PhillipMcCauley's Rating of Contagion

Phillip's Review of Contagion

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


If there is anything this movie lacks, it is a good climax. I was pretty dissatisfied with the ending. The movie overall was satisfactory, but simple and predictable. But more about the ending, though I did like the part that they finally showed what happened in Day 1, and how the epidemic came to be, that was it. It just kind of ended. No real twist in the end, just, the virus outbroke, it killed people, they work to treat it and find a cure, they find a cure, and thats the end of it. No climatic conflict at the end. Just everything is fine now. They could have done something with that, I mean a climax is essential to any movie, and something I rightfully expected from it. Its just part of the basic structure of a story. If you ask me, I'd say the writers were just kind of lazy, because, ya know...another predictable and simple disaster movie is just what we need. But whatever, I guess it wasn't a total loss, I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I would have liked to see something better. Not necessary to see in the theater, hell not even necessary to see at all. You won't really be missing anything. I won't recommend this, but I won't tell you not to watch it either.