors were just college students and it was their first movie for most of them. It portrays true terror. You hear crunching noises as the zombies pluck marrow off of the bones. The film is also one of the first to feature nudity. As the movie progresses the zombies become smarter and smarter until they attack and the climax is one of the best. Wonderfully done.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

It is sad to witness a fall from greatness. It is very rare for a horror movie sequel to match the original and this is not the rare exception. First off Laurie is taken to the hospital on halloween and two days pass and it is still halloween. They did not even take the time to do proper math. Michael Myers just happens to know the exact hospital Laurie is at. 'there is no reasoning behind it, he just happens to know everything. The people in the movie are complete idiots. But of course if they were somewhat smart, then it wouldn't have a good plot. Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence had good performances but that is the only good thing. When they reveal the fact that Michael Myers is Lauries brother, the rest of the movie seems like a soap opera and a sibling rivalry than a horror film. This teaches one main lesson. The sequels to horror movies ruins the original. They clearly didn't care about that.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

The movie is plain brilliant. There are many ways they could have made the movie suck. The screenplay is almost exact to the book. The movie is frightening and compelling even after forty years. The demons frightening face is shown against a black background to build up horror. Regan's behavior starts with minor thing like knocks on a door. But the second half is horrifying. She sticks a crucifix into her vagina and spins her head around. She spiderwalks down the stairs and spits out slime. The movie has great voice effects. The demons voice is perfect- raspy and harsh. Fourteen year old Linda Blair did a perfect job of portraying the possessed Reagan. The movie is frequently copied and none of them even come close to matching the original. This is the scariest movie of all time and it may never be bested.

North by Northwest

A brilliant film. This was when Hitchcock was in his prime. The movie is in the same league as Psycho, if not higher. The plot slowly unfolds and there are surprises along the way, which is typical for a Hitchcock film. The movie has passionate kissing scenes and suspense with even a little bit of humor. Cary Grant was great at acting out Roger Thornhill, especially in the scene he was drunk. Eva Marie Saint in just her second film, put up another academy award performance as his lover who works for the F.B.I. One of the most famous scenes in movie history, the cropplowing scene, is in this movie when its at its peak. It had a great score too. If they had an academy award for it back then it would have been a sure winner. Alfred Hitchcock had a 5- second cameo in the beginning when he played someone who was trying to get on a bus.


The rating that I gave it may have been to generous. It seemed to me that the film was a contest to see how much profanity they could cram into one movie. It simply lacks action. There are lackluster peformances by most of the actors. This film belongs in the garbage can. I enjoyed the first two, but this is junk.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

This is a laugh out loud film. This movie is utterly hilarious. It is clever and it never gets old. They were able to have a serious plot and mix it with humor.They couldn't have made the movie better and this movie will cause generations to laugh.

Paranormal Activity

A very overrated movie. In my opinion it is not scary. It is however suspenseful. The director didn't know how to put the good idea to use though. He could have done much more with it. There weren't any jump scenes except at the very end when Kate jumps onto the screen.


This film is almost unwatchable. It mocks those in special needs and it is disturbing.
Tod Browning obviously had no sympathy for people with disabilities and in soecial needs. He portrayed them as freaks and misfits.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

This movie is a waste of time. The special effects are horrible, even for its' time. The action never actually starts untill the last ten minutes. At times Nancy appears transparent and at other times she isn't. And she seems to be 20 feet instead of fifty feet. And the aliens' makeup was terribble. It looked like a stitched up old man. Somehow she mutates to fifty feet tall and she can still fit in her room somehow and the walls for some strange reason never collapse. I am a huge fan of 50s' sci fi/ monstermovies but I don't think this movie is worth your time.

Vampires Suck

This film has mixed humor. I think it is pretty dang good for a parody. Some of the humor will have you laugh while others will have you roll your eyes.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

This film is a beloved classic. It simply doesn't frighten us, it is suspenseful all the way.

World Without End

This sci fi film is very clever. For the time the special effects were great and the film was full of twists and turns. The only sci-fi film from the 50s that is better is Forbidden Planet.

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

A very clever gory sci fi film that will have audiences in terror

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

The Fly is a brilliant sci fi remake, it is a good cross between a horror story and a love story