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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Identity Thief

Identity Thief(2013)

Identity Thief! It sure does bring out the awareness, about your identities being stolen. When I first saw the trailer back in January I thought this was going to be very funny, and while it was funny, it's not that funny. Melissa McCarthy didn't look like Melissa, which was neat. I was disappointed at how the film failed to make the best of its actors, and ideas. The film doesn't really give out that many good jokes. Well anyway let's start off this review with the negatives, which include the jokes, script, sub-plot, supporting cast, miss - use of actors, and dragging. This film is just not funny. You'd think that with Melissa McCarthy, break through actress from Bridesmaid, could make this film a truly funny film, which was said to be proven when the very funny trailer premiered, well most of the sole jokes were in the trailer. Jason Bateman is a wooden stick, that if used right could be a comedic relief, but most of the time he wasn't, and he appeared as a thin, anti-funny person. I am sad to admit this but this is just not funny, and should have been funnier, and could a been too. The script started out decent but started to get bland as soon as we meet Marisol and Julian. It kinda gets boring and insulting as well. Nothing really works in the middle. We have an idiot tracker who kidnaps the fat lady, whose real name we don't know till the end, but everyone just calls her Diana. What we receive is a pretty gloomy, middle with very little jokes, except for one moment in which Diana sings tunes from songs in a car. The sub - plot with the tracker, and the two people going after Diana. It's pretty dumb, and boring, and I really wished to fast forward threw those parts as the characters are not that important to the film, and they appear pretty randomly threw out the movie. The supporting cast, really don't help the movie and the worst examples include Jon Favreau as the UN - necessary and UN - funny boss of Jason Bateman's character. Jon, just didn't belong in the film, he should stick to his Elf and Iron Man roles. And Robert Patrick as the bounty hunter, well he's just plain annoying. I hated the actor, and his acting, and I hated his screen time. This film miss uses its cast. Melissa McCarthy, is given very little funny dialogue, and Jason Bateman isn't made fun of enough. John Cho is an excellent cast member not seen enough at the beginning! This film drags a lot, during the middle section of this film. The film can't come to decide what to do and often bores while trying to decide what to do with its self. The positives for this film include the leads, make up, message, music, and the plot. The leads are excellent! Jason Bateman is the hardworking, family man, whose identity is stolen, and Melissa McCarthy is the tough and funky identity thief. Melissa McCarthy is very funny and energetic in her role, and while she doesn't share much comedy with Jason Bateman, she still is able to pull off one or two, and Jason Bateman's character is a truly good dude, and a person who provides for his family whose life turns upside down. The makeup is excellent, and Melissa looks very - not her actually, and she looks instead like Diana. Very detailed her and make up, and she looks colorful and ugly. The film's message is a big deal. The message is this, don't trust anyone. And that you can lose your job, most of your money, be warranted for jail, and have no car. So the message, while spread out wacky like is still strong and legit in a stupid way. The music is funky and fun to hear. It is original and just lively. The plot is original, well sort of; it has the same formulaic, capture and road trip kind of deal with it but it also is supported by having a crazy lady and a guy who goes to get his Identity back. It's a plot I hadn't heard of before watching this. All an All this film is few in jokes that work, and drags but Melissa is funny, and the music fun, making this not so much un enjoyable. C- 7/7/13