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The Chocolate War
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

For an old film the editing skills were quite favourable, but unfortunately people from nowadays won't appreciate it as most others do. The storyline was fair, though some character personalities were a bit off. Archie for example, seemed like he was trying to act 'gay' and Obie seemed a bit too pushed around than in the book. Even though the film stayed somewhat close to the novel at first, it infuriated me when the ending was completely changed! Renault's a hero? Archie finally got beaten? Obie takes over the assingments? What is this!? It was disgusting how they strayed from the book, ridiculing it like a piece of trash. In my opinion, Keith Gordon should be ashamed of ruining such an epic novel with a film that's too-horrible-to-describe. I've studied The Chocolate War and been a loyal fan to it for more than a while, so finally I got the urge to see the movie. If you're looking for an adaptation to the novel, don't watch this film, unless you want to witness yourself the kind of garbage this represents on a book. This will leave you mouth agape wondering, "UGH! What is this crap!?"