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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

One of the first movies to be entirely done in CGI, this film really packs a punch with its eye popping action and special effects. The characters are decent enough to keep the film going, and the plot is pretty interesting. A unique film in it's own right, especially with the time period being in the late 1930s, and conveniently after the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Anyone who sees this will recognize that idea and thus how this movie was born. Very enjoyable, not exactly one to watch over and over again, but I do recommend seeing it at least once. I myself saw this shortly after its release in theaters, and again on Netflix instant. Just as good as it was the first time. So give it a watch.

Marvel's The Avengers

First thing I'm gonna say about this movie, it is a MUST-SEE in the theater. This movie was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be. They actually had lines for it, it was crazy. Going in, I will admit I had some doubts about this one, after all, Hollywood sure ain't what it used to be. But I was very pleased with this film, and pleasantly surprised as it turned to be far better than I expected. Lots and LOTS of good action throughout, along with a good storyline, awesome characters that clash when they are all put together at first, and then later learn to work together as a team to fight one of the baddest villains I've seen in a while. You can't get much more epic than this group of superheroes. I never read the comics or saw the tv shows, but this is one EPIC movie. Lots of humor in this one too, but not too much to overshadow the film itself. All around, GREAT movie! If you somehow missed seeing this in the theater, then am I ever sorry.

Stuart Little

Kids enjoy this more than adults do, but I still find it watchable for adults at the least. That said, I was lucky to watch it when I was still young. This is a feel-good, heartwarming film, with plenty of good humor moments. Yes, there's talking animals, but I feel like these ones actually compliment the story a lot more than your average talking animal movie. The film doesn't get too corny in any real way, it's got a pretty good plot, great characters, and a heart. The score (composed by Alan Silvestri) was also very nice to go along with this film. And of course, Michael J. Fox does an awesome voice job. Child or not, I'd give it a watch.


Great eye popping action flick. But where it gains from cool special effects and action, it lacks some story, and suffers from a few plot holes. But that wasn't Bay's real intention, his direction in this film definitely shows where it counts. For this type of movie, I would say he did an awesome job from an artistic point of view. Good for kids, good for teenagers, and good for adults. These are some of the best special effects I've seen in years, I was impressed by them. And the story and characters are decent enough to keep it going. So if you haven't seen it already, give it a watch. Don't think you'll regret it.

National Treasure

This is one of those pure exciting adventure films that you go into with an open mind. It's a little silly at times, but it's a very fun watch. This movie in a nut shell, is a modern take on Indiana Jones, and a very good one at that. The premise and plot were pretty awesome, lots of good funny moments, spot on characters (Riley is my favorite) and good action and adventure sequences. Again, kind of silly, just like Indiana Jones, but lots of fun. One of Disney's better films. So give it a watch.

Lost in Space

Pretty good eye-popping action. Not everyone enjoyed this movie as much as I did, and I guess I can understand for those who saw the original 60's TV show. But for someone like me who has never seen the show, I was able to enjoy this movie. With everything from fighting vicious spider-like creatures to time traveling, I was pretty impressed by this movie. Being a huge fan of popular sci-fi (star wars, star trek, etc) why wouldn't I? There are a few corny and cliche moments in this one, but its not a big deal. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one who doubts that the future will look like this in 2058. Recommmended mostly if you like star wars and/or star trek, and if you haven't seen the original show.


Now this is a real treat. What we have here is not an average love story yet again. This is also a very good take on adolescent life, Rob Reiner did a really great job with that. Its a great story, great characters, great content, and good funny moments. What I do love is how the continuously 'flip' the perspectives as each event unfolds, it's like they're taking turns to say what they felt happened in a specific chain of events. And the narration in those perspectives is done really nicely, not only do they describe their feelings for each other very deeply, but it really shows as well. This movie was beautiful.


If there is anything this movie lacks, it is a good climax. I was pretty dissatisfied with the ending. The movie overall was satisfactory, but simple and predictable. But more about the ending, though I did like the part that they finally showed what happened in Day 1, and how the epidemic came to be, that was it. It just kind of ended. No real twist in the end, just, the virus outbroke, it killed people, they work to treat it and find a cure, they find a cure, and thats the end of it. No climatic conflict at the end. Just everything is fine now. They could have done something with that, I mean a climax is essential to any movie, and something I rightfully expected from it. Its just part of the basic structure of a story. If you ask me, I'd say the writers were just kind of lazy, because, ya know...another predictable and simple disaster movie is just what we need. But whatever, I guess it wasn't a total loss, I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I would have liked to see something better. Not necessary to see in the theater, hell not even necessary to see at all. You won't really be missing anything. I won't recommend this, but I won't tell you not to watch it either.

Jurassic Park

The first to use modern CG technology extensively, this movie is beautiful to look at more than anything, a long side a great premise to begin with, awesome plot, decent characters and fine acting, and wonderful score to go with it, done by John Williams once again. Its all here. This is simply one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had watching a film. The dinousaurs look real enough to me. This will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. One of my favorite adventure films I watch periodically. A good watch for anyone to enjoy.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

I want to make one thing clear before I get into the review. This is NOT an action movie. One could even call this movie boring in many ways. It is definitely slow in its pace, but for good reason. What this movie presents more than anything else, is IDEAS. It's one of those movies that makes us think about some basic human conflicts and go into it deeper. You kind of have to go into this movie with an open mind, and pay a lot of attention, or you'll miss something. Even then, you have watch it multiple times to really get it. If you don''t, then you probably won't enjoy this movie as much. This is a truly fantastic film. Great writing, awesome ideas to talk about, an interesting plot that will keep you thinking, and spot on characters, characters that experience one thing that many of us humans do: fear of death. When you get to the ending of the movie, you will understand what I mean. When you have a quiet day with nothing to do, just sit down, and give this movie a watch. It is well worth it.

Last Action Hero

Like many others, I am also confused as to why this movie didn't succeed. I actually enjoyed this a lot, obviously a parody of other action movies, especially terminator. I loved Robert Patrick's cameo, and the changed terminator 2 poster with Stallone. I laughed so hard. Arnold did really great in this one (despite what the razzies say) Very funny, but at the same time very action-packed. Give it a watch, if you've seen terminator or other action movies alike, you will appreciate this one very much. The only thing this movie might suffer from is how long it is. Other than that, pretty good.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Putting my initial feelings about this reboot aside, this movie was pretty good, I was surprised. Very different from how the plot was executed in the first one, it is essentially like using a different formula to get the same result. We have more back story for Peter Parker, his parents and Dr. Connors, more depth into the characters, and the overall tone of the movie is darker than the originals. I enjoyed this movie a lot, in most ways. I prefer this one over the originals. Peter is a more likable character in this one, he is more witty and humorous. Many fans seem to like that spiderman, considering he is more true to the comic book character (from what I hear) However, there were still a few things that I did like better about the originals than I did in this new one, but overall, this is the best Spiderman movie to date. I see real potential in this franchise, and hopefully we can all enjoy the Spiderman movies the way they should have been in the first series.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

While I thought this was a pretty cool movie, I definitely agree it falls flat with everything crammed into it. This movie is pretty much an over-stuffed turkey. If anything else was added to it, I think this thing would have blown up, and everyone would have hated it. Still, this movie got enough negative reception that a reboot was born and theres no denying that it did fail in just about every way conceivable or not. Current characters tend to act out of character in order to satisfy the plot (e.g. Spiderman kisses Gwen in front of Mary-Jane) new characters are largely undeveloped, and unsatisfactory (e.g. Sandman) and there are far too many villains for a movie like this. Sandman, Venom, Green Goblin II, and Spiderman himself. Though I must admit, they did pretty good in making it work (just barely) like, it was so tightly weaved together, that some people would miss how much was crammed into it (I sure did when I first saw this in the theater) You could say the direction was just barely perfect, and kind of on the verge of tipping over and blowing up. Like, the way everything was done, you would think they were going out of their way to make sure that didn't happen, and tried to keep it from doing just that. One more drop, and the movie would have made no sense at all in any way. I'd recommend a watch if you just want to entertain yourself with lots of action, but the plot is a mess in kind of a neat way. I will say it did all weave together nicely for an awesome ending. Thoroughly enjoyed it with its fast pace, but more depth and character development would have been nice.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

"Intelligence is not a privilage, it's a gift. And you use it for the good of mankind." Now this was a great sequel. I find this one to be better than the predecessor. This is Spiderman at it's best, and we once again have a fairly straightforward plot, with things done in a new way, and without being too much of a repeat of the first one. We have Peter Parker who begins to lose touch of his powers, and wants to live a normal life of his own. But we see that he can't leave that part of himself behind as he has the urge to want to help the people in the city, most notably, the fire scene, where he manages to save a child without any powers. We have Mary-Jane who is disappointed in Peter for not keeping promises, and is getting married to some other guy. We have Harry seeking to avenge his father's death, which sets the stage for a sequel. And of course, we have one of the more recognized and menacing villains, Doctor Octopus. This was a great movie altogether, and fantastic performances throughout, great action, perfect pace, and good storyline. Not only the best Spiderman movie in this franchise by far, but one of the best superhero movies period.


I enjoyed this movie a lot, and I thought it was a good take on the beginning of the classic super hero. However, some were disappointed with Peter Parker as a character, meaning it wasn't the same as the Peter we've known in the comics and tv series. But because I have never read the comics or seen the cartoons, I really liked this one, and thought Peter was a great character. The plot was straightforward, the action sequences were great, and the acting was pretty good. I recommend this more for people who have seen little to none of the comics/cartoons.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Awe.some.tacular. This is without a doubt by far the BEST movie in the series, hands down, no questions. Period. And as it very well should be. You can tell they worked very hard to make this stand out in every way from the rest of the series. EPIC throughout, probably the fastest pace, well put together story line, many emotional moments with the death scenes, the characters are at their absolute best, the battle sequences are tense, and wicked awesome to watch, special effects are well done, and its an all around well put together finale. Harry faces Voldemort for the last time, and he finally defeats him after finding and destroying all of the horcruxes, and it doesn't please anyone more to finally see evil defeated...I also loved the return of the original music by John Williams, and the very last scene was very touching in that sense. I loved this one so much, I can't even describe it in every word conceivable. You can't miss this if you are a Harry Potter fan. An absolute must see, no questions.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

One of the weaker ones, and a little slower in pace than the others, but still stands the test, and gets better in the end. And for good reason, because the whole point of this movie is to prepare us for the grand epic finale, the final battle between good and evil. I remember hearing about the whole idea of splitting it into 2 parts a few years ago, and how flabbergasted I was by it. But now, I see it was kind of necessary, there were far too many important elements in the plot, and it had to be split. I don't think it would have done so well if they had decided to put it into one movie, it definitely would have been way worse than this one alone. I think they made a good decision splitting it in two, and is instead of having one horrible movie, we have one good movie, and one GREAT movie. Good enough pacing, decent plot line, awesome acting and character, as always, good action scenes and effects, and well put together with a good cliffhanger.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Another good one. Loved it just as much as the others. Still has the great feel to it like all the others, epic scope, good pacing, tense sequences, and awesome plot line. But what stands out most in this film is the major character growth and development that occurs as Harry prepares to face his inevitable destiny and begins his search for the Horcruxes, with the help of Dumbledore, who is tragically killed at the end of the film. We later find out the truth behind his death in the final film, and the importance of it. Not to be missed, and just as important as the rest of the movies. Great one.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Definitely the fastest pace of at least the first six films, it is closest to the last film in comparison. This was the longest of the books in the series, and cut out a lot, some many of us would have preferred wasn't cut out, but it is still very well done, and the pace doesn't affect how good this movie was in anyway. Though I will definitely concieve it is not the best of the series, but it has a place. I still liked it a lot, and the characters adapt well as the pace quickens, and we still care about them very much. In this one, Harry begins to unlock more of his potential, as he discovers his mind and the dark lord's are somehow connected, and because some of Voldemort's powers were transferred to him the night he recieved the scar, he begins to feel anger more than he feels he should. Voldemort becomes aware, and later tries to use it against him, and attempts to lead him to the 'darkside'. But Harry resists, strong as ever, as he realizes Voldemort is the weak one, for never knowing love or friendship. And Harry knows no matter what, his friends will always be there with him, and he will always be stronger as long as they are.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is definitely one of the darker films. A close second to Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2. This is also the one where the death toll starts, which makes it that much more dark. The ending scene was done fantastically. We meet Voldemort in his full functioning body for the first time, and he is more powerful and menacing than ever. It is here he begins his rise in his return as the dark lord, and everyone is more frightened than ever before, so much so that some will pretend it isn't happening. This marks his official return, and will go undefeated until the final films. The scope of this movie is very epic. the triwizard tournament was done quite well, the plot, while the book was long, was well put together, and didn't skip anything too important. The characters are still as good as ever as development continues, and action sequences are great with top notch special effects. Well done.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This one has a different feel from the previous two. Primarily because the director changed. Which might be a good thing, because the books only get longer at this point, and because Chris Columbus' pace in the previous two was perfect, he may have gone on for 3 hours with this movie. However, with the change, they actually managed to make it shorter than the previous two. This movie picked up the pace a little, but still managed to tell the story effectively. The characters are still good going along with the faster-paced plot, the CG effects were great in the last two, but it seems to fit more in this one. This one also has a darker tone than 1 and 2, (the dementors) but still not quite at its darkest as it managed to retain its PG rating. We are also introduced to a new actor for Dumbledore, who doesn't get as much screen time, but that changes over the course of the films, and his acting gets a lot better. However, I don't think he'll ever be a match for the original actor. A shift in pace, but still a great film nonetheless. As long as your fine with that change, you should enjoy this one.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Better than the first in just about every way. Chris Columbus directs again, and does another fine job with this film in comparison to the book. Most definitely has the same feel as the first movie, and does better in a few of those areas. Same as the first one, this one also had minor improvements to the book, and does a great job at telling the story altogether. The characters are as bright as ever, the pace is once again PERFECT, the tone is dark but not the darkest, the build of suspense and tension is done beautifully, the action sequences are quite awesome, and the CG effects are fantastic. A great film, definitely one of the best of the Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

One of the top movies of the decade. With a few minor improvements, this movie is so close to the book, even I find it hard to nitpick the differences between this and the book. However, no movie can ever copy a book perfectly, its impossible, and one can't really complain about it. The movie itself though is just great in every way. The story and plot is awesome, the characters are exciting and interesting, the special effects are really good, and the pace is perfect, not too fast, not too slow, unlike some of the other harry potter movies, which isn't exactly a bad thing. Without Chris Columbus being the director, the pacing did change, and kind of had too as they went along, and did their interpretations of longer and longer books. But this movie right here is not only as close an adaptation to a book as it gets, but just a great and enjoyable film altogether. If you have no problem with fantasy, you will like this movie.

Titan A.E.
Titan A.E.(2000)

This is some of greatest science fiction I've ever seen. I especially loved the beginning, that was one of the most epic and most powerful openings I've ever seen, so much so, I would replay the beginning of this movie over and over again when I was a kid. One can't help but feel bad for the people who lost their home world, and can imagine how they would feel if Earth was destroyed today. The human race becomes an endangered species as a result, and we see our main protaganist find the key to unlock technology that allows the creation and restoration of an entire planet in the dawn of the 31st century. Any star wars fan, or fan other sci-fi action will greatly appreciate this movie. I still love it to this day, and watch it periodically. The only thing I wish is if this movie could've have been done live action, which would give this movie one more star, but I suppose it would have been somewhat harder to do a movie like this in live action 12 years ago. Nonetheless, it was good as it is, and I still love the classic animation of it's time, and some of it did seem like CG, kind of hard to tell. Highly recommended for all you star wars fans out there.

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

Most of all, a good action flick. I feel like it's been a while since any WWII movie has been made, and I'd say its about time. I appreciated seeing this, and the movie had a lot of good-hearted moments, about courage, rights, prejudice, and honor. The movie captured a lot of good spirit, as did the main protagonists throughout the film. Good characters, not too shallow, but at the same time, not so much depth, we care about them just enough, decent acting, a bit of cheap dialogue, but good for the most part, and great action sequences and special effects. One of Lucas' better works. So give it a watch.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Unlike the attempted reboot released ten years before, this one actually DELIVERS. One of the best reboots I've seen in a while. Sure, its not as good the classic 60's saga, but it stands out as a great summer flick, considering what Hollywood has been for the past decade. It sure ain't what it used to be. But I was impressed with this one. It's definitely better than the 2001 film. Roughly a remake of one of the old ones, "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" except in this one, the apes are more like lab rats rather than slaves, and of course a lot of other tweaks here and there, but the overall general plot line is the same. James Franco (Harry,Spiderman) does a great job in this one, and does everything he can to make sure Caesar gets whats best for him. Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter) plays the jerk bad guy, a role he's just awesome at performing, and it still shows in this film. The apes, while they were all CG, were done very nicely (there is no way they could have gotten real apes to do all that) An awesome movie, and great for a reboot. This is what Hollywood needs to be doing more of. Maybe they can't reboot movies to the standards of the classics, but they can surely do at least as good as this.

Moulin Rouge!

I'm normally not one to like movies of this genre, but this one totally passed my expectations. I was blown away, this is not only my favorite musical, (not that I've seen many) but it's one of the most heartwarming, emotional experiences I've ever had watching a film. (You'd think I need to see a therapist after watching this) While it is a story of forbidden love, and something many of of us have seen before, its a lot more sophisticated than that. Its not just your average love story, its a love story that will make you really feel for the characters, more than any average one ever could. This is one of those movies you just have to talk about in great detail, either that, or just show them the movie if you would rather not spoil it. The acting was ubelievably astounding, the script was very well written, some of the best I have ever witnessed, the plot was elegant, and the visuals of this movie are simply some of the most beautiful I have ever seen on screen. Your eyes will be pleased, and the best part is....the eye candy compliments the story. I recommend this for pretty much anyone. If you like musicals, you most definitely will appreciate this film. If you don't, you may find you like this movie anyway. It's a great story altogether, musical or not.

Catch Me If You Can

One of my absolute favorites! I had the pleasure of receiving this movie as a Christmas gift, and boy am I glad I got it. I don't think I had heard of this movie before I did get it, and I must say I'm happy it was introduced to me. Tense chase scenes, and great comedy moments, great acting and characters. You will not be bored watching this movie, it will keep you laughing throughout and on the edge of your seat. I can guarantee that. This kid is so persistent and out of control, its funny. He's traveled everywhere, and made forgeries in 26 foreign countries and all 50 states, posing as an airline pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer/prosecutor. Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio do an excellent job in this one. I recommend this if you think forging checks and evading the FBI for 3 years is impossible. This IS based on a true story.


The one that started it all. After this, comes the age of the 'new' vampires. Countless movies and tv shows based around these types of vampires. It's almost kind of sad that we don't see the classic bloodsucking vampires we've grown up with, but at the same time, its interesting to see how long of a way one author's vision has come. Many of us, of course, would rather meet these vampires rather than the monsters we've come to know of as kids. I remember reading the book about 5 years ago, just a while before the movie was released. I didn't read any of the other books, but I found this one to be a pretty good adaptation. Mostly it was very intense, and the love drama between Edward and Bella was convincing enough to me. Some people found it revolting, but I can roll with it. Pacing seemed a little fast, but it wasn't bad. Characters were just like the book, and acted the roles quite well, action sequences were pretty awesome, and the story as unique as ever, and very well done. Some will hate this compared to the book, this is one of those movies that just has a lot of mixed opinions about it, I think just as many people hate it, as others love it. I'm somewhere in between. Liked it, but not a favorite. Good to watch once in a great while.

Back to the Future Part III

The old west. It is my understanding that there were some who did not like this film simply because of how different the setting is. While the over genre of this film and the series is science fiction, this film in and of a western. And some didn't like how the genre shifted from being science fiction to western, mainly for those who didn't like the western genre period, in any shape or form. However, while I'm not one who watches westerns very often, I find this one to be very enjoyable. What I like about this film most is we get to see the same elements from the first film done differently. We are once again stuck in a time where there are even more limited resources and technology, and with the dilema of getting back to the future, except in this case, it is a question of motion instead of power. I also liked how the roles of Doc and Marty became reversed as Doc fell in love. In this film, Marty is the voice of reason and logic while Doc is under the spell. He has learned all about the consequences of time travel, and is telling Doc what he taught him. This film was overall a very satisfactory conclusion to an awesome trilogy. Many fans hoped for a part IV after this film, and while the end suggests there could be a sequel, there really didn't need to be one. And I am glad that it was left as it was, but for those who really can't get enough of Back to the Future, you can always play the game that was released last year. And of course, after Fox was struck with Parkinson's disease, the idea of any part IV project became nearly impossible. So you may like it, you may not, I enjoyed this movie very much, so give it a watch. If you like westerns, I can guarentee you will enjoy it.

Back to the Future Part II

This movie was way different, and had quite a bit going on in it. You have to stay focused, or you'll be pretty lost. Doc and Marty once again team up, and have quite a few adventures. Objective after objective, they sure seem to get into a lot of trouble. Doc and Marty also travel through time as easily as travelling through space. They were in like four different time periods. My favorite part of the movie was the future in 2015 (thats like three years from now, wheres my flying car?) I have to admit it was a pretty interesting vision of the future, and quite colorful too. It was just interesting to look at. The alternate 1985 scenes were pretty dark, and once you get there, you kind of don't want to be there anymore, and just want to get it over with. So without spending too much time in that living hell, they go back to 1955 where they have to stop Biff from keeping that book. When they succeed in taking and burning it, Doc is stuck in the de lorean and struck by lightening, and sent back to who knows when. Mere seconds later, Marty receives 'the letter', and the movie ends on a cliff hanger. Unlike Empire Strikes Back, the conclusion to this series was released the following year, and audiences were eased. This film is mostly adventurous, sci-fi, and comedy, not as much stuff as the first one, but a very enjoyable film nonetheless, though you might get a headache from all the time travel talk.

Back to the Future

This is one of those movies that pretty much anyone will love. It has everything in it, and it is hard to classify, its action adventure, romance, comedy, teen, but most of all, it is a science fiction movie. I actually had the pleasure of seeing this film on its rerelease in the theater in October 2010 (for it's 25th anniversary) We have Marty stuck in the 50s where he encounters his parents, and jeapardizes their ever falling in love and thus Marty being born. His only chance of repairing the damage and getting back to his own time is through the 50s version of Doc Brown. With limited resources and technology, and no time to spare, they work together to get things back to where they were, and sending Marty back to the future. The climatic clock tower scene was absolutely imaginative, and done very well. Has me on the edge of my seat every time. The acting is wonderful, the characters are spot on, the plot is straight forward, but elegant, and the effects alongside the adventure sequences are well done. This movie deserves to be called a classic, and it is one of my favorite sci-fi flicks. Recommended for just about anyone.


This is simply one of the greatest, most classic thrillers out there. It remains a favorite of mine to this day. No matter how many times I watch it, I always jump, and have a fun time. This is Spielberg at his absolute best. This movie also spawned perhaps the most well-recognized music theme of all time. The score was absolutely riveting, and John Willams knows how to compose outstanding scores. The plot was very original, the characters were believable and acted very well, and effects (meaning the shark) were exceptional, especially for its time. Great horror film. In fact, THIS is the very definition of horror. If only there were more movies like this...

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

I have seen many horror films in my lifetime, and this one stands out in its own right. This movie takes horror to a whole new level, and shows things most film makers wouldn't even begin to think about. Some people think that this movie has taken horror too far, and many were offended by its disgusting, gruesome content. I am fairly tolerant to strong movies, but with this one, I almost turned it off and didn't even watch the whole thing. But I chose to stick with it, because I just felt like I had to see it at least once. And with that, I don't plan to see it again. One sequel was released last year, and another will follow in 2013. According to the director, Tom Six, the third film will make the second one look like a Disney movie. That in mind, I don't intend to see either sequel. Just the thought of the first one makes me sick, so I'm more than certain I won't be able to survive even 10 seconds of the sequels. But there is nothing wrong with seeing films like this once in a while. If you like disgusting horror, I recommend you watch it at least once, but be prepared to turn it off, you may even throw up. But one thing is for sure, this movie is NOT for kids. This movie is unrated for obvious reasons, and was initally released in the UK, but if it were releaed here, I have no doubt it would get an R rating.

The Sixth Sense

This is simply one of the best thrillers out there. You can't get much better than this with suspense. The pace seems a little slow at times, but as a scary movie, this one does good, and because of it's slow pace, it makes the suspense all that much better. In my opinion, the scariest part of the movie was when Cole was stuck in the attic, attacked by who knows what. Like any thriller, it's what you DON'T see that keeps you on the edge of your seat. And let's not forget the final shocking twist when Crowe discovers he is actually dead. One of the best plot twists EVER. Simply a well done film, and very original. If you like scary movies and don't like this one, you are probably without a soul.


Average scary movie? Far from it....Though the basic idea of the story is about paranormal entities, the story in and of itself is actually very different from the paranormal activity movie series. I enjoyed the PA movies very much, all in their own right. But when I watched this one, it didn't even feel like a PA movie at all, at least after the first half was over with, and even then, its not close enough to PA to really worry about it. It was it's own story, and that's what many films lack nowadays, unfortunately. Just looking at the films of today, is it a wonder that film makers aren't even trying anymore? Hollywood really is running out of ideas, and the majority of of films today are remakes, reboots, or sequels/prequels. So you can imagine, I was pleasntly surprised to see this movie. It was very scary, having little 'jump scares' as we tend to see nowadays, and in that sense, it is quite similar to paranormal activity, whereas the concept was all about the build up of fear, rather than scaring the hell out of the audience every 5 minutes when something jumps at you. THIS is a true scary movie as it should be, and good story writing at its finest. I'm not calling the best horror film of all time, but it's definitely up there, and I was very well impressed by it. This is what Hollywood needs to be doing. Creepy, great storytelling, and interesting characters that we care about. It is my understanding that a sequel is well on the way, and I have high hopes for it.

Paranormal Activity 3

Saw this in the theater with a friend of mine. I loved just about every moment of it, and we both laughed after being scared throughout. Now while the first one and even the second one relied more on the build up of tension and fear rather than the typical jump scares in most horror movies we see nowadays, this one does have a few. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the build up of fear and tension in the first movie was praised by many audiences, even the second one to an extent. But this one definitely still stands as a paranormal activity movie, and though it does have a few jump scares, it still has much of what we liked in the first movies, and still uses the unique tension build up that we admired so much. Definitely a good time, no alcohol required. So give it a watch.

Paranormal Activity 2

The sequel to a blockbuster horror flick, they did really good with this one. It tied very nicely with the previous one, and had a lot more of what we liked in the first one. I was again scared beyond anything else I've ever seen, and was happy to see that fear and tension build up as the film went on, just like the first one. I'll call this one pretty good, definitely a good time, and if you aren't scared, then you will probably laugh.

Paranormal Activity

I'm not one gets scared easily by horror movies long term, like with some scary movies, people get so scared, they can't sleep for weeks, at least not alone. I'm usually able to watch it without any problems later on, not even the same night I watched it. But with this one, I was amazed to find myself thinking about it and waking up in the middle of the night. I do not recall dreaming about it, but it sure ruined my sleep that night. I gladly had the pleasure of watching it at a friends house. If you are to watch this movie anywhere, the best setting truly is a your average household. I enjoyed this movie alot, and I liked the style of "found footage" cinematography. It made it feel all that much more real.But what I really liked most about this film was it used a different scaring technique. Rather than relying on 'jump scares' that most horror movies use nowadays, this movie used more a of a build-up of tension and fear. With that, it stands out from the modern horror films we see today, and does something we most certainly don't see in your average horror flick. That combined with the found footage style of this film makes it a great time, and a very good watch. Into horror films? Definitely try this one out.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Not exactly the Star Trek one would remember, but a good film nonetheless. The reactions to this film were mostly mixed, some fans found this to be enjoyable and a good reboot to the franchise. Others believe that this film ultimately killed the franchise and everything that Star Trek is supposed to be. I found myself to be on the middle ground with this film. There were some good things about this film, but there were also some areas where it fell flat. This especially applies to the villain, Nero, who's motives for his actions I found to be retarded. When Spock tries to save Romulus, Nero's home planet, from its destruction by a force caused by "red matter", he fails to do so in time. With Nero nearby in a mining vessel, the red matter creates a black hole that sends them both back in time. And what does Nero do once they arrive at the other side of the black hole? He waits for Spock to appear on the other side as well.....for 25 years (frankly, I'm surprised the Romulans on the ship didn't age a day, then again I don't really know how aging works with this species) Once Spock arrives, Nero captures him, and then sets out to destroy every molecule of the Federation, starting with Vulcan, so that Spock would feel Nero's pain. Now illogic is one thing, but straight out mental retardation is another. Dude, YOU TRAVELED THROUGH TIME. Romulas isn't destroyed in this time period, why not just warn the Federation and your people of whats going to happen so they can take appropriate action to prevent this tragic event? That's all you have to do. To be blunt, this film wasn't very ambitious, but on the other hand.....this really isn't the film you get to be ambitious with. This is the film you prove can fly to open doors for future films. This is the 'set up' film so that the writers and producers can make a great sequel. This film was not meant to be a great one, it was simply meant to create a new generation of fans by keeping their interest just enough so they will want to see a sequel. And given that the Star Trek film before this one didn't receive so well and the last TV show was canceled on a rather bad note, making a great film would be hard. The franchise was plagued, and no one wanted to touch it. Paramount was well aware of this and when JJ Abrams came to restart the franchise, they left it to him almost entirely. With the alternate time line created, JJ Abrams and his team can do whatever they want, create new stories, new ideas, and new elements we have never seen before in Star Trek. Hopefully, the sequel will be as good as the masterpiece films we remember, such as Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country, or damned near close to them. As for this one, not bad. The characters were an interesting mix and did okay. The plot was a bit fluffy, but I can swallow it. Heavy on the action, and the effects were of coures, top notch. Not too much action in my book to overshadow what makes this Star Trek. And if thats not enough, Nimoy reprises his role as Spock. That alone makes it worthwhile, it's a treat to see any of the original actors in a Star Trek film at all, even if it is half an act without Shatner. Overall, the movie is passable. Good mostly for a popcorn flick. Recommended for total trekkies and film audiences alike.

Star Trek - Nemesis

I would have to say that I am rather disappointed with the amount of negative reviews for this movie. This movie actually deserves a lot more credit than its been given. I have a couple points I want to make that I believe were the core of what made this film good. Because it was far more good, than bad. First, I want to talk about Data. Throughout the TNG series, Data's character seemed more like a mascot than an actual character. But in this movie, the writers finally decided to have Data act more like a human and less like an android. This is what I call real character growth. The overall concept of improving oneself, and humanity's role in Star Trek. In the scene between Picard and Data in stellar cartography, we learn that Data finally knows what it is to be human. In that scene, we see that it is Data who counsels Picard on what it is to be human. Throughout the series, the roles were reversed for Data just about every other time. But now, we see that Data finally gets it, and its really good to know that Data finally achieved his lifelong goal of becoming human, especially prior to his death. But the biggest jaw drop for me was the villain. I was SO sick of the pointless and unmenacing villains in the last 3 films, that I was relieved they finally made a villain that made even me shake in my boots. This especially applies to First Contact, you could remove the Borg Queen from the film entirely, and it would still be the same exact film. But Shinzon was angry, confused, and afflicted, but also charming, witty, and curious. In other words, a person, not just a vessel to look good and die at the end. Shinzon was the answer to all of my prayers. In a lot of ways, First Contact was basically TNG's version of Wrath of Khan, but I think this one resembles it even more so, and was more inspired by that movie than any of the other TNG films. The writers actually decided to look at that movie as their prime example of what any good Star Trek movie should be. While I liked the other TNG films, First Contact being my favorite, this one was made for a FILM audience, not for the fans, and that seems to be the biggest reason it wasn't as well received. The fans didn't like it as much. This movie was better than what most people say. For those who haven't seen it, don't be afraid to watch it, it's actually a good movie. Fan or not, give it a watch.

Star Trek: Insurrection

Definitely one of the weaker of the films, but still holds up okay. More commonly referred to as an episode rather than a movie, this one could have been a better film, but overall I found it was at least entertaining. It wasn't as bad as Final Frontier or Generations. I still watch it once in a while, just when I feel like I want to watch a light film rather than something that has a lot going on in it. But not my movie of choice for a Friday night. Mostly recommended if you're a TNG fan, but in general, I'd skip this one.

Star Trek: First Contact

My first favorite Star trek movie. When I first saw this, I was blown away, and I absolutely loved it. The action was great, and the special effects were awesome. However, over the years, I have to come to realize that Star Trek is not all about action, which lead me to look a little closer at the other trek films, and I soon determined this was no longer my favorite trek film. My favorite one eventually became the Wrath of Khan, which is most everyone's favorite. But I still love this movie to this day, and I don't like it because of the action, but because of its story, and its themes. It remains my favorite in the TNG film series. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the villain. I absolutely HATED the Borg queen. I mean, where the hell did she come from? And why the hell does she have a sex drive? Seriously, the Borg queen as she was in this film is contradictory to everything the Borg are. I can't wrap my head around the concept as to why anyone would come up with such a travesty. Who the hell even thought this was a good idea? And whats worse, she serves NO purpose except to give Data an orgasm and seduce him. Yes, it happened. Data had SEX with the Borg. Anyways, the way I see it, if the Borg queen were removed from First Contact, it would have been the same exact film, only better. Other than that, it's a good film, it features the most evil and most powerful villains in Star Trek, and a good time travel story, so give it a watch.

Star Trek Generations

Unfortunately, this movie wasn't as good as it could've been. I wish it had been better. I did like it, but it certainly doesn't make it to film standards. It was more like a 2 part episode than anything. I could take any of the 2 part TNG episodes and replace this mess. It had a number of pauses in the middle of the film, just to fill the time, because it HAS to be feature length. I also think the villain is largely undeveloped, and uninteresting. We don't learn a lot about Soran, and his character. The best part of the movie by far was the beginning. We have a new captain of the Enterprise B, played by Alan Ruck from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Kirk is in an interesting new position in the guests chair, and we have the classic moment of the Enterprise being the only ship in range to do anything. The best moments in this scene was Kirks position while they try to handle the situation. You can just tell he wants to jump into action and take command. I can go on and on about this scene, and how they get it right, it really was the strongest part of the whole movie. Overall, this movie is good for a TNG fan, not much for an original film audience in here. I'll go as far as to call this movie okay. But like the first Star Trek movie, this one fell flat as the first in the TNG film franchise, and was once again followed by a sequel which did a lot better than this

Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country

Nicholas Meyer returns to direct the conclusion in this final mission of the original crew of the USS Enterprise. This movie was a great one. Definitely one of the best, and had the fastest pace out of the six original films.This was without a doubt very well done as a final voyage for the crew. This one also has more literature references than I can count. I loved every single one of them. This one is also the darkest of at least the six original films, if not all of them, and had the darkest score to go with it. More to that, it is most obviously and quite deliberately the first trek movie to be an allegory to contemporary events, the ending of the cold war. Just about every trek fan should enjoy this movie, I absolutely loved it and watch it periodically, like my other favorite trek movies. It was the perfect final voyage for the original crew, and a nice closure to the series. It more than redeemed the last one, which was originally supposed to be the last one in this series. But this one definitely hit a home run.

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier

What do you get with William Shatner and a shot to direct a film? THIS. A lot of trek fans hated this movie, as well as film audiences. This is considered not only the worst Star Trek movie, but one of the worst movies ever made period. While I don't hate this movie, I do agree it is the worst out of all of the trek movies, and is my least favorite. I will admit that its not a complete waste of time. It did have a number of good scenes in it, but not enough to make it a great film. It had some intriguing concepts with a lot of potential, but ended up falling flat. I also think the way they just pulled Sybok right out of their arse was really gratuitous, and should have been explained with more detail, if the idea were to exist at all. Sarek conceived a child with another woman before Spock's mother? Like wow, what a major twist. Oh, and a romance between Uhura and Scotty comes out of no where..... And by the way, what DOES God need with a starship? That's like giving superman an airplane. Seriously, give me a break. Anyways, this movie wasn't a total loss, calling it okay is fairly generous. Numerous plot holes, and stuff that just doesn't make sense. It definitely has a more religious take on it, and I found it interesting to see. It also tried to maintain the same level of humor as the last one did. I don't strongly recommend it, but if your a trek fan, then you MAY like it, but I can pretty much guarantee that you won't love it. In general, I would skip this one. But unfortunately, whats been seen cannot be unseen.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Nimoy directs again with more success this time around. This is the most popular Star Trek movie among film audiences by far, and regarded as a favorite to many of the fans. This one is by far the funniest, as Captain Kirk and his crew go back to the 1980s, and look like total idiots when they get there, especially with Spock, trying to fit in with the rest of the human crowd. It was very entertaining to watch him interact with humans of the past, and his attempt at cursing was very funny. While some of us know that Kirk visited planets similar to mid-20th century Earth countless times, this movie was again made for a film audience, while still maintaining it's Star Trek spirit. You'll get a good laugh out of this one. A bit fluffy, but I can roll with it. Recommended for trekkie and film audiences alike.

Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

Nimoy takes the director's chair this time around in the follow-up to The Wrath of Khan. I'd have to say this wasn't so bad with his first shot as director.This was a good, solid film. Not quite a great film though, and not exactly memorable in it's own right. Provided it is part of a trilogy, I would say it is a must watch. Without it, you'll be lost, but it is overshadowed by the two that surround it, which were great films. I would recommend this one, but only if your watching it as part of the trilogy. Christopher Lloyd also stars as the the villainous Klingon, and that alone makes it worthwhile. I wish certain parts were handled better. (the Enterprise's demise, David's death) My favorite scene in this one was when they stole the ship. It was most entertaining, and kind of funny to see. Good all around film, nothing real special, but it could have been better if those scenes I mentioned were handled with a little more care.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Not only is this my favorite Star Trek movie, but one of my favorite movies of all time. The first time I saw this film, I rented it from netflix, and I didn't like it as much as I do today. That was before I really got into Star Trek. I started watching the series as a whole by watching all the films first. Then I started with TV with The Next Generation, followed by the Original Series, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise. When I watched this film a second time, I enjoyed it a lot more, having purchased the motion picture trilogy recently. I understood what was going on more than before, and enjoyed it very easily. This is, with no doubt, the best Star Trek movie ever made. From the very beginning, we see director Nicholas Meyer's new approach to Star Trek, from the neat, naval-inspired crimson uniforms, to the aged but well maintained bridge of the Enterprise. The performances were absolutely impressive, most especially by that of Ricardo Montalban, our villain for the duration of this film. His vigor and passion shows some of the best acting I have ever seen on screen, and his longing for vengeance and power is very convincing. He is one of the best movie villains I have ever seen. The plot and story were excellent, from the suspense at the start of the movie till the shocking, tear jerking end. There's more action in this film than the first one, but not so much action that it over shadows the story. The pacing is PERFECT. This movie saved the Star Trek franchise, and its everything the first movie should have been. Its classic trek as we know it, and remains a spectacle to this day. It sets a great example of what any Trek movie should be. If you want to make a good Star Trek movie, there is no better place to look than this film right here. Due to Star Trek's closed fan base, this movie isn't as well acclaimed as it should be, and not many people recognize it as a must see film, and the great movie it truly is. But as far as Star Trek fans and movie-goers at the time go, this was well received, and popular among that audience. As for today, not many people are watching it for the first time because it's not so popular today. So if you haven't seen it, trekkie or not, I highly recommend it. Give it a watch. You won't regret it.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I saw this movie several years back, when my dad tried to get me into Trek for the first time, but I was too young to understand it. So I vaguely remembered it. But then, years later, after developing an interest for the franchise, I watched it again. Some Trek fans didn't like this film as much as others, and I have to agree, it could have been better for the start of the movie series. But at the same time, it wasn't so bad. I thought it was good, but not great. This takes place about a couple years after the the five-year mission, and we have a new, refit Enterprise, with new uniforms (that look like pajamas) Then we have the mysterious entity which calls itself "V'Ger". And of course, the Enterprise is the only ship around that can do anything, just as always. This movie had an epic, and intriguing scope. It felt a lot like an episode, and I would say in this case, that's not such a bad thing. It was a way for fans of the original series to return to the Star Trek universe. The reason it was more like an episode, however, is because it was originally going to be the pilot for the planned TV show, Star Trek: Phase II. But after the success of Star Wars, the project was canceled. In a lot of ways, this movie felt like it was trying to be the next 2001: A Space Odyssey. This had some elements from the Original Series we remember, and it goes to show that a science fiction movie doesn't have to be an action movie for it to be enjoyable. Star Trek, in a general overview, is not supposed to be an action franchise, and this movie is a great example in that sense. This movie wasn't bad for starters, I suppose, but I must say, I am glad the movie franchise didn't continue in this vain, and approached the next movie very differently. As for this one, very slow paced, but not bad. If you are open, it'll probably at least keep you from being bored.

Terminator Salvation

Alot of mixed opinions on this movie, and I'd have to say I most certainly didn't hate it. I did find a few plot holes however, but I tried as best I could to just enjoy the movie. At least we have something different, and the setting of this movie is the war in the future.The whole story surrounding the character Marcus Wright was very interesting, and had much depth into the character and his potential. Throughout the movie, we, like John Connor, are wondering where and when he came from, and that in itself is a good plot element that keeps the audience into it. When we learn the truth about the character, what he really is, we are immediately struck with a sense of doubt, but at the same time, feel like we know the character very well, and feel that he couldn't possibly be where he is on any kind of hostile mission towards the resistance. One other thing I liked about it was the ending. In this film, the writers took elements from at least the first 2 movies, and put them into this ending. The factory, the freezing of one of the machines, Arnold as the T-800 (something I really appreciated), it was all there. With a few minor problems, such as Christian Bale's Batman voice, fighting during daylight and not at night, this movie was all in all okay. Most certainly not the best or what one would call a classic, and I still believe there shouldn't have been anymore movies after the second one, but it still fits in the series, and enjoyable to watch. It wasn't a disaster in my book.

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

I'm gonna start off negative here. Some film makers just don't understand when things should be left as it is. Terminator 2 was one of the greatest movies ever made, and Cameron tied a knot so tight, there's no way anyone could try to continue the story. Realistically, I don't think there should have been a Terminator 3. The first two films were A+ action pictures, the second being the better. These are Cameron's babies, and always will be. Before this movie came out, people remembered how T2 ended the whole story, and figured that whoever did this must have found one hell of a story arc. But no, this movie in a nutshell, is a redo of T2. That said, this most certainly isn't the best Terminator movie, but there is lots and lots of good action and special effects. This movie is pretty much meant to see in the theater, or with a good sound system. We have once again have 2 terminators being sent back in time, one to kill John Connor, and one to protect him. The T-X, sent to kill him, was even more advanced than the T-1000. But not enough to send chills down my spine like the T-1000 did. He was simply one of the most menacing villains I have ever seen in a film. He left the audience on the edge your seat. When seeing this one, it kind of feels familiar, and like you've seen it before. The indestructability, the ruthless killing, the menace, we all saw that in T2. The T-X just doesn't add any menace at all. And there's no surprises here, they just kind of advanced her up a bit. I'm not saying T-X was a bad villain, I'm just saying there wasn't really anything new with the T-X, nor the movie as a whole. But again, I don't think there should have been a sequel. T2 spawned the famous line "No fate but what we make", so with that in mind, everyone can relax, and it's all over. No more Judgment Day, no more terminators traveling back in time, no more wars. Unfortunately, "No fate" became "Judgment Day is inevitable." It's as if someone had to throw "No fate" out the window and write this instead just so there could BE a sequel. They shouldn't have touched it, and just left well enough alone. There's better ways to make money. Anyways, overall, it was an alright movie. Mostly just good action with updated special effects, but I would recommend T2 with the action, the heart, the good plot, the awesome characters, over this any day. If you just want action, (and maybe you want to get a little buzzed) then yea, I'd say hook up your sound system, and enjoy the ride.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

There's something that needs to be said about sequels in film series. For the most part, they just can't compare to the charm and originality of it's predecessor. Sequels generally suffer from one of two things: either they are too predictable and follow a little too much in the foot steps of the first one, or they try something totally different that might seem a little far-fetched to most audiences for them to accept it as part of the series. Either way, sequels just can't seem to meet the standard of the original. It's just how it works. But there are exceptions, I can name a few, and this is one of them.

The first Terminator was an A+ shoot 'em up action picture. But this movie takes everything from the first one, and enhances them into to greater detail. The best one in the series, no questions. Cameron really out did himself here. A great action flick throughout, a very menacing villain that I consider to be on my top list, great characters and development, a clever story, and not only one of the best sequels, but one of the best movies I've ever seen period. And movies like this are (unfortunately) rare nowadays. Hollywood just doesn't have the creativity it once did. This film DELIVERS, and is a masterpiece. A real treat for anyone to see. Instead of one, we have TWO terminators this time. One to kill John Connor, and one to protect him. The one after him, the T-1000, brings chills down my spine with his liquid metal shape shifting, and it is interesting to see them try to defeat the seemingly unstoppable villain. The CG is done fantastically well, especially for it's time. This is a very fine example of CG used correctly, unlike some movies which use flashy digital effects throughout. This is also a stand alone film, there is no real need to see the first one, or any of the other ones. I still highly recommend the first one, but if there is any terminator movie you want to see, this is the one right here. In a more deep opinion, I believe no one should have a sci-fi action collection without the first two. This is sci-fi action story telling at it's BEST, the film ties things up very nicely, and the story ends on a somewhat sad, but very good note. (Oh don't worry, I'll complain about the crazy story arc T3 tried to make in its own review) T2, great movie, if you haven't seen it, your missing out. So give it a watch.

The Terminator

An absolute classic! One of the best movies I've ever seen. This shoot 'em up flick is a must see, for movie-goers, and sci-fi action fans alike. A clever plot, great characters and acting, and still very good special effects even today, they must have been really great for its time. This movie has aged very well, and I'm sure it will continue like the rare line of sci-fi classics that have changed movie-making forever (e.g. star wars, star trek, back to the future) James Cameron is an absolute genius, and his great work continues in the next film, T2, which will be a different review altogether. As for this one, great action piece. Definitely one of my favorites. Very well done.

The Last Starfighter

Following the same basic storyline and plot steps of the first Star Wars movie, this one did a pretty good job. The second to use CGI technology (after Tron), this movie had reasonable special effects for its time. Today, the effects are out dated and the graphics look like computer animation from a video game, but that doesn't mean one can't enjoy it. Just like the first Tron movie, this one remains a spectacle from the early days of CG technology, and had a profound effect on the movies of today. Sure, there are some that abuse it and rely too heavily on it, (as i mentioned in my review for A New Hope) but there are still movies that use it the right way, and it is mostly because of this, Tron, and three other movies I can think of: The Abyss, Terminator 2, and Jurassic Park. This film remains in this line of movies that influence the motion pictures of today. With plenty of humor, and a star wars-like plot line, one could call this a parody in some ways. And I think just about anyone who has seen star wars can enjoy this very much.

Battle Beyond the Stars

Always good to watch an old campy sci-fi movie once in a while. This was an overall good watch, decent acting, good take on the plot of Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven, and good cheesy special effects for it's time, but it doesn't come close to how Star Wars blew away audiences across the globe. Still, it's nice to know how much of an impact Star Wars has had on our culture, and this film is one indication. While it looks and feels like Star Wars, it's story is definitely not the same. Recommended if you like cult sci-fi, and campy effects.


This movie was so stupid, it was hilarious. This is put simply one of my favorite parodies. I love all the subtle thought put into the character's names (Lone Starr=Han Solo) Interestingly enough, Lone Starr played the role of both Luke and Han in this one, and did a nice job. John Candy was amazing in this one as Barf, the princess is your classic spoiled brat, changing and growing out of it in the end, Dot Matrix was very charming, and I loved her "Virgin Alarm". Dark Helmet was the cheapest Vader I have ever seen, and Rick Moranis did great in his role. Mel Brooks did a great job making fun of Star Wars, along with playing the roles of two different characters. He's simply amazing. Personally, my favorite part of the movie was the Planet of the Apes reference. But there's so many other good silly moments for people to love, anyone will enjoy this throughout. This movie is one of the most hilarious experiences I've had in my life. I watch it time and time again. Star Wars fan or not, you will love this movie.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The most anticipated Star Wars movie since the originals. This one was pretty damned good. By far my favorite and the best in the prequel trilogy. It is the darkest and most tragic in the series, as we finally get to see Anakin's inevitable fate, and for the first time since the originals, we see one of the baddest villains of all time, Darth Vader. Sure, we only get to see him for a few minutes, and he only gets a few lines, but it's a pleasure to see him at all. (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!) The movie was pretty epic, and rather than just more gratuitous CGI like the last two films, each scene in this one felt important, and the effects complement the story. This one definitely had the most action, and the fastest pace. More lightsaber fights than we can ask for, each of them were epic in their own way, until we finally get to the climatic duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin, what every fan has been waiting to see. I always wondered how they would handle the Jedi purge, and how the clones would end up being the storm troopers we know so well. This explains it all. I found Order 66 to be a very clever idea, and it shows that the Jedi are not so invulnerable after all. Countless were killed across the galaxy, and it was very sad to watch. The most difficult one to bare by far was the killing of the younglings, which was off screen, otherwise, the film would have been rated R. This one had the darkest ending, and when we get to it, we see why the next one is called "A New Hope". I like how nicely it segues into Episode IV, and ties up all of the loose ends perfectly. Episode III completes and connects the Star Wars saga after three decades. A few things to nitpick here and there, but overall, a very good film. This film was closest to the originals, and redeemed the whole prequel trilogy. There are some who don't like this one along with the other prequel films, but I believe it deserves a place in the saga.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

The saga continues as the historic clone wars begin, and we see Anakins growth ten years after Episode I, which leads to his turn to the darkside in Episode III. There were some improvements in this one since the last one. However, it was still a disappointment in several areas, such as a few plot holes, and the corny and cliche dialogue, especially between Anakin and Padme. Boy, I was really convinced that they were in love with each other. I mean, I'm surprised I didn't throw up in the theater, I could not believe what I was hearing. Though I do admit it wasn't all bad, but they could've done way better. I could at least see what they were trying to do. There was SO much potential for the relationship between Anakin and Padme, just fell flat. The investigation of the clone army is pretty interesting.....until Yoda decides to....bring the army to Geonosis to begin the clone wars.....for some....odd unknown reason.....What I really liked was the Jedi fight. In The Phantom Menace, it was a real treat to be able to see the guardians of peace and justice actually kick some arse, we didn't see that in the originals. But in this one, we get to see hundreds of them fight an all out battle against the droids. Lightsabers clashing and laser blasts EVERYWHERE. And then it gets way more awesome when the clone army arrives. The Geonosis battle was pretty cool and very fun to watch. But the best part was the duel between Yoda and Dooku. We get to see Yoda use a lightsaber for the first time. Though some don't like it all that much. All around, it was a decent film, and it was entertaining, to say the least. Fighting and action sequences were good and fun to watch. Acting wasn't the worst, but it could have been better. Story line, while it did have some plot holes, was okay. And of course, the effects were top notch, since Lucas seems to like the CG so much....Recommended for any Star Wars fan, just be sure to skip over the so called love scenes.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

I remember seeing this when it was first released in 1999, having just seen the original trilogy a few years earlier. I remember all the hype about it being the first Star Wars movie in 16 years. I was very excited about seeing this, this movie created a new generation of fans, as we see the origins of Anakin as a little boy. Unfortunately, many audiences were disappointed. When I first saw it, I really enjoyed it, I was 9 at the time, and when I finally got it on VHS, I would watch it over and over again on the weekends. However, as years passed by, I began to realize this movie was not as good as it couldve been. As much as I would like to say I loved the movie, I am sorry to say that, I agree with most of the rest of the fans. It was a disappointment to the rest of the saga, its been 13 years since it was released, and it still sucks the big one. First, I am going to talk about the one element of this film that got the most hate, Jar Jar Binks. In the long run, Jar Jar is the comic relief of this movie, and it's okay to have that kind of character as part of the mix, I mean the originals had Chewbacca, and he did pretty alright. But there is a point when it starts to get pushy, and Jar Jar, while I like him as a character in general, he just doesn't fit in a Star Wars movie. Mostly, he was just a laughing stock for the kids, and if one looks at the prequels, you will see that they were more aimed towards kids audiences. In the case of the originals, while they work for kids, the films didn't go out of their way to entertain kids only. The originals were meant for audiences of all ages. Of the saga, Phantom Menace is definitely the weakest, mainly because Lucas wanted more kids to enjoy it. The podrace was pretty awesome to watch, some think it was the best part of the movie. Though it doesn't add anything to the story, hence I prefer Lucas didn't add anymore scenes to it, and that he just stuck to what he released theatrically. Some think there was too much going on in the Battle of Naboo, but I think everything was essential. Some would take out the space battle, but then where would be the 'Star' in 'Star Wars'? Look at the title people. The land battle with the Gungans however, while it was essential as the diversion of the battle, there didn't need to be so much of it. The throne room battle was most definitely essential, and enjoyable to watch. THATS the Star Wars I remember. And the fight with Darth Maul was pretty epic. Two Jedis against one Sith lord with a double bladed lightsaber. THATS awesome, and the fight was well choreographed. With all this, it still falls flat as the weakest of the series, but don't get me wrong, all sagas have to start somewhere, and I do admit I do like the movie, but it could've been so much more, and I'm glad to say that the next movie did have a some improvements, most namely, Lucas toned down Jar Jar, and a few other things improved in the sense of the audience it was aimed for. This one was just a rare mistep, no one is perfect, and everyone makes movies like this every now and then. However this movie is still essential to the rest of the saga, and a must see if you are true Star Wars fan. It's not a total loss, so go ahead and give it a watch.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The epic space saga comes to close with Luke's most important step in his destiny, as he confronts Vader again, this time, with full awareness that Vader is his father, and with the intent of not defeating him, but turning him back to the good side. By no means is this the best Star Wars movie, but it is a very satisfying conclusion to an awesomely epic space saga. First, I'll talk about the Ewoks. The Ewoks seemed to be the weakest element of this film, and were frowned upon by quite a few. Many believe that this is where Lucas begins to lose his ability to tell a story, and indicated the first step in which his prequel films would later fall flat. I didn't mind the Ewoks, they didn't get in the way of the story too much. Jar Jar Binks however, is a different story, and will be discussed in my Phantom Menace review. What I like most about this movie (in regards to the original cuts as opposed to the special editions) was the first appearance of Jabba the Hutt. In the first two movies, he is only referred to, and we keep hearing about this Jabba the Hutt guy and are intimidated by the sound of his character. Something Lucas did very well in building suspense. We don't even get to see this character until the last chapter. Of course, Lucas had to ruin that in the special editions. Though I do admit it was fascinating to see old footage of Harrison Ford that was never put on screen before...kind of like stepping into a time warp. As for this one, we see a strong growth in Luke's character from the beginning. He is now a Jedi, and has learned much wisdom since the last film. I find that very interesting to see, as he continues to develop until the end, faced with the struggle of turning to the Darkside first hand, and is tempted by the Sith lord, Emperor Palpatine. He is able to overcome the struggle as he realizes he himself is turning out like his father, when he simply looks at his hand. The film is at it's strongest when Vader is faced with the ultimate decision to kill his master of many years, or to let his son die. (and the NOOOOO in the blu-ray edtion doesn't add to the power of that scene, it actually detracts from it) And as he nears his own death, he chooses to turn around, and walk the path of redemption, and for the first time since he was a young man, he is able to feel goodness in his heart, and sees his son with his very own eyes. He died an honorable death, as a good person. And that was truly the heart of this film: the core of good vs evil, and how a son was able to help redeem his father. Well done film, good action sequences like in the first two, great characters and development along with fine acting, awesome story telling, and great special effects. Don't wanna miss out on this one.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

"Luke, I am your father." One of the most well recognized movie lines of all the time, and probably the one that shocked the world the most. This indicates some of the best original writing ever put onto screen. I would call this the most classic plot twist EVER. No one left the theater unsurprised, it was as big a shock as the special effects were in the first one. It would be just great if I could go back in time to when this movie was released, and see the look on everyone's faces. Technically, this was the best Star Wars movie ever made. In fact, it's one of the best movies ever made PERIOD. While my personal favorite of the series is actually Episode IV, I can totally relate and see why fans consider this one to be the best the saga has to offer. It took the elements from the first big hit movie, and enhanced them greatly. It stands in line with the rare sequels that turned out to be better than it's predecessor (e.g. Terminator 2, Star Trek Wrath of Khan, The Dark Knight) This film is unique to say the least, while some movies have followed the same footsteps of A New Hope, even ripped off the story line, there is no way anyone can even try to imitate this film in any shape or form. It stands out as some of the greatest sci-fi story telling EVER. The scope was epic, the plot was absolutely STUNNING, the characters and acting were SPOT ON, the special effects were DAZZLING and TOP NOTCH, the climax was probably the best one I have ever seen, and to top it all off, an absolutely GUT WRENCHING cliff hanger. A few movie series followed this cliffhanger technique (e.g. Back to the Future, Pirates of the Carribean) but at least we didn't have to wait three more years for that next one. Though I have to admit, Lucas did very well waiting to release it, because it builds suspense, tension, and anticipation, and goes into a very well done conclusion to an epic saga. If you have NOT seen this movie, or any of the star wars movies for that matter, I recommend the originals, ESPECIALLY this one. If you are planning to go into star wars, then do NOT miss this one.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Before Star Wars, there was Star Trek, and I will give credit where it is due. If there was no Star Trek, there wouldn't even have been a Star Wars. BUT, I give credit to Star Wars for setting the stage for many films to come. This movie set the gears into motion, and soon, movies began to have better special effects, including the Star Trek film series, Battle Beyond the Stars, Back to the Future, and following those were more CG integrated films such as Tron, The Last Starfighter, the Abyss, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park. Without this movie, we wouldn't have the many other films that we greatly enjoy today. Although some movies abuse the CG technology today, there are still some that use it properly. Because special effects are a tool, not the primary means of story telling. As for Star Wars, this is simply a classic, and one of the greatest movies ever made. Solid acting, good characters, simple but excellent plot, and most of all for this film, outstanding visual effects. People were blown away when this movie was first released, and I can't say I blame them. This is personally my favorite Star Wars film, simply because it did so much for future films, and made a real difference. Over the years, Lucas has made several changes to the films, and I will say I like some changes more than others. I'm not gonna go on about this and write about hating on Lucas in this review, I do admire him for creating these original works, I really do, but he just needs to stop and listen. Anyway, the first Star Wars movie (any version) is a good watch, and an awesometacular film overall. Pretty much anyone will love it.


Absolutely awesometacular! This movie is by far the best that Dreamworks Animations has done. Every other one they've done before focused more on humor than anything else, which is okay, I mean who doesn't love a good laugh? But this movie goes beyond the humor, tones it down some, and focuses on a very well done story line, and awesome characters that we love and care about. We start off with your basic superhero and super villain scenario, they fight, villain captures a citizen, super hero attempts to save her. But after that, things start to twist. For the (first time?) the villain actually defeats the superhero, which later becomes the basis of the character's growth. Megamind learns how boring life is without an opponent, and that taking over the town has done nothing for him. He then decides to create his own superhero, who actually becomes the villain, and thus Megamind's role is reversed, and he becomes the hero instead of the villain. The overall concept is very clever, and the movie which was born from that concept was very well done. I absolutely loved this movie. Great for kids, good for adults, and just fantastic for just about any audience.

Despicable Me

This is one of the funniest, most adorable films I have ever seen. I was lucky to first see it in the theater with two friends of mine, and once again on dvd. I was expecting something fairly average, and didn't think I would remember it much once after I saw it. But it is one of the most heart warming experience I've had in a while, with plenty of comedy to go with it. A villainous, evil man learns to soften his heart when the innocence of three children rubs off on him, and turns him into a better man. It's all just so adorable, and I think I'm gonna have to purchase this one some time soon. Great for kids, very good for adults and teenagers alike. And a hands down awesometacular family movie.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

A little weaker than the rest of the series, but still awesome to watch, and does not lack the adventure sequences we all loved in the first film. This film is also the most bizarre in the series, and there are some parts that you might find a little hard to swallow, but I still find it enjoyable. I also find it to be the darkest of the films, in a very odd way. The ritual scenes were just really bizarre to watch. Willie's character was very interesting, and you can't help but laugh at her when she finds herself in the smallest predicament. Short Round was also an interesting addition to the film and he is an extremely lovable character. The best part was without a doubt the roller coaster scene, which inspired the theme park ride. Many weren't very happy with this one, but I found it interesting. Not bad for a sequel. Recommended if you want to just have a good time.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

A little weaker than the rest of the series, but still awesome to watch, and does not lack the adventure sequences we all loved in the first film. This film is also the most bizarre in the series, and there are some parts that you might find a little hard to swallow, but I still find it enjoyable. I also find it to be the darkest of the films, in a very odd way. The ritual scenes were just really bizarre to watch. Willie's character was very interesting, and you can't help but laugh at her when she finds herself in the smallest predicament. Short Round was also an interesting addition to the film and he is an extremely lovable character. The best part was without a doubt the roller coaster scene, which inspired the theme park ride. Many weren't very happy with this one, but I found it interesting. Not bad for a sequel. Recommended if you want to just have a good time.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I vaguely remember watching this movie once as a kid. Years later, I purchased the trilogy, and was able to appreciate the films fully. I find this one to be my absolute favorite, and the heart of the Indiana Jones franchise. This is one of the greatest adventure films ever made, and Indy is my favorite hero icon. But more about the film, I can't even begin to think of many films that compare to this classic. An interesting yet kind of silly plot line, awesome characters we love and care about, and some of the greatest action and adventure sequences ever put on film that will be sure to keep you in your seat. Absolutely imaginative and and wicked awesome to watch. You are probably without a soul if you don't have fun watching this. Recommended if you want adventure, and just ready to have a darned good time.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I have yet to come across someone who actually adored this film. That said, I don't believe anyone actually did. People either liked it, or hated it. I'm one of the ones who liked it. Actually, I think enjoyed is a better term. One thing I have found interesting about the films is nothing is supposed to be taken too seriously, thus, these films aren't all about the plot, its about having a good time. And the original trilogy did great in that sense, and they are all considered classics. This one isn't by any means, but it still feels like Indiana Jones. It still had some of those moments captured that just made it feel like Indy. This film, like the character Indy himself, makes it feel like the franchise has aged well. I like to think of this film as an epic grand finale rather than an addition to the franchise. There are a few things in this film that some people would find hard to swallow, most controversially, the refrigerator. However, if you can accept ghosts flying out of an ark and melting peoples faces off, then I think we can all sure as hell accept this. A bit silly, but I can roll with it. Another thing people didn't like very much was the alien concept. I find it interesting how many people went into the theater surprised by the science fiction element slapped into an Indy film, people just feel like it doesn't belong. Unless you have done any prior research and learned that the Crystal Skull is a critical icon in alien culture, there shouldn't be any surprises. I for one, with all due respect to the fans, think that the alien concept was a nice idea, especially considering the time period. Is it a perfect film? No, but did it pay good tribute to the previous films? Yes. I think this film did an excellent job at closing the franchise, and giving audiences a good time, like the other Indy films. This movie is mostly a treat for all the nostalgic Indy fans out there, and it just feels great to see one on the big screen again. I don't recommend this for just anyone, but if you are an Indy fan with nostalgia for the series, or a casual movie goer, and have no problem with the alien idea, I'd give it a watch.

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

Now this is what I call a horror movie. It's these type of horror films that really stand out to me, especially if they have a sci-fi kick to it. It's one of those movies that uses that build up of fear rather than jump scares, and that's something I really love about this film. Not only is this movie very weird and terrifying, its pretty disgusting too. With an awesome story line, great characters and acting, great make up and creepy effects (no CG) this is a great watch and a very good horror, one of my favorites. The performances were excellent, and everything for this movie worked. Feeling like watching some old school horror? This is a good choice.


I'm not gonna even beat around the bush. I'm gonna get straight to the point. This movie was craaaaaaaappppppp. I mean, is this really what Hollywood has come to? Geez, I would have walked out on this movie on an airplane!! I thought this movie would mostly suffer from being too predictable and following too much in the plot steps of an average disaster movie. What I didn't PREDICT was how AWFUL it would be. This movie makes 2012 look like a masterpiece! I'm pretty sure everyone has talked about how much the plot (or lack of one rather) sucked so big, so I'm not gonna waste any more time with this movie than I already have by talking about it. So here is my thought of the movie in a nut shell. Take my word for it, and don't waste your time.


This movie is essentially what everyone says: fair acting, weak plot, but some of the best special effects you will ever see on screen. In that sense, I consider myself lucky being able to see it in the theater, and that was the only time I saw it. In retrospect, it felt more like watching fireworks or a lightshow than an actual film. And thats pretty much what it was: a 2-hour special effects demo-reel. Eye candy doesn't get much better than this. The only plot element I really liked in this film was the ending, when it turned out be Noah's Ark. And thats all fine and good, it just would have been nice if the rest of the film could have been at least that good. It really doesn't take that much to make a plot out of a disaster movie, it's supposed to be simple, and its this reason my favorite disaster movie still remains to be Independence Day, which we know to be by the same director. If you've seen my review for ID4, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I can't say Emmerich has really done much better than that, ID4 will always be my favorite of this genre, and if anyone can do better? I'd sure love to see that.

Independence Day

A classic? Not exactly, but a very good film nonetheless. This film follows your basic disaster plot line, with an alien invasion. The only difference is that, this one is done RIGHT. Unlike some of the crap ones that have been made recently such as 2012, Skyline, etc (oh don't worry, I'll get to my reviews on those messes later) The pace in this movie is perfect, the characters are decent, meaning we care enough about them, but at the same time, there isn't too much depth into the characters, it is just PERFECT. Plenty of action and explosions, this disaster movie remains my favorite of it's genre, and I'm pretty sure it always will be. If someone can do better than this, then God bless. Don't watch any of the recent disaster movies that have been released, screw them all, and just watch this. You know what they say, you seen one disaster movie, you've seen them all. And if you are going to watch any one of them, this is the one to see. Good special effects for its time, and still stand the test today. Excellent popcorn flick.


Not the best adaptation of the "Beauty and the Beast" story by any means. More to that point, I did not read the novel of this movie, nor have I read any novel of this classic story. But even so, while this movie wasn't bad, it had at least one big flaw that bugged me to the point where I couldn't sleep that night. This movie kind of lets things happen on it's own. It seems as if it kind of just assumes we know the story, and it doesn't make any real effort to go really deep. I had high expectations for this movie after seeing the trailer. Of course, trailers are almost NEVER an accurate impression of what the actual movie is going to be. I have seen movies with great trailers that turned out to be trash, and vice versa. All in all, this was an okay movie, but don't expect much from it. It's straightforward and predictable. The film doesn't want to be, you can see what the screenwriters were trying to do, but it never got it's head above water in regard to their efforts. So watch it, don't watch it, I really don't care. If you really like the story of Beauty and the Beast and want to make comparisons, or just want to watch every adaptation of the story for whatever reason, then you'll probably at least like it. Some seemed to hate this one, but I don't really see any harm done. I will say this film really isn't a tearjerker, though that seemed to be the promise in the trailer, but I guess not. I have seen better.

The Dark Knight

One of my absolute favorite movies. Though as much as I did enjoy this movie, I very much agree it was very dark, and pretty violent, as violent as a PG-13 can get. Some people consider this to be the greatest superhero action movie ever, but in all reality, I'm not sure its a superhero movie at all. If anything, it's more of a crime drama, as dark as it is, I'd say that's a pretty accurate genre. But just because it is dark, doesn't make it any less a superhero film than the classics such as Superman. What makes this a superhero film is the ideas and substance put into it. This film demonstrates real character growth and development in a way we rarely see. The first example of this is Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. This portrayal was some of the best acting I've ever seen. From the very beginning, we are introduced to the villain's state of mind, and how he thinks. He is truly one of the most menacing villains I have ever seen in a film, and we are able to see the gritty detail of how crazy he truly is. The depth into this character is just amazing, and it's a real pity that the actor passed away, because I don't think anyone can match up to that performance of the Joker. While the Joker stole the show, the other characters also deliver great performances. The rise and fall of Harvey Dent was a very powerful character arc, and the ideas that come from this character are simply amazing. Harvey Dent was the face of Gotham's bright future. He was the hero that Gotham needed to beat down the city's crime to a pulp. But when the Joker gives him a little push, Gotham's only hope, the hero it needed but did not deserve, ultimately falls. And he falls HARD. And that is exactly what the Joker wanted to prove, that even one man as good as Harvey could fall. "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Batman himself finds that he is torn between tough decisions. Decisions that could affect Gotham's future forever, for better or for worse. Batman is the Gotham's opposite of Harvey Dent, the hero that Gothan deserved, but not the one it needed. Batman is immune to Harvey Dent's idea of dying a hero or living long enough to become the villain....because he is not a hero. He is, as stated by Commissioner Gordon "A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight." This movie has a deep and powerful plot, along with very good action scenes, good special effects, and some of the best acting and character depth I have ever seen on film. This movie has it all. If you have not seen this movie, you are missing out. This film was made for a film audience, and one doesn't need to be a fan of the franchise to enjoy it. It used the tools given it to create something that all audiences can relate to. This is simply a great film, one that just happened to be a Batman film. It isn't just the best Batman movie to date, it is one of the greatest films ever made period.


Now THIS is a thrill. This movie starts off as an action film, and then it gets more suspenseful. A team lead by Arnold is sent to the jungles on an important mission. But during the mission, it is discovered that an unknown entity is killing off the team one by one. As it turns out to be invisible, it assists the horror element dramatically. The soldiers collaborate to take down the adversary with everything they have, leading to an awesomely superb ending and epic showdown. But what really stands out to me in this movie is the military tactics. They were realistic, creative, and spot on. The movie was intelligent complete with fine acting, solid characters, simple but clever plot, good action and suspense, awesome, spine-tingling villain, very much like the T1000 or the Alien, and great effects. Arnold did a great job in this one, I'd say one of his best. This movie ties in both action and suspense PERFECTLY, so if you like either or both of those genres, you will have a fun time with this movie. So give it a watch, it's quite a piece of work.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

This version was definitely faster in its pace than the original 1990 film. Other than that, and the fact that no one goes to Mars, it's the same movie. However, it may be overwhelming for anyone who hasn't seen the original. You might get very lost if you haven't. It is my understanding that this film is more true to the original short story written by Philip K. Dick. Mars was mentioned in the short story like it was in this movie, but no one actually went. BUT, more true to the short story does NOT mean it is better than the 1990 film. If this movie suffers from anything, its that there was too much action. This movie is kind of like a run-on sentence, it just doesn't stop, and doesn't allow the audience to catch their breath for more than 5 minutes. Nowadays, this is pretty much the definition of an action film. With all this technology we have today, the screenwriters go out of their way to throw as many explosions, stunt sequences, and shootings as possible at us. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as a ride, but that's all it really is to me. If I want to see this story in action again, I'd go for the original. This version is one those one time viewings in the theater. The same story for this film is still there, but now it's nearly overshadowed by the action sequences. Good summer movie though, so if you have a night off, give it a watch in the theater. You'll definitely have a good time. Just be prepared for lots of nonstop action.

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

"If I'm not me, then who the hell am I?" Very good action flick. A bit confusing at first, but you start to catch up eventually. Lots of shooting, great effects, an awesome storyline and concept, and good actors. One of Arnold's best performances to date. This movie has done some aging, you can tell it's pretty old. But there's nothing wrong with that as it does add to the nostalgia factor. Though it would be nice to see it with improved sound anyway. This was a wonderful adaptation of the Philip K. Dick's short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale." Nice shoot 'em up flick. So grab some popcorn and enjoy. Welcome to Rekall.

The Dark Knight Rises

And Christopher Nolan does it again. While my heart still belongs to the Dark Knight, this was most definitely a worthy and most satisfying conclusion to an epic trilogy. It was a thrill to finally see this after 4 years since Dark Knight. And it does not disappoint. Those 4 years of waiting were well worth it. It has been 8 years since the death of Harvey Dent. Still in pain from the events that took place in the Dark Knight, crippled Bruce Wayne is once again called to action, and returns as the caped crusader to fight the biggest threat that Gotham has yet faced. While I find Heath Ledger's Joker to still be the best villain in this franchise, the villain in this film, Bane, is still very menacing. He and the Joker have different styles, and Bane is a different kind of evil. I find that Nolan's goal wasn't to portray a better villain than the Joker, but rather a very different one, and let others make judgment by weighing out the different methods and schemes of each villain. Like I said, I personally like the Joker better, but I applaud Tom Hardy as Bane for this film. He did an awesome job. And I can understand if anyone chooses him over the Joker. I also really liked Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, she played that role very nicely. However, it feels like to me she didn't get as much screen time as I hoped for. Overall, this was an awesome movie. All of the films in this trilogy were epic, and no matter which one you like best, you have my support. Props to Nolan for a fantastic job with this franchise. I hope to see more great works from him soon. Dark Knight Rises, epic movie, give it a watch, you will not be disappointed.

Batman Begins

People either liked this movie, or the Dark Knight over the other. The only difference is, this movie worked as a Batman film, whereas the Dark Knight worked as a film in general, it just happened to be Batman. While my personal preference is The Dark Knight, I find this one did a great job at starting the Christopher Nolan franchise. We spend A LOT of time looking into the origins of Bruce Wayne and how he becomes Batman. The character development for this movie was SPOT ON, with more back story than any other Batman franchise. With the added subtle touch to the death of his parents, we now know why he chose to become the Batman, and why he is who he is. The all-star cast is absolutely stunning, and they continue their great work into the next movie. The story is whats important in this movie. A lot of time to set up, with not as much action, but still enough to keep it interesting. A very good film altogether. If you are to see any Batman movies, this is the one right here, along with its sequels. Highly recommended.


James Cameron can go to his grave knowing he made not just really good movies, but 2 of the best sequels of all time. (This and Terminator 2) I just watched it for the first time and man have I been missing out. While Ridley Scott's 1979 film was a classic horror film in space (which only adds to the terror as they are stranded with no one to contact, hence the tag line 'In space, no one can hear you scream') Cameron was able to take the materials from the first movie, and make a true great work of art. Now this movie follows a fairly simple plot, so that's not where Cameron's work really shows. What makes this shine as a film is the action and the heart of the characters, most namely, between Ripley and Newt. That relationship is the heart and soul of this film, as we learn in the beginning of the film, 57 years have passed, and Ripley's daughter is now dead, while Newt also lost the rest of her family to the aliens. Ripley takes it upon her shoulders to take care of Newt as a surrogate mother. They are a perfect match for each other as they both understand why the other fears the aliens. This makes the end sequence much more intense as Ripley attempts to rescue Newt after she is captured. We care about these characters and we care about Newt. We want her to be saved, and Ripley to succeed. Was this movie a masterpiece? Not quite. But it is darned well near perfection, and what may detract from that perfection is the marines, who most definitely did not have as much depth, but that's okay. The film wanted to focus on Ripley and Newt, and that's just fine. The marines most certainly weren't bad as characters. Other than that, simple story line, good characters overall, sharp dialogue, awesome action sequences, great effects, and a good dose of suspense as well, especially since these marines came prepared to fight a deadly force, and STILL got owned. That only adds to the terror of this monstrous creature. Very well put together sci fi film. If you love sci fi and action, you will love this movie. Give it a watch.


What do you get with 2001: A Space Odyssey and grisly monsters? This movie, right here. "Alien", directed by Ridley Scott takes sci-fi horror to a level no one would have thought possible. Not only is this the creepiest Alien I've ever witnessed in a film, but this alien changes in form throughout. We first see the 'face hugger' and the horror does NOT stay the same from there. And thats what makes this film work, we see this alien constantly changing, and we are kept on the edge of our seats as we don't know what to expect as the movie goes on. This is classic horror at it's best. This movie definitely makes it on my top 10 horror list.Lots of great grisly monster effects that still stand the test today. The shots of the Alien itself are also well done, as see more and more of it as the horror escalates. This film tries its best to show as little of the creature as possible, with sounds and shots of shadows to assist the horror element. Plenty of 'jump scares' which are not overused either. This is a fine example jump scares being used correctly. This movie is a little bit slow at first, but once the horror starts, you'll want to keep watching. Good characters that we care about, which makes their deaths more meaningful. Good storyline, and great special effects, especially the monsters. This is not just a good horror movie, its a great film period.

The Iron Giant

Saw this movie as a kid, and now, 13 years later, it's still as good as I remembered it. Maybe even better. This is a an amazingly magical film, and it goes deeper than most people would think. This film has HEART, and it is one of the greatest animated films I have ever seen. This film captures some compelling emotion from films like ET and Terminator 2 in ways I didn't imagine before. Everything in this film is done just right, and it's almost too big for me to even review. But to list an example, what stood out to me about this film was the reaction of the government, especially in this era. From an artistic point of view, this is EXACTLY how the government would react if an incident like this were to happen. Because we would naturally be afraid. Blinded by overwhelming size and power, they were unable to see the heart and innocence of the giant robot. Everything about this film worked, there was much character development and growth, all leading to a powerful ending. The animation was beautiful, the plot was excellent, and the scope was intriguing. There is more than one moral to to this story, and they are all important. And those morals are ones you must learn by watching the film yourself, there really isn't any other way to get it. One can't watch this film without at least getting one of them. It's not what I would call a kids movie, it works for just about everyone. If you like sci-fi and deep emotional conflicts, you will like this movie. Definitely try this one out, you won't regret it.


Good for an action flick. Though this movie feels very familiar, it's your classic scenario where you are being chased by everyone, the government, the CIA, local authorities, terrorists, and you don't know why, and just want answers. This particular concept however seems to be more original. So basically, our main character, played by Taylor Lautner, finds himself on a missing children website, and begins to suspect the people he has believed to be his parents his whole life are not who they say they are, that they kidnapped and abducted him as a baby, and acted as his real parents ever since. He is soon on a quest to find answers, including who his real parents are. Alongside him in the quest is a girl who's lived accross the street from him since they were young. The girl didn't really serve any purpose in the film other than to be a damsel in distress. It feels like she was just kind of thrown in there in the middle of all this. Her acting wasn't anything outstanding, but she gets by. Not much character growth on her part, or anyone else in the film. Taylor Lautner's acting was.....alright I guess. Mostly there just to look good for all those fan girls out there, hence he appears shirtless in the film several times. A lot of people don't seem to be able to imagine him in an action movie, and I guess I can understand. He did seem to overact in some of the scenes, and in others, you might say he wasn't even acting at all. Again, no real character growth or development. Lautner doesn't do a horrible job in an action flick, he does well enough to keep it going. The other characters aren't particular special. Though Sigourney Weaver is in it, so I guess thats a treat. As an action movie, it does fairly well, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Not too much action to overwhelm the audience. Overall, passable movie, not missing much, but it's not a complete waste of time either.

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

This movie was absolutely hilarious. Following 12 years after spaceballs, this one takes another spin at making fun of science fiction, this time, its main target being Star Trek. Just think about it, Star Wars has spaceballs, and Star Trek has this. An absolute treat for any Star Trek fan, any trekkie will laugh their face off, and should get all the joke. While it doesn't directly refer to the Star Trek franchise or universe, it is still quite obvious what this movie is spoofing, as we see actors of a beloved science fiction franchise hosting a convention, and how crazy all of the fans are. We also see what lives of these actors are really like and how they are tired off all this attention from the fans and just want a normal life. This especially becomes apparent when we see them signing autographs. While the movie is a parody of the Star Trek franchise, it doesn't necessarily take a fan of Star Trek to enjoy it. You can still enjoy this so long you know something about science fiction fan bases. Still quite hilarious. Good plot for a spoof, and great comedy. The acting is well done, especially on the part of Tim Allen, and the characters are endearing. Worth watching at least once in your life. I like to watch it about once a year.

West Side Story

This is a somewhat more loose adaptation of the classic Romeo and Juliet story. Nonetheless, this IS the basic story of Romeo and Juliet. And this screen adaptation of that story is the best one with a high concept. This is essentially the musical version of the story, set in 1950s New York. We have two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, fighting for control over the streets of Manhattan. In those two gangs, we have Tony, a member of the Jets, and Maria, a sister of the leader of the Sharks. The two fall in love at first sight, and it stirs up trouble between the Jets and the Sharks. Same basic story, same basic characters, same basic situation. What this film has to offer that the classic Romeo and Juliet story does not is the social problem of gang violence during contemporary times. The Jets and Sharks are not only two different gangs, but they are very different cultures as well. The Montagues and Capulets were rival houses which at the time were merely part of society. However, the gangs represented are NOT part of society. Each member of both gangs are outcasts that want nothing more than to feel accepted in a place of belonging and a place of family, and that is what these gangs are. This especially applies to the Sharks, as they themselves as a Puerto Rican gang are outcasts. They want to belong and fit in with the American culture. They are outcasts in a way that the Jets never will be. It was during this time period when gangs were recognized as a bigger problem in society than ever before. This is the time when gangs were at rise. Another thing this film has to offer is the escalation between the two gangs. At a critical point in the film, the two gangs negotiate to meet for a showdown, and finally agree that it will be a fair fight, using only fists. However, they both come prepared in the event that if one side uses guns, the other side will use guns. If one side uses knives, the other will use knives, and so on. These gangs will not let their guard down, and value everything that they are, hating one another for one reason and one reason only: The other gang is not their own. This film takes what is classic, and does something unique with it. So unique that this film has become just as brilliant and classic as the original Romeo and Juliet story. The film is absolutely breathtaking with its storytelling and its visual wizardry. The choreography was excellent as they incorporated some of the dance numbers into fight scenes. I found that to be very well done and put together. The musical numbers were also pleasant to hear. The plot adaptation was absolutely stunning, the characters were endearing, and the acting was near incredible. Nothing I can say about this film does it justice, watching it is just such a treat, both for your heart and your eyes. If you have not seen this film and like the Romeo and Juliet story, you will most definitely appreciate this. I would have to say this is my favorite adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo + Juliet

Romeo and Juliet has been adapted into countless plays, films, novels, and musicals, and this is one of the most interesting ones. While it is set in modern times, the original dialogue and script is retained, and everyone speaks in the original dialect as written by Shakespeare. I found this to be an intriguing concept, as we see the sets and props used are referred to the most appropriate item used in the time period this story was originally written in. In a sense, this adaptation was allegorical to the original Shakespearean work. Guns are swords, skyscrapers are households of Capulet and Montague, it's all very interesting to see. This adaptation was beautifully directed, very well acted, and even though it was set in modern times, the characters were very believable and reacted well to the environment around them. Very interesting adaptation. In some ways, I prefer this one over Zeffirelli's version, but I still hold Zeffirelli's close to my heart, and still consider it to be the most faithful film adaptation. As for this one, very good and well done

Romeo and Juliet

I'm not the biggest Shakespeare fan, but I most certainly do admire some of his works. The classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has been around for centuries, and has been adapted into numerous plays, films, novels, musicals, and so on. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most beloved stories of all time. This film, in my eyes, is the most faithful film adaptation of the classic Shakespeare story. Everything is done just perfectly. The cast was well selected, and the acting was executed just beautifully. Everything was believable, including the setting which these characters reacted to very well. This film worked wonderfully as a period piece. The dialogue was true to the play script, and actors did very well in speaking the dialect of the time. All the characters were lovable and relatable. The drama was intense, and you can feel the emotion. In film, there is no adaptation more true to the story than this one. If you are looking for a good film version of this story to watch, look no further. This is the one. Even if you don't like Shakespeare all that much, I can bet you will still enjoy it. Anyone who lives on planet Earth has got to love this.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

One of the best action pictures I've ever seen, this movie really does a number on you. A very interesting concept altogether, nonstop action throughout, and decent enough characters and acting to keep you into it. Not exactly a classic, but a very good action flick. I'll say one thing, you definitely won't be bored watching this. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the films that followed this one, the sequels were quite disappointing. A lot of good action and special effects, but a serious lack of story, acting, and character. This movie is totally stand alone and does not need those sequels. If you want to see any of the matrix movies, this is the one. After that, I recommend you stay put and don't even bother watching the others.

The Hunger Games

.I did not read the novel, but I found the movie to be very interesting. Not only was this movie a blockbuster, but for once, we finally have a blockbuster that is original as well, something Hollywood has been seriously lacking in lately. The concept of a dystopian future is not new, but what we have here is very original. Youth are being punished for a rebellion that took place many years earlier. They are forced to compete in survival games each year. 2 individuals between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the 12 districts are selected at random to face a nearly inevitable death sentence. Only one may survive and thus win the hunger games. But when Katniss Everdeen volunteers in place of her younger sister and competes in the games, she shows the world what it means to have compassion, when her friend which she teams up with is killed, and she decides to take the time to pay respects. Things begin to change. I found it to be very touching, and the movie was absolutely wonderful. Great and original story, very beautiful effects and epic action sequences, real character development, and awesome acting. Whether you have read the book or not, you will enjoy this movie. One of this years highlights. So give it a watch.

The Three Stooges

Not the funniest movie I have ever seen, but it comes pretty close. In fact, I think it is good that the screenwriters and directors didn't focus on making it the funniest movie of all time, but rather they focused on making this a faithful movie that captures the spirit of the original Three Stooges short subject film series, and that it did very well. Moe, Larry, and Curly were excellently cast for the roles, the movie itself was ridiculously funny and silly, the plot was well written for a comedy, and the acting was well done. There is some confusion about the time periods as the three stooges grow up, they were born in the 1950s, and then 35 years later, they're causing riots in present day America. But in a comedy such as this, who really cares? Comedies aren't supposed to be realistic, like many other kinds of movies. No film or theater production is 100% true to real life. If they were, what fun would that be? So in a nutshell, very funny, and a job well done. This movie did what it should have done, it captured the Three Stooges spirit we all know and love, and that's what really counts. Give it a watch, you will have plenty of laughs....unless you have no sense of humor.


Simple and straight to the point. This was a solid, good film, and it was wicked awesome to watch. THIS is what a good action film is supposed to be. Not overly fast paced, not throwing explosions, shootings, and stunt sequences throughout, just a solidly and perfectly paced film with all the elements I just mentioned which compliment the story rather than overshadow it. This film actually allows some time for the audience to breath in between these action sequences, while at the same time, it doesn't slow down too much either. The action sequences themselves were great, and all that much more rewarding with the breaks in between. I especially loved that the slow motion wasn't just there for the sake of making it look good. This time, the slow motion is actually there for a reason. It's not your cliche slow motion from the Matrix, it actually has a purpose in this movie. But what stood out to me the most in this movie, was the main character, Dredd. Dredd himself, in this movie, actually isn't really a character at all. He is the symbol that represents the "Hall of Justice". The fact that he isn't a character by ordinary definitions isn't exactly a bad thing. What we see in this movie is a mask which hides the actual character of Dredd, we know nothing of his past, what he is like, why he is so cold in delivering his executions, always going by the book, it makes him out to be a very mysterious guy, and it makes him that much more badass. Hell, he never even takes off his helmet in this movie. THIS, as I stated earlier, is what a good action movie SHOULD be. Is this one of the best action movies ever made? Is it a masterpiece? No, but this is a darned good one. I did not see this movie in 3D, but I could care less. It's good fun, and very entertaining, with or without 3D. But I do recommend you see it in the theater at the very least. Good movie, give it a watch.

The Social Network

I haven't watched a lot of movies based on true events, but I've seen enough to know what makes a good one. THIS is how it's done. THIS is how you make a movie based on a true story. What this movie does, it does very well. It effectively tells the story of how Facebook came to be and how Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea....without over-exaggerating it. All movies like this have to have at least some exaggeration to make it a bit more interesting and exciting. If movies based on true stories were true to them 100%, then they would probably be quite boring. This movie does a good job of tellling the story with just enough exaggeration and not too much of it. It also does very well in showing what can happen when you mix friends with business. With all the suing and betrayals going on in this film, it definitely demonstrates the consequences of involving your friends in business. Mark's best friend Eduardo discovers in the end that he now owns very little of the company, and is naturally pissed off. It gets tough, and Mark has to make difficult decisions regarding his own success and his relationships with other people. The very last line of the film got me thinking "You're not an a**hole Mark. You're just trying so hard to be." Mark is a computer nerd, but he is also very stubborn and brutally honest, and it definitely hurts some people around him. The fact that he is trying so hard to succeed and get ahead in life means that he won't slow down for anyone. Even though he is trying so hard to be a jerk, it isn't for the sake of being one. He just wants what we all want in life....success. A jerk is not what he really wants to be, it's just how he is. He is very ambitious, and won't let anything get in his way. But in the end, as we see, he begins to humble himself. THAT is true character growth. Aside from the fact that I found the plot to be somewhat hard to follow at times, with all the computer babble and whatnot, this was a very good movie. Though it isn't the most exciting drama in the world, it is a very effective one, and tells the story in a way that we the audience can relate to. I don't recommend this for everyone, but if you are interested in how Facebook came to be, then watch this, you will get an accurate enough account of the events which took place. Or if you just like dramas, you will probably find this one to be at least watchable. As acclaimed as this film was, I consider it to be an acquired taste. Not everyone will like it, but I don't think I've met anyone who has hated it either. So if you think it fits your interests, definitely give this one a go. You won't waste your time.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

Oh my goodness, I think I need to see a psychiatrist after viewing this worthless piece of crap. You have no idea how many times I found myself wanting to bang my head against the wall during the entire experience of sitting through this garbage. The movie doesn't even progress! It just drags and drags itself until the oh so shocking end. After the first hour, you just want this movie to get on with itself and just end. But nope, it just continues, goes on and on with more exposition. The movie is ridiculously confusing. Fitting that it seems the have the same problem as the patients in the mental's like this movie doesn't even know what it wants to be. And the worst part is, this could have been a GREAT sci-fi flick. The premise sounds interesting, and I can imagine something good coming out of it. But no thought or substance was put into it. The writers didn't even try. They couldn't even make it into a standard action movie! The plot was just a disaster, and all over the place. There's no structure, no real ideas, no theme, and hardly any action. The characters were unpredictable, making some illogical decisions to the point that they aren't so far off from those patients in the mental hospital. What makes the main characters so different from them? They're judgment was retarded, as is the film itself. The only thing I even remotely liked about this film was Brad Pitt's performance in the beginning. Other than that, this film is worthless. This movie is an insult to your intelligence and is better off dead, burned, and gratefully forgotten. Don't waste your time, or you will find yourself wanting your 2 hours back like I did.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Another zombie movie. I would not classify this as an action movie. This is more of a sci-fi drama, and for everything it's got, it wasn't bad. The movie was fairly slow in its pace, but that only builds the suspense factor. With all the slow moments leading up to a gripping climax, the movie was overall good. I found the flashbacks to be a nice touch, as we learn more and more about what happened to Robert Neville and his family in the apocalyptic events that preceded. But the biggest jaw drop for me in this film was the Robert himself. Will Smith's acting was absolutely outstanding as he portrayed a man who has been alone on this planet for a number of years. He's become mentally crazy, to the point where he talks to dummies. He has had NO human contact since the epidemic turned everyone into mutants. The only companion he has is his loyal dog. This most definitely adds a subtle touch to her death, especially considering Robert himself was the one who had to kill her. You could feel the pain for the character. THAT'S wonderful acting. If the film didn't have that to offer, then it would have ultimately fallen flat. Will Smith saved this movie, and I love him for it. So with the acting, the plot wasn't all bad. Try this one out.

28 Days Later

Zombie movies have been done over and over again. But this one stands out in an interesting way. Rather than recycling from older movies of its kind, this one takes what's been done numerous times, and does something unique with it as opposed to repeating the formula. It uses a slightly different formula to get the same result. What is done differently in this film is the zombies are NOT your typical, slow walking retards. These zombies are FAST and are hyped up on the disease which is called 'rage'. This drives the horror element dramatically, and it efficiently keeps you in suspense as the main characters are chased by zombies that run like hell. These monstrous and bloodthirsty zombies were handled very well for this movie, and made for a great twist that we don't see in most films of this kind. Aside from all that, the acting is done quite well, and we care just enough about the characters that when one of them dies, we feel for them. We want as many of these characters to survive as possible. Fairly simple plot and yet effective in delivering the horror and suspense. It's not a perfect movie, but for what it is, it is VERY well done. If you don't mind all the gore, and you're looking for a good Halloween movie or just a scary movie in general, then this is a good watch. Definitely check it out.