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I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein(2014)

God-awful waste of time. Going into this, I knew it was going to be a disaster, the trailers were ugly and uninteresting but I convinced myself that all films should be given an equal chance to prove its worthiness, so I watched this... I never wanted more in my life to leave. After about 14 minutes into this film I wanted to get up and run for my life, to prevent the risk of a heart attack watching this mess. The easiest titles to compare this to would be 'Underworld' and 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters'. 'Underworld' wasn't great but it was a modest film with some pure effort put into it. And 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' sucked, it was unbelievably bad, but I loved it because it was fun. This film is neither modestly good or even fun to watch, it's just bad. My review of 'I, Frankenstein'.

'I, Frankenstein' tells the tale of Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart) who struggles to comp with his past as well as finding out how he is who he was. He is watched by a group of gargoyles who's leader (Miranda Otto) hides a secret book, which beholds the information on how Adam was created. But an evil business billionaire, Charles Wesexx (Bill Nighy) whose crew of demons discover that of Frankenstein's existence, seeks to capture Adam or his book of creation to reanimate his own army of monsters to fight against his enemy, the gargoyles, and take over the world. It's up to Adam and a scientist who seeks to reanimate substances to save the day along with the group of gargoyles.

How visually poor could a film be? Watching this I felt as if I was watching one of those weekly Sci-Fi films that premiere every Friday. Maybe if this film were released in late 80's or early 90's before Jurassic Park was invented these effects would have been accepted, but for a film released in 2014, after the release of King Kong and Avatar? This is unacceptable. The visuals are crude, ugly, and unconvincing to say the least. The amateur work of it almost made me exit the room where I was watching it after we get our first glimpses of those fire demon things (I don't even know, they were just so ugly and blah)

I have to talk about the mind aching editing and pace. The film goes by so fast, taking no time to sit and take a look at what it has, it just can't slow down, its dull action sequence after dull action sequence... and in the only second when the film isn't in an action sequence we get a highly awkward and un-necessary shirtless shot of our Frankenstein Monster. The endless action sequences are only made worse by the editing, with quick cuts all over the place to film the action; it's so hard to comprehend anything. There's no fun in any of it. The action is in such a large quantity, and poorly paste together form it comes out extremely dull and boring.

This is a film only for a person who expects little to nothing from a film. The plot is so bland, so dull, so cheesy, so predictable that it's beyond laughable it's just sad. All the dialogue here is clunky and chunky and unbelievably stupid to say the LEAST. Not to mention the script includes an overabundance of action sequences (As I have already explained) and a high lack of character development. So in the end you care little for anybody, and you find it hard to become emotionally attached to Adam, who's only role in the film as the lead, is to fight and say 'I'm a monster'.

That is why I feel sorry for the talent who were completely wasted here. 'Aaron Eckhart' who did a pretty nice job was no match for his unbelievably soupy dialogue, and lack of time to develop his character beyond a few lines in between action shots. 'Bill Nighy' who can make any bad role good, is left nothing to work with and 'Miranda Otto'... well I just liked her in this, no matter how predictable her character was. But 'Yvonne Strahovski' for the scientist? Really? All she was, was some unconvincing, miss-casted, hotty, and that's it. She was probably only brought in to attract young male audience members.

All and all this is a complete disaster. The scripting is predictable; the visuals are worthy of a Sci-Fi channel film, and the action sequences lifeless and dull and leave no room for any character development. This wasted the present's of a mostly impressive cast aside from one completely un-necessary and horribly miscast 'Yvonne Strahovski'. F 5/23/14

P.S After a dismal run at the box office it's safe to say we won't see Frankenstein's monster anytime soon... oh wait! We have that one with Daniel Radcliffe out in October 2015...

'I, Frankenstein' is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy action and violence throughout. It's appropriate for teen's and up, maybe a little younger. But they'll be the only ones who might show any interest in this one, which right now is a strong contender for my worst films of 2014 number 1 spot.