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Adam's Review of Beastly

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Beastly. Wow, I never that would be a movie title. Wow. But the title my dear readers, is not the problem with this film. Nope, we have actually worse things to tell about this film than its title. Well this film has issues, but anyways let's just get to the bad things with this film; they include the cast, acting, script, plot, and ending. This movie fails to cast a group of actors that actually want to be in this. I mean you go and look at Mary Kate - Olson and she looks like she would just love to get shot in the head rather than put on the costume's and wigs and be all witchy. I swear I can think of at least 10 other actress's that would have been way better and more excited in the rule then her. Alex Pettyfier is not a bad actor. It's just that while he's good in the role, he and Vanessa Morgan share no chemistry. Its way unrealistic. Zac Efron, however CAN share chemistry with Vanessa and make it believable. Alex, even though he's probably the best cast out of the lot, could have been replaced. It might have saved Vanessa, from suffering with poor acting. The script is very mediocre, and cheesy. I find all the lines un-inspired and repeated threw out the film. It's like the writers couldn't find anything for the actors to do except call Alex "ugly", and for him to say "she will never love me", and "I'm so hot, and I'm so ugly" it's like shut up we get it. None of it really works. It's all bland, bland, and bland. And product advertisement, product advertisement. That goes with the plot to. It's so UN - original. Okay, so I get it your trying to rip- off of "Beauty and the Beast" okay- okay. Now what's new here? Where does this story go? I mean I feel like I'm watching a darker version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. So what do we have, that's new. Okay so we have a guy, a handsome guy, who knows he's handsome. Who pisses off a witch girl, and gets turned into a monster. And so he needs a girl to turn him back by falling in love with him, and bla bla bla. What's original about that? That's Beauty and the Beast, but with a less attractive title. The ending was so ugg. It was unsurprising let's say that. Alex ends up saying a very cheesy line from the cheesy script, the two falls for each other they hug, kiss. The end. Oh and the dad ends up getting the same thing his son got. Wow, I was so surprised by that very quick ending. Poor. Now onto the good things with this film which include, the make - up, opening, Alex Pettyfier, jokes, music. Okay so probably the highlight of the film is indeed the make - up. It is very well detailed, and very good eye candy. When I look at Alex's face after he turned into a ugly beastly character, he looked so neat. And while he looked d like a freak, he looked very well detailed. And realistic in the make - up. I loved it, I just love the different tattoos and silver scars on his face, and neck, and arms. It all works very well. The opening which was with Alex Pettyfier announcing how rich and beautiful, was very well acted, and even though the lines were very cheesy in that scene, and so very much absurd, it still was able to start the film out with the main idea on why he was so beastly, and it was just well a good introduction into the dastardly character Alex played. This leads me into my next topic which is about how Alex suited the role. While I think he should been replaced with Zac, he wasn't a poor choice for the role. He was very convincing as the self - centered jerky character that is Beastly. And very convincing I really liked him. The jokes in this film are very good. While the jokes were definitely not supposed to be in this film and were done by accident (apparently) this film did hold me over for those few jokes that snuck their way onto the scripts. And I loved em! I loved the opening music, which was catchy and got people's attention, Well All and All, this film is not a successful romantic film, and fails to become the classic "Beauty and the Beast' was, but with the help of a few detailed works, and a very attention grabbing trio, we don't have a miss either. C-