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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
An Education

An Education(2009)

Grade: A+

I absolutely adore this film; its another one of my favourites. Carey Mulligan is absolutely mesmorising in this film; she really shows what a talented young actress she is. The film is about a sixteen year old girl called Jenny (Mulligan) who lives a sheltered life and plans on going to study at Oxford. However Jenny's monotomous life changes when she meets charming Jewish man David (Peter Skarsgaard). David introduces excitement into Jenny's life by taking her on exciting trips with his friends and Jenny finds herself falling head over heels for him, but then she realises that there's a darker side to him. I thought that Peter Skarsgaard put on a really good performance and there were strong performances also from Rosamund Pike and Dominic Cooper. The script is extremly well written and the film is highly compelling. This really is a coming of age drama and can relate to those who have been young, naive and in love. It's a really honest take on first love. A terrific watch; I highly recommend this.