StefanN's Rating of Melancholia

Stefan's Review of Melancholia

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"Melancholia" is a powerful built up to a climatic ending revolving around depression. It is about a woman suffering depression and the parallels between her and her sister's experience building up to the crash of the planet Melancholia ending civilization. Kirsten Dunst's performance cannot be described with words. I love when mainstream actors who act in big blockbusters become these magnificent actors that make your jaw drop. The visuals are so immaculate and perfect to the last frame. The score is mysterious and wonderful. We feel lost, confused, and frightened due to this amazing theme. We see what it feels like to be depressed, but do not feel depressed since we are enjoying some of the best modern film making in front of our eyes. The two sisters offer a strong contrast. One faces the planet crashing with fearlessness due to her hopelessness. The other is terrified due to her appreciation for life. I love films that dare to make us feel melancholic, and that have the power to make us feel as if we were dreaming. The script is filled with symbolism and themes about depression and merely presents us with the reality without offering any means of prevention or treatment- that is for psychologists. This movie is perfect to the last frame both technically and artistically. "Melancholia" is a slow ride which leaves you pondering and still sitting after its over.